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SpongeBob SquarePants is the titular protagonist of the Nickelodeon series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is an optimistic sea sponge (despite looking more akin to a kitchen sponge) who enjoys working as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab, jellyfishing, and other underwater activities. His series would go on to be one of the most successful American cartoons of all-time and the face of the Nickelodeon network. Despite his general popularity, he would only have a single bout on Mr. /co/lympus in its first four years, before coming back with surprising momentum starting in 2022.

Tournament History[edit]

SpongeBob's first bout was in 2019, where he scored an impressive seed of #25. He had a landslide win against Pops from Regular Show in the first round and a more narrow victory against Kermit the following round. His run came to a definitive end against the ever-popular Eustace Bagge, who went on to narrowly lose against Hank Hill afterwards.

After missing both 2020 and 2021 due to the three per series rule, SpongeBob would finally return to the tournament in Mr. /co/lympus 2022. Thanks in part to an enthusiastic campaign, he performed far better throughout this tournament. Despite his success, he would end up suffering a surprisingly massive loss against fellow SpongeBob character Squidward in round four, narrowly keeping him out of the Elite Eight. Said round was hyped up by a lot of anons, though ended up being more quiet than expected.

Coming off his prior defeat, there was already some interest in SpongeBob's follow-up run in Mr. /co/lympus 2023 even prior to the tournament's formal start. He ended up gaining vocal support from the tournament's outset, which aided him in propelling forward once again to the fourth round. Despite similarly strong vocal support on the end of Dr. Robotnik, SpongeBob would finally end up with his first Elite Eight appearance. His run would finally end against the year's runner-up and fellow Nicktoon Zim, with him being granted sixth place overall.

Due to the Elite Eight rule, SpongeBob will next be eligible to complete in Mr. /co/lympus 2025.


Mr. /co/lympus
2019 - seed 25
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (104) Pops Regular Show 617 - 308 66.7%
Round 2 (40) Kermit The Muppets 370 - 321 53.5%
Round 3 (8) Eustace Bagge Courage the Cowardly Dog 289 - 404 41.7%
2022 - seed 103
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (127) Jafar Aladdin 295 - 211 58.3%
Round 2 (46) Rattlesnake Jake Rango 291 - 277 51.2%
Round 3 (48) Godzilla Godzilla 317 - 247 56.2%
Round 4 (36) Squidward SpongeBob SquarePants 204 - 372 35.4%
2023 - seed 22
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (105) Plastic Man DC 262 - 146 64.2%
Round 2 (21) Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo 215 - 111 66%
Round 3 (12) Shrek Shrek 167 - 152 52.4%
Round 4 (40) Dr. Robotnik The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 179 - 154 53.8%
Quarter-finals (1) Zim Invader Zim 132 - 178 42.6%
5th - 8th (14) Dale Gribble
(7) Hank Hill
(45) Lord Farquaad
King of the Hill
King of the Hill
214.25 (points) 6th place


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