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Muriel Bagge is a main character featured in the Cartoon Network TV series Courage the Cowardly Dog, created by John R. Dilworth. The wife of Eustace Bagge, Muriel is an overweight elderly Scottish woman who adopted Courage when he was abandoned as a puppy. She is a kind and hard-working motherly figure who likes doing household chores and sitting on her rocking chair with Courage in her lap. Due to her friendly personality, she is frequently targeted by the show's villains.

Tournament History[edit]

Muriel first gained notability in Ms. /co/ 2019 for being the tournament's #128 seed, which pitted her against the Flavor of the Month (FotM) favorite Spinel on the first round. She gained substantial presence on the threads as anons rallied behind the elderly woman in order to take down the top-seeded gem as soon as possible. However, the effort ultimately failed as she was defeated by 109 votes. Muriel was similarly eliminated in round 1 on the 2020 contest, where she fell to Lola Bunny by 6 votes.

Muriel's fortune suddenly turned for the better in the 2021 contest as she became a "silent favorite" following her 6th seeded result in the qualifiers. She then cruised into the Elite Eight as none of her opponents posed a serious threat. Despite her likability, Muriel's deep bracket run was considered underwhelming due to being largely supported by "pity votes", since her voice actress Thea White died just over one month before the contest. Her run was also compared to the last two champions who won because of recent events (Spinel's movie and Mrs. Monarch's show cancellation). In the end, Muriel was eliminated in the quarter-finals by old animation icon Betty Boop, and subsequently got the most 5th place votes in the consolation round.

Muriel's 2021 performance meant that all three main characters of Courage the Cowardly Dog have attained Elite Eight status, a rare feat for an animated series.

Muriel's 2023 appearance saw her easily defeat DTVA member Libby Stein-Torres in round 1. In round 2 she lost in an upset to the lower seeded Sandy Cheeks.


Ms. /co/
2019 - seed 128
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (1) Spinel Steven Universe 479 - 688 41.1%
2020 - seed 55
Round 1 (74) Lola Bunny Looney Tunes 412 - 418 49.6%
2021 - seed 6
Round 1 (123) XJ-6 My Life as a Teenage Robot 731 - 243 75.0%
Round 2 (59) Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe 635 - 263 70.7%
Round 3 (38) Buttercup The Powerpuff Girls 588 - 290 63.5%
Round 4 (107) Gwen Total Drama 442 - 303 59.3%
Quarterfinals (30) Betty Boop Betty Boop 345 - 377 47.7%
2023 - seed 25
Round 1 (68) Libby Stein-Torres The Ghost and Molly McGee 315 - 230 57.7%
Round 2 (56) Sandy Cheeks Spongebob Squarepants 259 - 280 48.0%


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