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Miko Kubota is the female protagonist of Glitch Techs, a 2020 animated series created by Eric Robles and Dan Milano for Nickelodeon and Netflix. Miko is a 16-year old Japanese-American who works at a part time job in a technology store owned by developer Hinobi. She is secretly a member of the titular "Glitch Techs", a team of exterminators tasked to remove "Glitches", which are monsters that have managed to manifest into the real world from Hinobi's video games. Miko is an athletic teenager who likes playing video games, and demonstrates a gung-ho attitude when fighting glitches in contrast to her partner High Five, who prefers to strategize first before taking action.

In online fandoms, Miko is best known for her wide hips and "dump truck" ass which is prominently featured in many fan arts. She made her first Ms. /co/ appearance in 2020, where she got caught in a controversy surrounding the Spanish language Facebook group named Random Cartoon, as she was one of the girls supported by its campaigning posts. She managed to advance into round 2 by beating Invader Zim's Tak before losing to Princess Ilana. The following year, Miko failed to qualify for the 2021 bracket, placing 132nd with 76 votes. She will next appear in Ms. /co/ 2022.


Ms. /co/ 2020 - seed 52

  • R1: (77) Tak @ Invader Zim 476 - 354 (57.3%)
  • R2: (116) Ilana @ Sym-Bionic Titan 369 - 464 (44.3%)


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