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Hilda is the titular protagonist from Luke Pearson's graphic novel series of the same name and its animated adaptation. Hilda is a headstrong and adventurous child who likes exploring and encountering many strange creatures. She was born at a house in the middle of the wilderness, where she lives with her loving mother, pet deerfox Twig, and a tiny elf named Alfur Aldric. After the first few episodes, her family migrates into the nearby city of Trolberg after their original home was accidentally stepped on by a giant.

The show is well-received by critics and audiences alike, including the /co/ board where the show became mainly known for its "comfy" atmosphere. But as expected of the internet, the show has received dark and explicit fan arts; a notable example is a Korean fan comic depicting Hilda kidnapped and about to be raped before being rescued by Rainbow Six Siege operators.

Tournament History[edit]

Hilda made her first Ms. /co/ appearance in the 2019 edition where she lost to Jessica Rabbit in round 2. She managed to secure the 8th seed in the following year but was met with a first-round loss to Ms. Bellum, earning her the dubious honours of becoming the first Top 8-seeded girl to lose in that stage, and one of the biggest upsets seed-wise in the tournament's history.

Hilda would finally make it big in Ms. /co/ 2021. Qualifying at seed #12, the young adventurer was one of the few higher seeds to have survived until the later rounds, and benefited from being featured in many fan arts from that year. She defeated Unikitty, Sandy, and Millie in the first 3 rounds before winning her rematch against #5 seed Jessica to reach the Elite Eight. Then, she overcame thematic favourite Eris by just 12 votes in the quarter-finals to set up a mother vs. daughter match against Johanna in the semis (who defeated Lord Dominator beforehand). However, Hilda's protagonist status did not help her chances, as Johanna decisively beat her to reach the final; anons attributed her mother's win to "anti-loli" voters, MILF voters, and strategic votes from other parties. Hilda then faced another rematch against Miss Bellum and defeated her by 28 votes to secure third place. Overall, 2021 was a big win for Hilda fans despite not winning the championship.

Hilda returned from her Elite Eight hiatus in Ms. /co/ 2023, however to the shock of many anons she would end up unceremoniously jobbing the first round to Huntress Wizard. Though there was speculation about the controversies from her 2021 bronze medalist run weighing her down, it was also presumed that the relative lack of fans supporting her like in 2021 and compared to her opponent played a part in her early exit.

Outside of Miss /co/, Hilda's partnership with the deerfox Twig, under the name Trolberg Jumpers, had a solid run in the 2020 tag team contest, taking down the Christmas-themed first seed The Miser Bros (Heat Miser / Snow Miser) to reach the top 16, where they lost to eventual third placers Miguel and Tulio from El Dorado.


Ms. /co/
2019 - seed 50
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (79) Catra She-Ra 568 - 469 54.8%
Round 2 (15) Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit 432 - 729 37.2%
2020 - seed 8
Round 1 (121) Sara Bellum Powerpuff Girls 367 - 463 44.2%
2021 - seed 12
Round 1 (117) Unikitty Unikitty! 692 - 282 71%
Round 2 (76) Sandy Cheeks SpongeBob SquarePants 577 - 321 64.3%
Round 3 (44) Millie Helluva Boss 496 - 382 56.5%
Round 4 (5) Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit 396 - 349 53.2%
Quarterfinals (45) Eris The Grim Adventures 367 - 355 50.8%
Semi-finals (48) Johanna Hildafolk 261 - 389 40.2%
3rd place match (63) Sara Bellum The Powerpuff Girls 344 - 316 52.1%
2023 - seed 48
Round 1 (28) Huntress Wizard Adventure Time 226 - 319 41.4%


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