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King Rameses II is the main villain of the 1998 film The Prince of Egypt. The half-brother of Moses and eventual Pharaoh of Egypt, his hard actions against the Hebrews lead to the Ten Plagues of Egypt being unleashed on his kingdom.

Rameses had little known mention in Mr. /co/lympus tournaments prior to 2020, with no known nomination attempts made beforehand. Nominated for the 2020 tournament, he managed to get a sizable 11 supports. However, it was noticed that Stats forgot to put him on the tournament poll, effectively ending his chances of making the top 128.

However, despite other candidates also accidentally being left of the poll, he quickly was adopted by roleplayers as the successor to the Black Widow arc of terror, who similar was left off the qualifier poll despite having enough supports. His arc involved enslaving the non-qualified and eventually the qualified characters who lost their match. This arc lasted several rounds until the characters enslaved either escaped or were freed, but kickstarted the roleplaying arc that lasted through the tournament.