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Jenny Wakeman's Character Plate
Ms. /co/ 2020 Judges

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Not to be confused with brackets, the official chart that is used for each tournament.

Ms. /co/[edit]

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Jenny Wakeman's Character Plate

As the initial /co/ character tournament, Ms. /co/ 2018 did not use the traditional character plates that would be used in subsequent tournaments. Instead, individual character images used for nomination were initially used with the character's name placed next to them. Eventually the bracket was remade by the host to be consistent with subsequent bracket character plates.

Ms. /co/ 2018 Character Plates
Seed Number Character Name Series/Franchise Character Plate
1 Raven DC File:Raven.png
2 Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit? File:Jessica Rabbit.png
3 Starfire DC File:Starfire.png
4 Harley Quinn DC
5 Frankie Foster Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
6 Helen Parr The Incredibles File:Helen Parr.png
7 Kim Possible Kim Possible
8 Chel Road to El Dorado
9 Hekapoo Star Vs File:Hekapoo.png
10 Nicole Watterson Gumball
11 Zatanna DC File:Zatanna.png
12 Marceline Abadeer Adventure Time
13 Gwenpool Marvel Comics File:Gwenpool.png
14 Velma Scooby-Doo
15 Jinx DC File:Jinx.png
16 Zone-Tan ZTV News File:Zone-Tan.png
17 Power Girl DC File:Power Girl.png
18 Wonder Woman DC File:Wonder Woman.png
19 Cassandra Cain DC File:Cassandra Cain.png
20 Noodle Gorillaz
21 Pacifica Northwest Gravity Falls File:Pacifica Northwest.png
22 Lola Bunny Looney Tunes File:Lola Bunny.png
23 Star Butterfly Star Vs
24 Flame Princess Adventure Time File:Flame Princess.png
25 Huntress Wizard Adventure Time File:Huntress Wizard.png
26 Lois Lane DC File:Lois Lane.png
27 Peg Pete Goof Troop File:Peg Pete.png
28 Peppermint Patty Peanuts File:Peppermint Patty.png
29 Daphne Blake Scooby-Doo File:Daphne Blake.png
30 Wuya Xiaolin Showdown File:Wuya.png
31 Jasmine Aladdin
32 Toph Beifong Avatar The Last Airbender File:Toph 2018.png
33 Wasp Earth's Mightiest Hero File:Wasp.png
34 Catwoman DC File:Catwoman.png
35 Leggy Lamb Droopy File:Leggy Lamb.png
36 Ladybug Miraculous Ladybug
37 Jenny Wakeman XJ9 My Life As A Teenage Robot
38 Ashi Samurai Jack
39 Pearl Steven Universe
40 Dr. Mrs. The Monarch The Venture Bros. File:Dr Mrs The Monarch 2018 character plate.png.png
41 Agrias Whomp! File:Agrias.png
42 Leni Loud The Loud House File:Leni Loud.png
43 Demencia Villianous File:Demencia 2018.png
44 Unikitty The LEGO Movie File:Unikitty.png
45 Elsa Frozen File:Elsa.png
46 Mavis Hotel Transylvania File:Mavis.png
47 Kamala Khan Marvel Comics File:Kamala Khan.png
48 Creepy Susie The Oblongs
49 Sara Bellum Powerpuff Girls
50 Peridot Steven Universe
51 Lord Dominator Wander Over Yonder File:Lord Dominator.png
52 Dexter's Mom Dexter's Laboratory File:Dexters Mom.png
53 Fifi la Fume Looney Tunes File:Fifi La Fume.png
54 Go-Go Big Hero 6 File:Go-Go.png
55 Agent Honeydew Dexter's Laboratory File:Agent Honeydew.png
56 Kim Pine Scott Pilgrim File:Kim Pine.png
57 Callie Briggs SWAT Kats File:Callie Brigs.png
58 Gwen Total Drama
59 Minerva Mink Animaniacs File:Minerva Mink.png
60 Bronwyn Adventure Time File:Bronwyn.png
61 Enid Mettle OK KO File:Enid.png
62 Shannon OK KO File:Shannon.png
63 Death DC
64 Amalia Wakfu File:Amalia.png
65 Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice File:Lydia Deetz.png
66 Black Canary DC File:Black Canary.png
67 Kiva Andru Megas XLR File:Kiva.png
68 Princess Marco Star Vs File:Princess Marco.png
69 Ahsoka Tano Star Wars The Clone Wars File:Ahoska Tano.png
70 Courtney Total Drama
71 Eclipsa Butterfly Star Vs File:Eclipsa.png
72 Janna Star Vs File:Janna.png
73 Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time File:Princess Bubblegum.png
74 Jubilee Marvel Comics File:Jubilee.png
75 Agent Xero / Lacey Shadows Modifiers File:Lacey Shadows.png
76 Wilhamena Mettle OK KO File:Wilhamena.png
77 Jackie Lynn Thomas Star Vs File:Jackie Lynn Thomas.png
78 Rapunzel Tangled File:Rapunzel.png
79 Scarlet Witch Marvel Comics File:Scarlet Witch.png
80 General Mofette Wakfu File:Frida Mofette.png
81 Astrid Hofferson How To Train Your Dragon File:Astrid.png
82 Lindsay Total Drama File:Lindsay.png
83 Sam Totally Spies File:Sam.png
84 Carol Danvers Marvel Comics File:Carol Danvers.png
85 Pidge Holt Voltron File:Pidge Holt.png
86 Batwoman DC File:Batwoman.png
87 Captain Amelia Treasure Planet
88 BW Long Gone Gulch File:BW.png
89 Valerie Frizzle The Magic School Bus File:Valerie Frizzle.png
90 Donna Troy DC File:Donna Troy.png
91 Inque DC File:Inque.png
92 Jasper Steven Universe File:Jasper.png
93 Helga Pataki Hey Arnold! File:Helga.png
94 Mera DC File:Mera.png
95 Queen Tyr'ahnee Duck Dodgers
96 Ravager DC File:Ravager.png
97 Judge Hershey Judge Dredd File:Hershey.png
98 Princess Carolynn BoJack Horseman File:Princess Carolyn.png
99 Jessica Cruz DC File:Jessica Cruz.png
100 Mabel Gravity Falls File:Mabel.png
101 Amelia Bedelia Amelia Bedelia File:Amelia Bedelia.png
102 Teodora Legend Quest File:Teodora.png
103 Spider-Girl Marvel Comics File:Spider-Girl.png
104 Blue Diamond Steven Universe File:Blue Diamond.png
105 Claire The Summoning File:Claire.png
106 Heather Total Drama File:Heather L.png
107 Pam Poovey Archer File:Pam Poovey.png
108 Attea Ben 10 File:Attea.png
109 Major Dr. Ghastly Evil Con Carne File:Major Dr Ghastly.png
110 Joy Inside Out
111 Vambre Warrior Mighty Magiswords File:Vambre Warrior.png
112 Amethyst Steven Universe
113 Baby Doll DC File:Mary Dahl.png
114 Sunny Miami Sunny Miami File:Sunny Miami.png
115 Talia LoliRock File:Talia.png
116 Maid Marian Robin Hood File:Maid Marian.png
117 Vampirella Vampirella File:Vampirella.png
118 Yuki Yoshida Gumball File:Yuki Yoshida.png
119 Fangora Dracula The Baskervilles File:Fangora Dracula.png
120 Cordie CliffSide File:Cordie.png
121 Joy Kaplan Mad Magic File:Joy Kaplan.png
122 Red Sonja Red Sonja File:Red Sonja.png
123 Any Malu Any Malu File:Any Malu.png
124 Aelita Schaeffer Code Lyoko File:Aelita Schaeffer.png
125 Duchess The Aristocats File:Duchess.png
126 Lady Shiva DC File:Lady Shiva.png
127 Nessie The Ballad of Nessie File:Nessie.png
128 Snowman Homestuck


As the second /co/ character tournament, Ms. /co/ 2019 did not use the traditional character plates that would be used in subsequent tournaments. Instead, individual character images used for nomination were initially used with the character's name placed next to them. Character Plates have not been made for Ms. /co/ 2019.

Ms. /co/ 2019 Character Plates
Seed Number Character Name Series/Franchise Character Plate
1 Spinel Steven Universe These fields have been intentionally left blank.
2 Peridot Steven Universe
3 Pearl Steven Universe
4 Frankie Foster Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
5 Azula Avatar The Last Airbender
6 Raven DC
7 Gaz Membrane Invader Zim
8 Velma Dinkley Scooby-Doo
9 Peni Parker Marvel
10 Shego Kim Possible
11 Hekapoo Star vs. the Forces of Evil
12 Gwen Tennyson Ben 10
13 XJ-6 My Life as a Teenage Robot
14 Ty Lee Avatar The Last Airbender
15 Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit
16 Alex Totally Spies
17 Lord Dominator Wander Over Yonder
18 Pacifica Northwest Gravity Falls
19 Coraline Jones Coraline
20 Daphne Blake Scooby-Doo
21 Violet Parr The Incredibles
22 Ahsoka Tano Star Wars The Clone Wars
23 Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe
24 Amy Wong Futurama
25 Jinx DC
26 Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
27 Nicole Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball
28 Tak Invader Zim
29 Lola Bunny Looney Tunes
30 Butt Witch Twelve Forever
32 Judy Hopps Zootopia
33 Noodle Gorillaz
34 Blue Diamond Steven Universe
35 Eris The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
36 Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Venture Bros.
37 Gwenpool Marvel
38 Katara Avatar The Last Airbender
39 Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb
40 Marceline Abadeer Adventure Time
41 Rapunzel Tangled
42 Carmen Sandiego Carmen Sandiego
43 Demencia Villainous
44 Marie Kanker Ed, Edd, n Eddy
45 Enid Mettle OK KO
46 Anne Boonchuy Amphibia
47 April O'Neil Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
48 Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) DC
49 Tulip Olsen Infinity Train
50 Hilda Hilda
51 Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls
52 Queen Tyr'ahnee Duck Dodgers
53 Mavis Dracula Hotel Transylvania
54 She-Hulk Marvel
55 Star Butterfly Star vs. the Forces of Evil
56 Zatanna Zatara DC
57 Adorabat Mao Mao
58 Spider-Gwen Marvel
59 Mulan Mulan
60 Buttercup The Powerpuff Girls
61 Flame Princess Adventure Time
62 Bubbles The Powerpuff Girls
63 Go-Go Big Hero 6
64 Tinker Bell Peter Pan
65 Betty Boop Betty Boop
66 Numbuh 3 Kids Next Door
67 Sam Totally Spies
68 Blossom The Powerpuff Girls
69 Clover Totally Spies
70 Eclipsa Butterfly Star vs. the Forces of Evil
71 Princess Marco Star vs. the Forces of Evil
72 GIFfany Gravity Falls
73 Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time
74 Vicky Fairly OddParents
75 Candace Flynn Phineas and Ferb
76 Gwen Total Drama
77 Leni Loud The Loud House
78 Wonder Woman DC
79 Catra She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
80 Fink OK KO
81 Jasmine Aladdin
82 Francine Smith American Dad 82 Francine Smith American Dad
83 Mai Avatar The Last Airbender
84 Satina Satina
85 Sandy Cheeks SpongeBob SquarePants
86 Adora She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
87 Death DC
88 Entrapta She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
89 Yumi Yoshimura Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
90 Callie Briggs SWAT Kats
91 Creepy Susie The Oblongs
92 Helga Pataki Hey Arnold
93 Phantasma Scooby-Doo
94 Catwoman DC
95 Honey Lemon Marvel
96 Sonichu Sonichu
97 Sticks the Badger Sonic Boom
98 Calvin's Mom Calvin and Hobbes
99 Evangelyne Wakfu
100 Panini Chowder
101 BW Long Gone Gulch
102 Mabel Gravity Falls
103 MJ Marvel
104 Wuya Xiaolin Showdown
105 Elsa Frozen
106 Mrs. Brisby The Secret of NIMH
107 Wasp (Janet van Dyne) Marvel
108 Kamala Khan Marvel
109 Kim Pine Scott Pilgrim
110 X-23 (Laura Kinney) Marvel
111 Frida Suarez El Tigre The Adventures of Manny Rivera
112 Leggy Lamb Droopy
113 The Librarian Hilda
114 Nani Lilo & Stitch
115 Peppermint Patty Peanuts
116 Charmcaster Ben 10
117 Deethra The Dark Crystal
118 Unikitty Unikitty
119 Aunt Grandma Uncle Grandpa
120 Minnie Mouse Disney
121 Bronwyn Adventure Time
122 Ladybug Miraculous Ladybug
123 Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice
124 Supergirl DC
125 Asami Sato Avatar The Last Airbender
126 Della Duck DuckTales
127 Asajj Ventress Star Wars The Clone Wars
128 Muriel Bagge Courage the Cowardly Dog


File:Dr Mrs The Monarch 2020 character plate.png
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's Character Plate

1094 Contestants

Ms. /co/ 2020 Character Plates
Seed Number Character Name Series/Franchise Character Plate
1 Toph Avatar The Last Airbender File:1-Toph.png
2 Pacifica Northwest Gravity Falls File:17-Pacifica Northwest.png
3 Anne Boonchuy Amphibia
4 Ty Lee Avatar The Last Airbender
5 Emmy Emmy the Robot
6 Jucika Jucika File:57-Jucika.png
7 Helen Parr The Incredibles File:25-Helen Parr.png
8 Hilda Hilda
9 Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls File:13-Wendy Corduroy.png
10 Queen Tyr'ahnee Duck Dodgers
11 Hekapoo Star vs File:61-Hekapoo.png
12 Sasha Waybright Amphibia
13 Marcy Wu Amphibia File:37-Marcy Wu.png
14 Gaz Invader Zim File:53-Gaz.png
15 Gwen Tennyson Ben 10 File:21-Gwen Tennyson.png
16 Lord Dominator Wander Over Yonder File:5-Lord Dominator.png
17 Eda The Owl House
18 Eris Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
19 Mandy Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy File:55-Mandy.png
21 Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Venture Bros File:Dr Mrs The Monarch 2020 character plate.png
22 Marceline Adventure Time File:63-Marceline.png
23 Nicole Watterson Amazing World of Gumball
24 Starfire DC Comics File:15-Starfire.png
25 Coraline Coraline
26 GIFfany Gravity Falls
27 Zatanna DC Comics File:59-Zatanna.png
28 Mabel Gravity Falls File:43-Mabel.png
29 Tulip Olsen Infinity Train File:35-Tulip Olsen.png
30 Kim Possible Kim Possible
31 Chel The Road to El Dorado File:19-Chel.png
32 Johanna Hilda
33 Mavis Hotel Transylvania File:4-Mavis.png
34 Noodle Gorillaz File:20-Noodle.png
35 Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit File:52-Jessica Rabbit.png
36 Dexter's Mom Dexter's Laboratory
37 Power Girl DC File:44-Power Girl.png
38 Fiona Adventure Time File:60-Fiona.png
39 Elsa Frozen File:28-Elsa.png
40 Charlie Hazbin Hotel
41 Violet The Incredibles File:16-Violet.png
42 Katara Avatar The Last Airbender File:32-Katara.png
43 Betty Boop Betty Boop File:64-Betty Boop.png
44 Vicky Fairly OddParents File:48-Vicky.png
45 Mothra Godzilla File:40-Mothra.png
46 The Librarian Hilda File:56-The Librarian.png
47 Huntress Wizard Adventure Time File:24-Huntress Wizard.png
48 Mulan Mulan File:8-Mulan.png
49 Rapunzel Tangled File:6-Rapunzel.png
50 Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb
51 Alex Totally Spies File:Alex plate 2020.png
52 Miko Glitch Techs
53 Flame Princess Adventure Time File:46-Flame Princess.png
54 Demencia Villainous File:62-Demencia.png
55 Muriel Courage the Cowardly Dog Show File:30-Muriel.png
56 Marie Kanker Ed Edd n Eddy File:14-Marie Kanker.png
57 Astrid How to Train Your Dragon File:10-Astrid.png
58 Gwen Total Drama
59 Zone-Tan ZTV news and Ecchication File:58-Zone-Tan.png
60 Jackie Lynn Thomas Star vs File:42-Jackie Lynn Thomas.png
61 Miss Pauling Team Fortress comic File:34-Miss Pauling.png
62 Go-Go Big Hero 6 File:50-Go Go.png
63 Anna Frozen File:18-Anna.png
64 Lake Infinity Train File:2-Lake.png
65 Fang Primal File:2-Fang.png
66 Suki Avatar The Last Airbender File:18-Suki.png
67 Harley Quinn DC
68 Numbuh 3 Kids Next Door File:34-Numbuh 3.png
69 Gwenpool Marvel File:42-Gwenpool.png
70 Ahsoka Tano Star Wars File:58-Ahsoka.png
71 Judy Hopps Zootopia File:26-Judy Hopps.png
72 Hello Nurse Animaniacs File:10-Hello Nurse.png
73 Helga Hey Arnold File:14-Helga.png
74 Lola Bunny Looney Tunes File:30-Lola.png
75 Ariel The Little Mermaid
76 Ice Queen Adventure Time File:46-Ice Princess.png
77 Tak Invader Zim
78 Enid OK KO File:54-Enid.png
79 Daphne Blake Scooby-Doo File:22-Daphne Blake.png
80 Lapis Steven Universe File:6-Lapis.png
81 Amy Wong Futurama File:8-Amy Wong.png
82 Peni Parker Marvel File:24-Peni Parker.png
83 Jinx DC File:56-The Jinx.png
84 Candace Phineas and Ferb
85 Karen SpongeBob SquarePants
86 Sandy Cheeks SpongeBob SquarePants File:64-Sandy Cheeks.png
87 Wonder Woman DC File:32-Wonder Woman.png
88 DeeDee Dexter's Laboratory File:16-Dee Dee.png
89 Roxanne Goofy Movie File:12-Roxanne.png
90 Nani Lilo and Stitch File:28-Nani.png
91 Princess Zelda The Legend of Zelda Animated Series File:60-Zelda.png
92 Clover Totally Spies File:44-Clover.png
93 Maggie Amphibia File:36-Maggie.png
94 Jin Avatar The Last Airbender File:52-Jin.png
95 April O'Neil TMNT File:20-April O Neil.png
96 Izzy Total Drama
97 Butt Witch Twelve Forever File:3-Butt Witch.png
98 Maddie Flour Amphibia File:19-Maddie Flour.png
99 Luz The Owl House
100 Aunt Cass Big Hero 6
101 Joan of Arc Clone High File:43-Joan of Arc.png
102 Poison Ivy DC File:59-Poison Ivy.png
103 Kim Pine Scott Pilgrim File:27-Kim Pine.png
104 Star Butterfly Star vs
105 Wendys Wendys
106 Leela Futurama File:31-Leela.png
107 Spider-Gwen Marvel File:63-Spider-Gwen.png
108 Amity The Owl House
109 Ashi Samurai Jack
110 Knives Chau Scott Pilgrim File:55-Knives Chau.png
111 Yzma The Emperor's New Groove File:23-Yzma.png
112 Jasmine Aladdin File:7-Jasmine.png
113 Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice File:5-Lydia Deetz.png
114 Creepy Susie Oblongs
115 Satina Satina File:53-Satina.png
116 Princess Llana Sym Bionic Titan File:37-IIana.png
117 Alice Alice in Wonderland File:45-Alice.png
118 Supergirl DC File:61-Supergirl.png
119 Trixie Tang Fairly OddParents File:29-Trixie Tang.png
120 Tigress Kung Fu Panda File:13-Tigress.png
121 Sara Bellum The Powerpuff Girls File:9-Sara Bellum.png
122 Sam Totally Spies File:25-Sam.png
123 Death DC File:57-Death.png
124 Wuya Xiaolin Showdown File:41-Wuya.png
125 Burnbot Brain Dump File:33-Burnbot.png
126 Catwoman DC File:49-Catwoman.png
127 Numbuh 5 Kids Next Door File:17-Numbuh 5.png
128 Catra She-Ra File:1-Catra.png


Betty Boop's Character Plate

Last recent tournament to use new Character Plates for each character.

Ms. /co/ 2021 Character Plates
Seed Number Character Name Series/Franchise Character Plate
1 Frankie Foster Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
2 Azula Avatar: The Last Airbender
3 Loona Helluva Boss
4 Shego Kim Possible File:Shego(2021 character plate).png
5 Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit File:Jessica-rabbit(2021 character plate).png
6 Muriel Bagge Courage the Cowardly Dog File:Muriel plate 21.png
7 Anne Boonchuy Amphibia
8 Lord Dominator Wander Over Yonder File:Lord-dominator(2021 character plate).png
9 Toph Beifong Avatar: The Last Airbender File:Toph-beifong(2021 character plate).png
10 Miss Pauling Team Fortress 2 (comic) File:Miss-pauling(2021 character plate).png
11 Pacifica Northwest Gravity Falls File:Pacifica-northwest(2021 character plate).png
12 Hilda Hilda
13 Leni Loud The Loud House File:Leni-loud(2021 character plate).png
14 Emmy Emmy the Robot
15 Raven DC File:Raven(2021 character plate).png
16 Coraline Jones Coraline
17 Sasha Waybright Amphibia
18 Maria Rivera El Tigre File:Maria-rivera(2021 character plate).png
19 Ice Queen Adventure Time File:Ice-queen(2021 character plate).png
20 Marceline Abadeer Adventure Time File:Marceline plate 21.png
21 Alex Totally Spies! File:Alex(2021 character plate).png
22 Ty Lee Avatar: The Last Airbender
23 Pearl Steven Universe
24 Nicole Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball
25 Gwenpool (Gwen Poole) Marvel File:Gwenpool(2021 character plate).png
26 Hekapoo Star vs. File:Hekapoo(2021 character plate).png
27 Lola Bunny Looney Tunes File:Lola plate 21.png
28 April O'Neil Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles File:April-oneil(2021 character plate).png
29 Eda Clawthorne The Owl House
30 Betty Boop Betty Boop File:51-betty-boop.png
31 ENA ENA File:Ena(2021 character plate).png
32 Gaz Membrane Invader Zim File:Gaze-membrane(2021 character plate).png
33 Frida Suarez El Tigre File:Frida-suarez(2021 character plate).png
34 Peridot Steven Universe
35 Flame Princess Adventure Time File:Flame-princess(2021 character plate).png
36 Monster Girl Invincible File:Monster-girl(2021 character plate).png
37 Helen Parr The Incredibles File:Helen-parr(2021 character plate).png
38 Buttercup The Powerpuff Girls File:Buttercup(2021 character plate).png
39 Velma Dinkley Scooby-Doo File:Velma(2021 character plate).png
40 Judy Hopps Zootopia File:Judy-hopps(2021 character plate).png
41 Marcy Wu Amphibia File:Marcy plate 21.png
42 Clover Totally Spies! File:Clover(2021 character plate).png
43 Noodle Gorillaz File:Noodle plate 21.png
44 Millie Helluva Boss File:32-millie.png
45 Eris The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
46 Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy File:Mandy(2021 character plate).png
47 Gwen Tennyson Ben 10 File:Gwen-tennyson(2021 character plate).png
48 Johanna Hilda
49 Sam Totally Spies! File:Sam(2021 character plate).png
50 Mothra Godzilla File:Mothra(2021 character plate).png
51 Wonder Woman DC File:Wonder-woman(2021 character plate).png
52 Rapunzel Tangled File:Rapunzel plate 21.png
53 Zatanna Zatara DC File:Zatanna(2021 character plate).png
54 Major Dr. Ghastly Evil Con Carne File:Major-doctor-ghastly(2021 character plate).png
55 Mulan Mulan File:Mulan(2021 character plate).png
56 Daphne Blake Scooby-Doo File:Daphne-blake(2021 character plate).png
57 Harley Quinn DC
58 Enid Mettle OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes File:Enid(2021 character plate).png
59 Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe File:Lapis-lazuli(2021 character plate).png
60 Vicky Fairly OddParents File:Vicky(2021 character plate).png
61 Demencia Villainous File:Demencia(2021 character plate).png
62 Tak Invader Zim File:Tak(2021 character plate).png
63 Sara Bellum The Powerpuff Girls
64 Power Girl DC File:Power-girl(2021 character plate).png
65 Turanga Leela Futurama File:Leela(2021 character plate).png
66 Charlie Magne Hazbin Hotel
67 Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb File:Vanessa-doofenshmirtz(2021 character plate).png
68 Kim Pine Scott Pilgrim File:Kim-pine(2021 character plate).png
69 Mrs. Brisby The Secret of NIMH File:Mrs-brisby(2021 character plate).png
70 Carmen Sandiego Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? File:Carmen-sandiego(2021 character plate).png
71 Tigress Kung Fu Panda File:Master-tigress(2021 character plate).png
72 Ahsoka Tano Star Wars: The Clone Wars File:Ahsoka-tano(2021 character plate).png
73 Violet Parr The Incredibles File:Violet-parr(2021 character plate).png
74 Creepy Susie The Oblongs
75 Joan of Arc Clone High File:Joan-of-arc(2021 character plate).png
76 Sandy Cheeks SpongeBob SquarePants File:Sandy-cheeks(2021 character plate).png
77 Amelia Bedelia Amelia Bedelia File:Amelia-bedelia(2021 character plate).png
78 Mavis Dracula Hotel Transylvania File:Mavis(2021 character plate).png
79 Peni Parker Marvel File:Peni-parker(2021 character plate).png
80 She-Hulk Marvel File:She-hulk(2021 character plate).png
81 Candace Flynn Phineas and Ferb File:Candace-flynn(2021 character plate).png
82 Captain Amelia Treasure Planet
83 Wuya Xiaolin Showdown File:Wuya(2021 character plate).png
84 Butt Witch Twelve Forever File:Butt-witch(2021 character plate).png
85 Jackie Lynn Thomas Star vs. File:32-jackie-lynn-thomas.png
86 Amity Blight The Owl House File:Amity-blight(2021 character plate).png
87 Go-Go Tomago Big Hero 6' File:Gogo-tomago(2021 character plate).png
88 Panini Chowder File:Panini(2021 character plate).png
89 Marie Kanker Ed Edd n Eddy File:Marie-kanker(2021 character plate).png
90 Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls File:44-wendy-corduroy.png
91 Kitty Katswell T.U.F.F. Puppy File:Kitty-katswell(2021 character plate).png
92 ZONE-tan ZTV News' File:Zone-tan(2021 character plate).png
93 Marie Craig of the Creek
94 Yzma The Emperor's New Groove File:Yzma(2021 character plate).png
95 Luz Noceda The Owl House
96 Miss Heed Villainous File:Miss heed(2021 character plate).png
97 Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy) Marvel File:Spider-gwen(2021 character plate).png
98 Star Butterfly Star vs.
99 Slappy Squirrel Animaniacs
100 Aunt Cass Big Hero 6 File:Aunt-cass(2021 character plate).png
101 Tulip Olsen Infinity Train File:Tulip-olsen(2021 character plate).png
102 Tinker Bell Peter Pan File:Tinkerbell(2021 character plate).png
103 Karen SpongeBob SquarePants File:Karen(2021 character plate).png
104 Rosechu Sonichu File:Rosechu(2021 character plate).png
105 Hello Nurse Animaniacs File:Hello-nurse(2021 character plate).png
106 Beatrice Over The Garden Wall
107 Gwen Total Drama
108 Queen Vexus My Life as a Teenage Robot File:Queen-vexus(2021 character plate).png
109 Ms. Valerie Frizzle The Magic School Bus File:Miss-frizzle(2021 character plate).png
110 Blossom The Powerpuff Girls File:Blossom(2021 character plate).png
111 Alice Alice in Wonderland File:Alice plate 21.png
112 Lake Infinity Train File:Lake(2021 character plate).png
113 Minerva Mink Animaniacs File:Minerva-mink(2021 character plate).png
114 Poison Ivy DC File:Poison-ivy(2021 character plate).png
115 Amy Wong Futurama File:Amy-wong(2021 character plate).png
116 Megara Hercules File:Megara(2021 character plate).png
117 Unikitty The Lego Movie File:Unikitty(2021 character plate).png
118 Planetina Rick and Morty File:Planetina(2021 character plate).png
119 Ashi Samurai Jack
120 Knives Chau Scott Pilgrim File:Knives-chau(2021 character plate).png
121 Lucy Loud The Loud House File:Lucy-loud(2021 character plate).png
122 Jinx DC File:Jinx(2021 character plate).png
123 XJ-6 My Life as a Teenage Robot File:Xj6(2021 character plate).png
124 Korra The Legend of Korra File:Korra(2021 character plate).png
125 Sally The Nightmare Before Christmas File:Sally(2021 character plate).png
126 Izzy Total Drama File:Izzy(2021 character plate).png
127 Catwoman DC File:Catwoman(2021 character plate).png
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