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Pearl is a character from the 2013 Cartoon Network TV series Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar. She is a member of the "Crystal Gems", a group of Gems who hold a rebellion against their original planet Homeworld, and are dedicated to protecting Earth from threats. Like all of the Gems in the show, Pearl is sexless because of their physiology (a sentient alien mineral projecting a holographic body), but is considered female due to having a feminine appearance, characterization and mannerisms. Her personality is described as methodical and perfectionist, but she suffers from low self-esteem and a constant need for validation owing to her original purpose as property for their masters. Later episodes reveal that Pearl served as the closest friend of Steven's mother Rose Quartz, whom she harbored romantic feelings for.

Tournament history[edit]

Pearl is one of the most popular members of the cast due to her conventionally attractive design and her major involvement in the series' plot. She has made three Miss /co/ appearances since 2018, most notably reaching the quarter-finals of the 2019 edition as a 3rd seed and ultimately placing 7th. Her performance that year was attributed to the recent release of Steven Universe: The Movie at that time, as well as riding off the coattails of Spinel's much-heralded arrival in the /co/ board.

The Crystal Gem served a temporary suspension in 2020 due to her Elite Eight status. She returned in the 2021 contest where she was seeded 23rd, but was immediately eliminated in the 1st round by newcomer Beatrice from Over the Garden Wall.

Perhaps due to a decrease in popularity in Steven Universe among the general /co/ userbase, Pearl would fail to qualify for the 2022 edition by 4 votes. She did however manage to qualify for Ms. /co/ 2023 as the only representative of her series, albeit with a significantly lower seed and a decisive round 1 loss to Ariel.


  • 2022 - 110/114 votes (seed 145)
Ms. /co/
2018 - seed 39
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (90) Donna Troy DC 172 - 158 52.1%
Round 2 (26) Lois Lane DC 129 - 204 38.7%
2019 - seed 3
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (126) Della Duck DuckTales 659 - 398 62.3%
Round 2 (67) Sam Totally Spies! 694 - 488 58.7%
Round 3 (35) Eris Grim Adventures 670 - 547 55.1%
Round 4 (14) Ty Lee Avatar: TLA 648 - 623 51.0%
Quarterfinals (6) Raven DC 597 - 796 42.9%
2021 - seed 23
Round 1 (106) Beatrice Over the Garden Wall 429 - 545 44.0%
2023 - seed 103
Round 1 (105) Ariel The Little Mermaid 158 - 347 31.2%


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