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Raven, whose alter ego is Rachel Roth, is a superheroine from DC Comics. While Raven has appeared in various adaptations, she is best known for her appearance in the 2003 Cartoon Network animated series Teen Titans.

Between her goth looks, mystical powers, and sexually appealing design, Raven is without a doubt one of the most popular waifus in Western animation, beloved by /co/mrades and /co/omers alike. Thus, she consistently appears as one of the top /co/ntenders to win the Ms. /co/ tournament.

Tournament History[edit]

Raven was the top seed of Ms. /co/ 2018, but lost by 3 votes in a surprising upset to (the arguably underseeded) Toph Beifong in round 3. She returned with a vengeance in the 2019 edition where she blitzed her way into the finals, only to lose against Steven Universe: The Movie FOTM sensation Spinel. However, some anons consider Raven the "true winner" of 2019 because of Spinel's victory being marred by allegations of cheating.

After serving her temporary suspension in 2020, Raven returned in Ms. /co/ 2021 as one of the pre-tournament favorites alongside Frankie, Azula, Shego, and Toph. This group was collectively named "F.A.R.T.S." by some anons, and the term was extensively used in that year's discussion threads. Raven was seeded 15th in the bracket, but as the tournament progressed, many of the high seeds, including the FARTS quintet, were steadily knocked out each round. She survived a scare from Godzilla's Mothra in round 2 before finally being brought down by Disney's #111 seed Alice in round 3. The superheroine returned in Ms. /co/ 2022. She had quite a good run this year, making it all the way to the Top 16. Her progress would hit a hard roadblock, however, after running into the powerhouse of Fang. She ended up chomped like most of Fang's opponents before and afterwards.

After continuing to remain strong, Raven had a lucky break in Ms. /co/ 2023. Her first two match-ups were considered unfortunate for her opponents, Uzi Doorman from Murder Drones and Huntress Wizard from Adventure Time, as both had strong campaigns that year. She tore through the former while getting a surprisingly narrow win against the latter. Some supporters of both candidates would later jump on to help push Raven to the Elite Eight once again to make her victories worthwhile. After this, Raven had a smooth time making her anticipated return to the Elite Eight, with her thread support continuing to grow as a result. She would win easily against Clover Ewing from Totally Spies!, but finally meet her match in the highly-pushed Eris. Despite being considered the least active of the Top 4, the line-up of Eris, Raven, Toph, and eventual winner Wuya was considered among the best to date in any character tournament by a fair share of anons.


2018 - seed 1
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (128) Snowman Homestuck 300 - 45 87.0%
Round 2 (64) Amalia Sheran Sharm Wakfu 225 - 105 68.2%
Round 3 (32) Toph Beifong Avatar: TLA 168 - 171 49.6%
2019 - seed 6
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (123) Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice 780 - 263 74.8%
Round 2 (59) Mulan Mulan 797 - 381 67.7%
Round 3 (27) Nicole Watterson Gumball 734 - 493 59.8%
Round 4 (11) Hekapoo Star vs. 795 - 463 63.2%
Quarter-finals (3) Pearl Steven Universe 796 - 597 57.1%
Semi-fimals (10) Shego Kim Possible 710 - 568 55.6%
Finals (1) Spinel Steven Universe 790 - 976 44.7%
2021 - seed 15
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (114) Poison Ivy DC 686 - 288 70.4%
Round 2 (50) Mothra Godzilla 456 - 442 50.8%
Round 3 (111) Alice Disney's Alice in Wonderland 390 - 488 44.4%
2022 - seed 16
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (113) Miko Glitch Techs 621 - 407 60.4%
Round 2 (49) Kim Possible Kim Possible 572 - 435 52.3%
Round 3 (48) Queen Vexus My Life as A Teenage Robot 542 - 493 52.3%
Round 4 (1) Fang Primal 439 - 646 40.4%
2023 - seed 20
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (111) Uzi Doorman Murder Drones 343 - 202 62.9%
Round 2 (28) Huntress Wizard Adventure Time 283 - 255 52.6%
Round 3 (16) Pacifica Northwest Gumball 255 - 176 59.2%
Round 4 (43) Lois Lane DC 217 - 153 58.6%
Quarter-finals (92) Clover Totally Spies! 227 - 160 58.7%
Semi-finals (7) Eris The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy 195 - 229 46.0%
3rd-4th Match (2) Toph Beifong Avatar: The Last Airbender 194 - 204 48.8%


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