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Heinz Doofenshmirtz (also known as Doof for short) is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel animated series Phineas and Ferb. Voiced by the show's co-creator Dan Povenmire, he acts as the arch-nemesis of the eponymous brothers' pet and secret agent Perry the Platypus.

In the Mr. /co/lympus tournaments, Doofenshmirtz is best known for "Doofposting", a series of humorous posts that involve anonymous users roleplaying as the character telling his experiences related to the contest, just like how he tells his backstory in the actual show.

Tournament History[edit]

Mr. /co/lympus[edit]

Doofenshmirtz has taken part in every Mr. /co/lympus edition he has been eligible for to date. He attained the status of an elite contestant during his 2019 run, where he lost to Hank Hill in the quarter-finals and ultimately placed 8th. While at first stablished as a relatively strong competitor, Doof has become equally infamous in 2021 and 2022 for his lack of presence during the actual campaign threads (potentially owing to janitors having cracked down on doofposts and other RP around those events), often branded as a "silent-killer" capable of taking out other upper-mid tier characters with ease.

In his return in the 2021 tournament, Doof would seed slightly higher than last time and had an incredibly solid run until he faced Iroh in the Round of 16, to whom he lost. Heinz would predictably return once more for the 2022 tournament while managing two massive upsets over the Joker (seed #23) and Zim (#2). However, Doofenshmirtz's run this year would be best remembered for being inversely upset by the eventual champion of the year, Zorak (#81).

Doof returned once again in 2023 and proved himself yet again to be a strong contender having regained thread support from his fans, with his casualties including former Elite Eight Hugh Neutron and a post-Fionna & Cake Simon Petrikov. He once again narrowly missed an Elite return after a decent rematch against top seed and eventual runner-up Zim.

Despite only having one Mr. /co/lympus Elite Eight run to date, Heinz is still considered a formidable opponent considering how many he's taken down as well as the strength of his successful challengers. He will be eligible once more in the 2024 edition.


Doof has also appeared in the inaugural edition of /cov/ where he was paired with fellow scientist and evil schemer Dr. Wily from the Mega Man series. Together they would win matches all the way up to the semi-finals, in the end scoring 3rd place owing to the campaign efforts of the team, with Doofenshmirtz in particular being seen as a highlight of the team's campaign in later rounds.


Mr. /co/lympus[edit]

Mr. /co/lympus
2018 - seed 23
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (104) Norman Osborn Marvel 155 - 72 68.3%
Round 2 (42) Plastic Man DC Comics 136 - 110 55.3%
Round 3 (10) Shaggy Rogers Scooby-Doo 104 - 168 38.2%
2019 - seed 17
Round 1 (112} Wallace Wallace and Gromit 519 - 406 56.1%
Round 2 (48) Garfield Garfield 417 - 274 60.3%
Round 3 (16) Scrooge McDuck Disney 354 - 339 51.1%
Round 4 (1) Professor Membrane Invader Zim 384 - 369 51.0%
Quarter-finals (24) Hank Hill King of the Hill 275 - 392 41.2%
5th-8th (13) Skeletor

(51) Batman

(15) Bugs Bunny

Masters of the Universe

DC Comics

Looney Tunes

??? ???

(8th place)

2021 - seed 14
Round 1 (113) Gromit Wallace & Gromit 320 - 302 51.4%
Round 2 (78) Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo 331 - 280 54.2%
Round 3 (110) Kenny McCormick South Park 304 - 137 68.9%
Round 4 (94) Iroh Scooby-Doo 202 - 250 44.7%
2022 - seed 15
Round 1 (23) Joker DC 291 - 215 57.5%
Round 2 (2) Zim Invader Zim 306 - 262 53.8%
Round 3 (81) Zorak Space Ghost: Coast to Coast 278 - 286 49.2%
2023 - seed 18
Round 1 (26) Hugh Neutron Jimmy Neutron 236 - 172 57.8%
Round 2 (56) Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas 175 - 151 53.7%
Round 3 (4) Ice King / Simon Petrikov Adventure Time 180 - 139 56.4%
Round 4 (1) Zim Invader Zim 150 - 183 45.0%


2024: Dr. Doofenshmirtz / Dr. Wily - Criminals of Offensive Villainy (C.O.V.) (seed 20)
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Pixies Get the Chicksies Pixie / Tinker Bell Shin Megami Tensei / Peter Pan 77.5%
Round 2 (3-way) Tropical and Orange + (Teenage Robot Story) Bullfrog / Rayman + (Jenny XJ9 / Curly Brace) Captain Laserhawk / Rayman + (MLAATR + Cave Story) 51.6%
Round 3 Blue-Collar Veterans Mario / Popeye Super Mario / Popeye 60.2%
Round 4 Redemption or Death Charlie Morningstar / Doomguy Hazbin Hotel / DOOM 64.1%
Quarterfinals Marvel vs. Capcom Ryu / Wolverine Street Fighter / X-Men 71.6%
Semi-finals The Mutineers Captain Silver / Erika Furudo Treasure Planet / Umineko When They Cry 25.3%
3rd Place Sexy Silent Swordmasters Samurai Jack / Geralt of Rivia Samurai Jack / The Witcher 51.8%



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