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Mrs. Brisby is the protagonist of the 1982 movie The Secret of Nimh. She is a recently widowed field mouse who must find a way to safely move her family, including her sick son, Timothy, from their cinder block home out of a field before it's plowed. She eventually finds herself seeking the aid of the mysterious rats of NIMH, who unbeknownst to her had been friends with her deceased husband.

Tournament History[edit]

Mrs. Brisby was nominated for Ms. /co/ in 2018 and 2020 but she failed to qualify for both. Her first appearance was in Ms. /co/ 2019, where she seeded 104th and largely flew under the radar as she was defeated by Steven Universe character Lapis Lazuli. In 2021 she qualified with 95 votes, earning her 69th seed. She would beat her first opponent, Vicky, and lose to Jessica Rabbit in the second round. Although her run was a brief one, her run earned her the support of anons.

Brisby returned in 2022, earning 122 votes and 105th seed. She would prove to be a much stronger candidate this time and go on to win the first three rounds against Alice, Beatrice, Coraline with her supporters creating much OC for her. She would then defeat Tigress for a spot in the Elite Eight before losing to Fang in the quarter-finals. Thanks to what was considered a strong run she won 5th place overall.

It was claimed by NightShiftAnon that Mrs. Brisby had cheated since round one, and had cheated again in round three. She along with Shirley the Medium and Nicole Watterson were marked with an asterisk. Though these claims have faced scrutiny, especially after NightShiftAnon was disgraced and stripped of the host position, it is unknown how this will affect her future tournament performance.

Having made it into the Elite Eight, Mrs. Brisby was barred from 2023 and will make her return in 2024.


Ms. /co/
2019 - seed 104
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (23) Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe 387 - 688 36.0%
2021 - seed 69
Round 1 (60) Vicky Fairly OddParents 497 - 477 51.0%
Round 2 (5) Jessica Who Framed Roger Rabbit 324 - 574 36.1%
2022 - seed 105
Round 1 (24) Alice Alice in Wonderland 525 - 503 51.1%
Round 2 (41) Beatrice Over the Garden Wall 596 - 411 59.1%
Round 3 (9) Coraline Coraline 539 - 496 52.0%
Round 4 (25) Tigress Kung Fu Panda 611 - 474 56.3%
Quarterfinals (1) Fang Primal 455 - 614 42.5%


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