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/cov/ Gallery

/cov/ (or the Crossover Team Tournament) was a tournament held in the anonymous imageboard plus4chan. The tournament is a spin-off of both /co/'s Tag-Team Tournaments and /v/'s Co-op, made up of teams featuring a character from each board's centric piece of media (in other words, one Western cartoon character and one video game character). It featured 250+ team nominees and a 128-player randomized single elimination bracket.

The tournament got a fair amount of hype leading into it, being the best chance to date for anons from the main tournaments' two boards to intermingle. The beginning of the tournament would be near universally well-received, but the threads would become far more spiteful following a somewhat controversial set of results at the end of Round 3 that marked the elimination of a number of vocal favorites. Some further controversy would arise from the repeat characters in the tournament's Elite Eight, most notably Geralt and Xavier (who were coming off second consecutive wins in Co-op and Tag-Team, respectively). Despite all this, the two finalists of Dastardly Duo and the Mutineers were generally liked. In a match between the top seed of the tournament and a meta-heavy team, the Dastardly Duo of Waluigi and Dick Dastardly would come out victorious. Notably, Waluigi had just made it into the finals of Co-op 2024 the month prior alongside Wario, which made him the third former runner-up from any tournament to later win (following Tyr'ahnee in Mrs. /aco/ and Hank Hill in Heroes of /co/) and the first /v/ character to accomplish this. He was also the first Mario character to win a tournament, notably before Mario, Luigi, AND Wario (who all seeded high as well in this tournament). Dick Dastardly would be the third Hanna-Barbera character to win a tournament after Johnny Bravo and Zorak, the second from their 1960s era after Zorak, and the first to win in a side tournament.

Per votes during the finals, another iteration of /cov/ is incredibly likely with nearly 80% of voters expressing interest in the tournament continuing.


How to nominate[edit]

  • FOTM Clause: Characters who first appeared at the month before the start of this contest (January 24th and later) are banned.
  • Character must appear in a video game (vidya)
  • You must post the image, team name, characters AND the correct series name (e.g. [I nominate] Link from Legend of Zelda and Gordon Freeman from Half-Life as team "Example")
  • 8 replies / (You)s are needed in a single thread to qualify as a nominee.
  • One nominee per post only
  • Check the nomination list (Ctrl+F, click the "three vertical dots" icon, and enter character name) to see if your team is already nominated

Character / series eligibility[edit]

  • Characters must be of /v/ or /co/ media origin or whitelisted/grandfathered in the main tourneys.
  • A single character can be nominated for multiple teams but only one team with that character will qualify.
  • Characters cannot be Board-Tans or OC Donut Steels (fangame characters are allowed).
  • Past tourney winners are allowed.
  • Any character in a team who debuted within the previous month is ineligible to compete.

Qualifying round[edit]

Nominations List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VRi798qeyAgJhVC2Brzt_HFtOWPos0rq0-_LRPUdW6M/edit?usp=sharing

Full Qualifier Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xjbBChBbOGXsxO1z7-bnQCNiTTGzPZQJE39opFuyryM/edit?usp=sharing

257 successful nominees will be consolidated into a single massive group where voters select the guys that they want to advance. There is no restriction on how many guys they can select. This format is called Approval voting. After the round ends, 128 guys with the most votes will advance into the bracket. Ties are broken by whoever gets properly nominated earlier.

A maximum of 3 guys per series can enter the bracket.



Tournament Bracket[edit]

Challonge Link: https://challonge.com/jl4p30v9

Elite Eight[edit]


The "First" /cov/[edit]

The 64 teams who made it into Temp's bracket.

The idea of a crossover tournament between /co/ and /v/ went back a couple years, with it escalating in interest alongside planning for the inaugural Co-op 2023. As a result of this, an experimental test run for a crossover tournament was held in early 2023 by infamous former host of Tag-Team 2021 and 2022 TempAnon. Known as the /v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament, this "tournament" would only get a little over 30 votes at its peak and some of the general results were rightfully deemed to seem off. As such, anons would not take these results seriously to the point that the hosts of /cov/ didn't even enforce a usual Elite Eight rule.

"Elite Eight":

  • Winner: Redemption or Death (Charlie / Doomguy)
  • Runner-up: Team Explosivo (Cherri Bomb / Soldier)
  • 3rd: Dark Queens (Tyr'ahnee / Shadow Queen)
  • 4th: Space Pirates (Ridley / Zorak)
  • 5th: Never Trust British Substitutes (One-One / GLaDOS)
  • 6th: Spooky Scary Skeletons (Papyrus / Skeletor)
  • 7th: Cheapy Yellow Scammers (Eddy / Wario)
  • 8th: Dastardly Duo (Dick Dastardly / Waluigi)

Despite this tournament being unanimously disregarded in hindsight, it did have some lighter effects on the actual introduction of /cov/. Most notably was Doomguy and Charlie qualifying as "Redemption or Death" over other potential pairings for the two, with the team even going as far as Round 4 before narrowly missing the Elite Eight at the hands of 3rd place finalists "Criminals of Offensive Villainy (C.O.V.)" consisting of Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Dr. Wily. The other teams would also qualify aside from the Dark Queens, who were outright left out of the qualifier poll due to an oversight. Hilariously, the eventual winners of /cov/, Dastardly Duo, would be the only team from this tournament to even make /cov/'s Elite Eight despite being 8th place in the "Power-Hour".


New /cov/ Booru: https://booru.plus/+covbooru

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