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Ms. /co/ 2022 Gallery

The 5th edition of the annual Ms. /co/ tournament began on the 2nd of September 2022, 19:00 Eastern Standard Time. (23:00 UTC) It ended on September 11, at 19:00 EST, when the results of the final round were revealed.

The tournament was primarily hosted by NightShiftAnon !!9A2duD1C25+ in the absence of other hosts like the previous stats anon !!rkK6EtYmPFl. Nominations were handled in collaboration with Fern avatarfag !ma9qovM58k, while night shifts were ironically managed in part by newcomer Ghost !!eh0Fgi0FQSV. Several rogue threads were made early on by a supporter of Luna Loud from The Loud House before being taken down by /co/ moderators.

The Elite Eight contestants of 2020 made their return this year: Queen Tyr'ahnee, Fang, Kim Possible, EVE, Starfire, Chel, and Jucika. Of those, three (Fang, Tyr'ahnee, and Chel) were able to advance to it again alongside five newcomers: Mrs. Brisby, ENA, Nicole Watterson, Nani Pelekai, and Shirley the Medium. This included several firsts for both Ms. /co/ and Mr. /co/lympus, including a character making Elite Eight three times (Chel); a character featured in a Don Bluth production (Mrs. Brisby), and a character debuting in an internet animation (ENA). It also tied Courage the Cowardly Dog with Looney Tunes for the series with the most amount of unique representatives in the Elite Eight, at four each, although Looney Tunes is still one ahead if Tyr'ahnee from Duck Dodgers is counted as an extension.

Continuing the trend of progressively greater nominations each year, a record number of 1422 girls appeared in the qualifier. The tournament also saw a record number of overall voters.

A large amount of controversy was stirred over NightShift's allegations of potential rigging after the third round. He alleged that seven candidates, mainly furries (Gadget Hackwrench, Tigress, Mrs. Brisby, Nicole, Karen, Judy Hopps, and Shirley) had garnered a suspicious influx of votes around the same time. These claims and his further explanations were met with mixed reactions in the following threads, with a notable amount of anons questioning either his methods or the allegations as a whole. Despite this controversy, the tournament as a whole largely went on as usual afterwards despite some people distrusting NightShift afterwards.

The tournament ended with Fang beating Shirley the Medium by 54.9%. NightShiftAnon once again pushed rigging allegations onto Shirley and claimed the results would have been even further in Fang's favor otherwise. As a result of Shirley cheating, primarily in Round 3 and the finals, he claimed that her second place title would be revoked and given to Chel instead.

The response by people in the afterparty threads were very mixed toward this revelation. A few anons proposed that Shirley, as well as Nicole and Mrs. Brisby in some cases, be pinned with an asterisk(*) similar to Spinel in the 2019 tournament in response to the alleged rigging. The asterisk would notably be used NightShift in posts related to the three girls as recently as late 2023, which in itself has been disputed as poor etiquette by a number of anons. Other anons have chose to ignore or refute the rigging accusations entirely. While debate continues over Chel and Shirley's placements, the rest of the tournament results have been near universally accepted by anons.

The trio of main characters from Ongezellig (Coco, Maya, and Mymy) were simultaneously given the Ms. Literally Who award based on replies in the threads.


Source: Stats anon's pastebin link

Some of the rules may be added, removed, or changed depending on the anons' inputs on the 2021 feedback poll.

How to nominate?[edit]

  • To nominate a character, a user must include their name, picture, and series in their post. Nominating 2 or more characters in a single post is not allowed.
  • All characters must either originate from /co/ media: Western animation and comics
  • Each valid nomination must garner at least nine (9) replies in order to qualify for the contest. These replies are only counted if they are all within a single thread, and do NOT carry over to other threads.

Eligible Nominees[edit]

  • All female /co/ characters (except those listed under "Excluded characters" shown below)
  • Any character that was allowed or has appeared in past Ms. /co/ tournaments (Grandfather Clause)
  • Characters can be any age
  • Puppets are allowed (e.g. Muppets, Sesame Street)
  • Generalization Statute: Multiple versions of the same character --- be it from various adaptations, spin-off series, or alternative universes --- are combined into a single entrant. In other words, you are voting for the entire history of that character, not just one particular iteration.
    • Example: Zatanna (DC Comics, Young Justice, DC Super Hero Girls, etc.)
  • Character Limit: Each series can only have a maximum of three (3) girls in the main bracket. These are decided by their votes in the qualifying poll. However, there is no restriction on the number of girls that can be nominated from a single series.
    • Exceptions: Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Disney core universe characters + related series (Mickey, Oswald, Goofy, and Donald)


  • Any character that is clearly not /co/ is not allowed (e.g. /a/nime and live action shows)
  • /v/ideo game characters that did not originate from /co/ media are not allowed
  • Real-life politicians that are portrayed as cartoon characters / caricatures are not allowed, satirical or otherwise.
  • No /mlp/ characters
  • No Board-tans
  • No "OC donut steels"
  • No meme creations (e.g. Virgin vs Chad)
  • One-Month Old Clause: Any character debuting from the 1st of the previous month to the start date are ineligible.
    • Which means that new cartoons or comics released from August 1, 2021 and later cannot be nominated.
  • Grandfather Clause: All characters who have previously made it into Ms. /co/ or Mr. /co/lympus tournaments, and are not banned by the Elite 8 rule, are eligible to participate regardless of the above restrictions. (Examples: Dr. Eggman Dr. Eggman, Saxton Hale, JFK, Wendy's, Princess Zelda)

Excluded Characters[edit]

Elite Eight Rule: Characters appearing in the quarter-finals of the previous contest are not allowed to compete in this edition. They will be eligible for nomination next contest.

2021 Elite Eight (Will be eligible next contest)
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Johanna Hilda Sara Bellum Muriel Bagge Eris Lord Dominator Miss Pauling
Hilda Hilda The Powerpuff Girls Courage the Cowardly Dog The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wander Over Yonder Team Fortress 2 Comics

Jenny Rule: Ms. /co/ champions are permanently retired, and will be barred from participating in future tournaments.

Ms. /co/ Champions (PERMANENTLY RETIRED)
2018 2019 2020 2021
Jenny Wakeman Spinel Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Betty Boop
Teenage Robot Steven Universe Venture Bros. Betty Boop

Qualifying Results[edit]


Live nomination list:
A total of 1422 characters were successfully nominated. The qualifying poll received 738 responses.

Ties are resolved by series name in alphabetical order, then character name in the same order. Only the names written on the Rentry and Google Docs are considered. Characters who appear in the bracket for the first time are labeled in bold.

Advanced to Main Bracket (128)
Seed Character Name Series / Publisher Votes
01 Fang Primal 249
02 Queen Tyr'ahnee Duck Dodgers 246
03 Pacifica Northwest Gravity Falls 234
04 ENA ENA 233
05 Shego Kim Possible 227
06 Judy Hopps Zootopia 216
07 Toph Beifong Avatar: The Last Airbender 210
08 Azula Avatar: The Last Airbender 208
09 Coraline Jones Coraline 206
10 Tulip Olsen Infinity Train 205
11 Millie Helluva Boss 203
12 Frankie Foster Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 202
13 Buttercup Powerpuff Girls
14 Anne Boonchuy Amphibia 201
15 Molly McGee The Ghost and Molly McGee
16 Raven DC 196
17 Loona Helluva Boss
18 Velma Scooby-Doo
20 Jucika Jucika 193
21 Nicole Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball 192
22 Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
23 Wendy Gravity Falls 190
24 Alice Alice in Wonderland 185
25 Tigress Kung Fu Panda
26 Chel The Road to El Dorado 184
27 April O'Neil Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
28 Marceline Adventure Time 183
29 Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy 182
30 Nani Pelekai Lilo & Stitch 181
31 Marcy Lu Amphibia 177
32 Sasha Waybright
33 Lake Infinity Train 174
34 Helen Parr/Elastigirl The Incredibles 172
35 Tiff Crust My Life as a Teenage Robot 171
36 Starfire DC 168
37 Enid OK KO
38 Zone-tan ZTV News and Ecchication (ZONE-Archive)
39 Ty Lee Avatar: The Last Airbender '166
40 Gwenpool Marvel
41 Beatrice Over the Garden Wall
42 Libby The Ghost and Molly McGee 165
43 Eda Clawthorne The Owl House 164
44 Daphne Scooby-Doo 163
45 Propane King of the Hill 162
46 Huntress Wizard Adventure Time 161
47 Francine Smith American Dad 158
48 Queen Vexus My Life as a Teenage Robot
49 Kim Possible Kim Possible 157
50 Roxanne A Goofy Movie 156
51 Gwen Tennyson Ben 10
52 Dexter's Mom Dexter's Laboratory
53 Lola Bunny Looney Tunes
54 Mothra Godzilla 154
55 Princess Fiona Shrek
56 Sandy Cheeks SpongeBob SquarePants
57 Charlie Morningstar Hazbin Hotel 152
58 Gwen Total Drama
59 Marie Kanker Ed, Edd n Eddy 151
60 Amelia Hughes Infinity Train
61 Gaz Invader Zim 149
62 Elinor Elinor Wonders Why 147
63 Peridot Steven Universe 146
64 Luanne Platter King of the Hill 144
65 Ahsoka Star Wars 142
66 Fionna Adventure Time 141
67 Dee Dee Dexter's Laboratory
68 Power Girl DC 140
69 Bubbles Powerpuff Girls 139
70 Emmy Emmy the Robot 138
71 Amy Wong Futurama
72 Coco Ongezellig
73 Demencia Villainous
74 Jasmine Aladdin 137
75 Eileen Regular Show
76 Leela Futurama 136
77 Reagan Ridley Inside Job
78 Harley Quinn DC 135
79 Jinx DC
80 Numbuh 3 Codename: Kids Next Door
81 Adorabat Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart
82 Creepy Susie The Oblongs 134
83 Aunt Cass Big Hero 6 131
84 Zatanna DC
85 Poison Ivy DC
86 Shirley the Medium Courage the Cowardly Dog 130
87 Captain Amelia Treasure Planet
88 Astrid Hooferson How to Train Your Dragon 129
89 Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb
90 Blossom Powerpuff Girls
91 Mira Primal
92 Karen SpongeBob SquarePants 128
93 Elise Dan Vs 127
94 Hekapoo Star vs. the Forces of Evil
95 Little Suzy Johnny Bravo 126
96 Izzy Total Drama
97 Gadget Hackwrench Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 125
98 Ember McLain Danny Phantom
99 Kim Pine Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
100 Trixie Tang The Fairly OddParents
101 Rapunzel Tangled 124
102 Mabel Pines Gravity Falls 123
103 Alex Vasquez Totally Spies
104 Maya Ongezellig 122
105 Mrs. Brisby The Secret of NIMH
106 Dot Warner Animaniacs 121
107 Hello Nurse Animaniacs
108 Death DC
109 Slappy Squirrel Animaniacs 120
110 Noodle Gorillaz
111 Leni Loud The Loud House 119
112 Clover Ewing Totally Spies
113 Miko Glitch Techs 118
114 Abigail Lincoln/Numbuh 5 Codename: Kids Next Door
115 Peppermint Patty Peanuts
116 Beans Rango
117 Wuya Xiaolin Showdown
118 Tak Invader Zim 117
119 Mulan Mulan
120 Miss Heed Villainous
121 May Kanker Ed, Edd n Eddy 116
122 Yzma The Emperor's New Groove
123 Peni Parker Marvel
124 She-Hulk Marvel
125 Mymy Ongezellig
126 Nazz Ed, Edd n Eddy 115
127 Sticks the Badger Sonic Boom
128 Desiree Danny Phantom 114

Did Not Qualify[edit]

Excluded by Series Limit[edit]

The following characters have enough votes to qualify for the main bracket, but are excluded due to the 3 characters per series rule. The series limit does NOT apply to DC, Marvel and Disney as a whole.

Characters Excluded by Series Limit
Rank? Character Name Series / Publisher Votes
63 Katara Avatar: The Last Airbender 146
93 File:Sam it icon.png Samantha the Cat Infinity Train 128
97 Suki Avatar: The Last Airbender 126
109 Bronwyn Adventure Time 121
113 Flame Princess Adventure Time 120
118 Ice Queen Adventure Time 118
124 File:Annes mom icon.png Miss Boonchuy Amphibia 118
133 Minerva Mink Animaniacs 115

Tournament Bracket[edit]

Challonge link:

Notable History[edit]

Round 3 rigging allegations[edit]

After the poll for the third round of the tournament had concluded, NightShiftAnon !!9A2duD1C25+ began to post in the then-current thread about concerns about potential rigging. He confirmed that the "couple of characters affected" had strong campaigns that year and was worried about how the claims would potentially affect them. There were also implications that one of the characters had apparently been "cheating from the start" (revealed to be Mrs. Brisby in the after party threads). Asking how to follow up these claims, many in the thread asked for him to just reveal the characters' identities. As a result, NightShift then dropped the names of the characters he suspected of rigging: Gadget Hackwrench, Tigress, Mrs. Brisby, Nicole Watterson, Karen, Judy Hopps, and Shirley the Medium. The response to this was vicious. There was a mix of people who immediately began to deride these characters, and others who questioned NightShift's motivations against these characters. In particular, all of these characters but Karen were considered furry characters. This pattern led to theories that a dedicated furry or group of furries had planned a way to rig the polls, or even the possibility that NightShift had either ignorantly or purposefully identified voting patterns that simply pertained to how most furries might vote at this point in the tournament. Due to the latter point in particular, many users began to turn on NightShift and allege that he was stirring unnecessary controversy. Some compared this controversy to rigging allegations against Nyarlathotep/Fuhrer from Persona 2 during King of /v/ 2021, in which NightShift had hosted alongside Dominos Anon !w86bRI0tYM.

In the Round 3 thread, NightShift asked what to do next (this is now considered a universally awful decision by voters). Stating they (the hosts) could not redo the round due to a time limit imposed by the moderators of the board. He stated he could remove the unfairly winning characters, or push them on and reveal their names. Anons (most likely assumed samefags) choose to reveal the girls and push them into the next round. The narrative pushed at the time was that they would be voted out in the next round. However, voters did not know there would be several rigged candidates, and accusations began to fly.

NightShift, at the behest of the thread, chose to reveal the entire spread of votes on the latest poll and later dropped pie charts that displayed the results had the alleged rigged votes been removed. It was revealed that Mrs. Brisby and Tigress would have won regardless, but that most of the accused characters would have lost in this scenario. Gadget lost by a lot on both cases. This led to some further debates on the status of Brisby and Tigress, with some anons claiming to be "fair candidates" as a result of this compared to the others. Regardless, it was decided that the tournament would continue on as planned despite this controversy, at the behest of most in the thread. Round 4 was largely made up of further questions regarding the rigging accusations, but they mostly settled down after this point.

A few anons had petitioned to replace NightShift mid-tournament, but these claims went nowhere. The most prominent response was [Temp Anon] !vHqM1sfAlM from the infamous 2021 Tag-Team Tournament attempting a sudden coup despite warnings from the overwhelming majority of other anons, before he was promptly banned for months by /co/ moderators after his poor attempts at a separate thread and re-do of Round 3's poll. The reaction toward this was a mix of criticism and mockery, with it tanking Temp's reception even further after his amateur handling of certain aspects of said tournament. Based on polls held by other anons in the thread, the majority were still fine with NightShift remaining a host despite the controversy, whether out of agreement with the claims or just a lack of better options. He would go on to host Mr. /co/lympus 2022 with no major hassles, along with a new rule to silently removed alleged rigged votes rather than call them off after responses to a feedback question in the final poll of Ms. /co/ 2022.

ENA gender "controversy"[edit]

After she reached the Elite Eight, there were some anons who accused ENA of being transgender based on one of her various voices and that she should be disqualified as a result. Supporters of ENA would come out to strongly refute these claims with evidence, including Tweets from the character's own creator Joel Guerra. Due to these claims only coming about after ENA defeated Propane the previous round, a lot of anons began to suspect this to be a falseflagging campaign from Propane supporters. These claims would come back around to an extent during later rounds of Mr. /co/lympus 2022 with a similar song and dance, despite ENA not being a competitor in this tournament.


See also: Character Plate, Poll Picture, and Swimsuit Round.


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