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Ed is one of the three titular main characters from the Cartoon Network series Ed, Edd n Eddy. He is the brute of the group, possessing extreme strength but very little intelligence. Ed is friendly, sociable, and very naïve, being willing to go along with anything his peers tell him to do, as well as believing anything he is told. Ed also takes his comics and B-movies very seriously and tends to take his LARPing of them to great lengths. All in all, Ed is a lovable retard and as such has had good support in the Mr. /co/lympus tournaments.

Tournament History[edit]

One of the five series-limited Ed, Edd n Eddy characters of Mr. /co/lympus 2019, Ed qualified with the 31st seed. His successes include relatively close victories against Spider-Man Noir in round 1 as well as Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Carl in round 2. In round 3 he fell 37 votes short of getting past seed 2 opponent Zim and was knocked out of the tournament.

In Mr. /co/lympus 2020 Ed was able to pick up more momentum, starting with securing a nice 15 seed. He proved his superior strength to fellow strong guys Hoss Delgado and Brock Samson in rounds 1 and 2, as well as scoring another comfortable victory over Lord Hater in round 3. In round 4 he was again paired against the 2nd place seed Eustace Bagge and was defeated, being kept out of the Elite Eight by just 20 votes.

Ed appeared again in 2022, taking out Freakazoid and returning Elite Eight member Hugh Neutron before losing to Dale Gribble in round 3.

In 2023 Ed secured solid victories against Sokka and Jon Arbuckle, but again lost in round 3, this time to Bugs Bunny.


Mr. /co/lympus
2019 - seed 31
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (98) Spider-Man Noir Spider-Man 493 - 432 53.3%
Round 2 (34) Carl Aqua Teen Hunger Force 359 - 332 52%
Round 3 (2) Zim Invader Zim 328 - 365 47.3%
2020 - seed 15
Round 1 (114) Hoss Delgado The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy 376 - 234 61.6%
Round 2 (50) Brock Samson The Venture Bros. 368 - 270 57.7%
Round 3 (47) Lord Hater Wander Over Yonder 322 - 217 59.7%
Round 4 (2) Eustace Bagge Courage the Cowardly Dog 244 - 264 48.0%
2021 - seed 36
Round 1 (93) The Iron Giant The Iron Giant 333 - 289 53.5%
Round 2 (29) Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh 349 - 262 57.1%
Round 3 (4) Dan Dan Vs. 231 - 210 52.3%
Round 4 (20) Skeletor Masters of the Universe 156 - 296 34.5%
2022 - seed 11
Round 1 (78) Freakazoid Freakazoid! 344 - 162 67.9%
Round 2 (22) Hugh Neutron Jimmy Neutron 306 - 262 53.8%
Round 3 (21) Dale Gribble King of the Hill 250 - 314 44.3%
2023 - seed 8
Round 1 (69) Sokka Avatar the Last Airbender 262 - 146 64.2%
Round 2 (80) Jon Arbuckle Garfield 219 - 107 67.1%
Round 3 (13) Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes 137 - 182 42.9%


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