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Ariel is the protagonist of the 1989 Disney animated movie The Little Mermaid. She is adventurous, passionate and obsessed with the human world. She falls in love with the human Prince Eric, causing her to rebel against her father and sign a deal with the sea-witch Ursula to become human at the risk of becoming Ursula's bitch if she doesn't share a true-love's kiss with her love interest within 3 days.

Ariel also technically qualifies as a MILF candidate due to her role as an overprotective mother to her daughter in the direct-to-video sequel, though this is rarely acknowledged as like most DVD Disney sequels Little Mermaid 2 is usually considered pretty shit (on /co/ at least, reception elsewhere is more mixed).

Tournament History[edit]

Ariel first appeared in Ms. /co/ 2020 where she qualified with the 75th seed. She went up against popular Villainous waifu Demencia in round 1 and was defeated by 126 votes, being knocked out of the tournament.

In the Ms. /co/ 2021 qualifiers Ariel just barely missed landing in the top 128 seeds with the 130th seed, being tied for 77 votes with Catwoman, Dexter's Mom, and May Kanker, ranking last in the tiebreaker due to her series being the furthest along in the alphabetical order.

2020 - seed 75
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (54) Demencia Villainous 352 - 478 42.4%


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