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Lesbian whomst only likes other chicks. Also, not a /co/ character.

Actual description[edit]

Miss Pauling is a non-player character from Valve's 2007 first person shooter video game Team Fortress 2. She is the loyal assistant of the Administrator (the main announcer from the games) and is a highly skilled professional. Pauling is commonly shipped with Scout, who has a crush on her.

Although she is heavily associated with the /v/idya games board, Pauling plays a more significant role in the tie-in comic series rather than the video game itself. She first appeared in WAR! Comic, a webcomic installment released in December 2009 alongside the game's WAR! Update patch, making her technically a /co/ character (and thus eligible for the Miss /co/). This makes her one of the few video game characters to be eligible for both /co/ and /v/ tournaments. The secretary made her first animated appearance on June 2014 as a major character of Expiration Date, a Source Filmmaker promotional movie for the games' Love and War Update.

Tournament History[edit]

Ms. /co/[edit]

Pauling has qualified for three Miss /co/ editions since 2020. She had a breakout performance in 2021, securing the 10th seed and reaching the Elite Eight by beating "meme pick" Karen in a "Mann vs. Machine" matchup before losing to Miss Bellum in the quarter-finals. She then received the most votes in favor of 8th by a wide margin, coincidentally matching Scout's final position in the King of /v/ tournament in 2020.

Pauling's 2021 performance makes her the first Elite 8 character to come from a joint property, and also technically the first to originate from a webcomic. She garnered backlash from anons during the middle rounds because of her association with a video game instead of a comic / cartoon, and the series writers saying that she's "a lesbian". The secretary has been featured in several OC pieces, some of which were featured as thread images.

Pauling appeared again in 2023 with a 24 seed, but suffered a round 1 loss in a close match with Lois Lane, with some anons crediting this loss to Lois receiving a popularity boost from her recent appearance in My Adventures with Superman.

Queen of /v/[edit]

Outside of /co/, Pauling has appeared in /v/'s waifu contest in the 2021 edition, where she scored a 69 seed and was narrowly defeated by WarioWare loli Ashley. She appeared again in 2022 with a 23 seed, defeating Earthbound's similarly named Paula before losing in round 2 to Aigis.

In 2023 Miss Pauling was the only TF2 rep to qualify outsided of joke pick Scout's Mom, and saw a decent amount of thread presence and OC. This helped her up to round 2 where she scored a narrow victory over Pokefag waifu Rosa, however she fell short by 8 votes against future Elite Eight member Taokaka, and then was eliminated in the loser's bracket in a 4-way, coming second behind OC powerhouse Hex Maniac.


Ms. /co/[edit]

Ms. /co/
2020 - seed 61
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (68) Kuki Sanban / Numbuh 3 Codename: Kids Next Door 429 - 401 51.6%
Round 2 (4) Ty Lee Avatar: The Last Airbender 387 - 446 46.4%
2021 - seed 10
Round 1 (119) Ashi Samurai Jack 636 - 338 65.2%
Round 2 (55) Mulan Mulan 546 - 352 60.8%
Round 3 (106) Beatrice Over the Garden Wall 517 - 361 58.8%
Round 4 (103) Karen SpongeBob SquarePants 382 - 363 51.2%
Quarterfinals (63) Ms. Bellum The Powerpuff Girls 345 - 377 47.7%
2023 - seed 24
Round 1 (43) Lois Lane DC 264 - 281 48.4%

Queen of /v/[edit]

Queen of /v/
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
2021 - seed 69
Round 1 (60) Ashley WarioWare 505 - 519 49.3%
2022 - seed 23
Round 1 (106) Paula Earthbound 898 - 750 54.4%
Round 2 (87) Aigis Persona 700 - 806 46.4%
2023 - seed 20
Round 1 (121) Melina Elden Ring 640 - 465 57.9%
Round 1 (19) Rosa Pokemon 597 - 581 50.6%
Round 3 (103) Taokaka Blazblue 557 - 565 49.6%


For more images, visit the Ms. /co/ booru or Queen/King of /v/ booruplus.


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