Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a Disney character created in 1927 for a series of shorts for Universal Pictures. When a rights dispute occurred between Walt Disney and Universal, Disney and fellow animator Ub Iwerks left Oswald to Universal to create a new character named Mickey Mouse. Universal would make additional Oswald shorts up to 1938, with little done afterwards. Disney would reacquire Oswald in 2006 in a trade involving sports announcer Al Michaels, using him for the Epic Mickey series of video games

Tournament History[edit]

Oswald became noted in the Mr. /co/lympus competitions for a supposed curse regarding qualification in the bracket, missing the bracket by a few votes in both 2018 and 2019. Making manners worse was Mickey's qualification in the 2019 tournament. During Mr. /co/lympus 2020, his supposed underdog status and quest to simply make the bracket became a focused upon highlight of the lore in the qualification round. Breaking the prior streak of missing out, Oswald qualified for his first Mr. /co/ tournament as the 44th seed, with Mickey additionally missing out qualifying for the tournament. The underdog story continuing in the proper tournament, defeating Frylock in the first round before falling to Genie in the second. This was later followed by a strong pairing with Mickey in Tag-Team Tournament 2020, placing 4th overall.

Though he tends to have a dedicated following, Oswald has had little success since his tournament debut, losing in round 2 in 2021 and then round 1 in the 2022 and 2023 editions. Oswald's 2023 run was seen by many as especially unlucky; not only was he matched against Ice King whose popularity was boosted by recent appearances in Fionna & Cake, but he was also immediately targeted by a relentless falseflagger who continuously spammed threads with AI generated images of Oswald, linking them to the OC anchor and claiming to have "drawn" them. Though most recognized this was not a genuine Oswald supporter, and he did receive a couple genuine pieces of OC, it nonetheless ruined any chance he might have had as Oswald drawfags later admitted to having abandoned supporting him due to not wanting to be associated with the falseflagger. Just another case of typical rabbit luck.


Mr. /co/lympus
2020 - seed 44
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (85) Frylock Aqua Teen Hunger Force 327 - 283 53.6%
Round 2 (108) Genie Aladdin 347 - 291 45.6%
2021 - seed 42
Round 1 (87) Black Dynamite Black Dynamite 362 - 260 56.6%
Round 2 (23) Nathan Explosion Metalocalypse 264 - 347 43.6%
2022 - seed 84
Round 1 (14) Megamind Megamind 227 - 279 44.8%
2023 - seed 100
Round 1 (4) Ice King Adventure Time 188 - 220 46%


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