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Dr. David Livesey is a character from the 1988 animated Soviet Union movie Остров Сокровищ, based on the 1883 novel Treasure Island. While the movie retained a cult following in former Soviet territories, it got far more notoriety in the West with the advent of memes focused around Livesey as the "original gigachad" in 2019 and particularly 2022. It was this surge that allowed Livesey a chance to compete in Mr. /co/lympus.

Tournament History[edit]


Leading up to Mr. /co/lympus 2022, there was a lot of anticipation among certain anons about Dr. Livesey's potential performance in the tournament. He had been the focus of many threads spawning off the gigachad memes. Despite a lively presence during qualifiers, he got a shockingly low bottom seed of #128, which itself was only acquired due to an oversight with Mr. Boss from Smiling Friends. Despite this setback, Livesey did fairly well in the tournament itself. He managed two wins in the first two rounds, and only lost in the third round to Elite Eight qualifier Max. Both during and after his run, he had dedicated supporters posting on behalf of him in the tournament threads, whom were mostly well-received by other anons. As a result of his obscurity outside the memes and a lack of other strong candidates, he was given the "Mr. Literally Who" reward for the year, an award his supporters still proudly accepted on his behalf.


Many anons were skeptical of Livesey's prospects the following year. His meme was no longer fresh on many's minds, not to mention he already put a lot of energy in during 2022. To the shock of quite a few, he ended up qualifying with an even higher seed than before and would end up leading a very strong campaign filled with plenty of original art and vocal support. His first match against Death from the recently released Puss in Boots: The Last Wish was a nail-biter, but in the end Livesey came out on top. After a fairly easy second round, the road would not be kind to Livesey. He managed to win out in a close match against Popeye but would finally meet his match in board favorite Hank Hill. This defeat was shockingly close considering the circumstances, however, remaining Hank's closest win to date in tournament history. Despite narrowly missing out on an Elite Eight run, Livesey had gained the respect of many tournament goers after a surprisingly valiant run. A few anons decried him as a "campooner" character who should not have gotten far, but the majority seemed to be satisfied with his contributions to the tournament.

This was not the end of Livesey's history in the tournament, however, and in fact far from it. During the fourth round some anons came up with the idea of hosting a second wedding in the vein of the infamous one between Jack and Simon during 2020. After a lucky set of dubs, it was decided that Dr. Livesey would be wed to a joke character known as Incredibly Gassy, whom had been entered into the Barred from Mr. /co/ side tournament. Further GETposts would decide the cast of the wedding, and eventually art was made of this special affair. When this seemed like the end, soon the idea of a funeral also came up. Once again, an anon got a lucky pair of dubs to decide Livesey would be the one dead. Surprisingly more toned back than the wedding, several anons would end up drawing a grand piece of art featuring many characters relevant to the tournament.

The legendary GETpost that would inspire this unexpected event.

The real climax of these gags came, however, upon the suggestion of a live birth by a Jack Horner supporter during the semi-finals. While many dismissed the idea at first, everything changed when one anon who was pissed off with all the prior GETposting came up with an absurd scenario where Livesey would end up giving birth to My Little Pony's Pinkie Pie and somehow ended up getting /co/'s historical 140 million GET. Despite the challenge, several pieces of art were made of this event, with Dipper Pines as the other father and Doctor Doom as the deliverer as per other GET posts. Many anons would end up recalling this series of events as the funniest moment of the entire tournament. It is unknown how this all will affect Dr. Livesey's tournament prospects in the future.

The Wedding[edit]

The Funeral[edit]

The Birth[edit]


2022 - seed 128
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (82) Benson Regular Show 282 - 224 55.7%
Round 2 (112) Dexter Dexter's Laboratory 289 - 279 50.8%
Round 3 (104) Max Sam & Max 269 - 295 47.7%
2022 - seed 128
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (20) Death Puss in Boots: The Last Wish 222 - 186 54.4%
Round 2 (90) Candlejack Freakazoid 211 - 115 64.7%
Round 3 (32) Popeye Sam & Max 161 - 158 50.5%
Round 4 (7) Hank Hill King of the Hill 161 - 172 48.3%
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