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Fang is one of the two main protagonists of the 2019 Emmy-award winning Adult Swim animated series Primal, created by Genndy Tartakovsky. She appears as a green, medium-sized, striped Tyrannosaur who gets her name from a distinctive large tooth on her mouth's right side. Fang is introduced bringing home food to her two offspring, and encounters a caveman named Spear. Soon after, a group of large red dinosaurs arrives and kills Fang's children, but with Spear's help the duo manage to kill all of the predators. Bonded by mutual tragedy, Spear and Fang gradually develop a deep, mutualistic relationship towards each other in order to survive in the harsh and dangerous world they live in.

Fang is unique among the Ms. /co/ roster simply because she's a literal fucking dinosaur who behaves and acts like one, which makes her a popular /co/ntrarian pick at first. However, her popularity is justified since the show is widely praised for its art style, action sequences, and dialogue-less narrative; the character herself has also been praised for her relationship with Spear. The dinosaur made her name as one of the highlights of Ms. /co/ 2020, where her low seed and unconventional appeal turned her into a fan-favorite contender for the Jenny, supported by a loose group of vocal supporters who call themselves the "Fang Gang." She finished in third place, which would be the best a non-anthropomorphic animal character has ever done in the /co/ntests until her victory in 2022.

Fang made her return to Ms. /co/ in 2022 to much hype and anticipation. She would win the final matchup against Shirley the Medium, earning her a spot in Waifuhalla. She is the first non-anthropomorphic animal character to win a title in any of the /co/ or /v/ tournaments and her victory marks the first time a returning Elite Eight member has won. Fang is also the first character to break the #1 seed curse that has loomed over the tournament since Ms. /co/ 2019.

As she has won Ms. /co/ 2022, Fang is no longer eligible for Ms. /co/ tournaments.

Tournament history[edit]

Fang was seeded 65th in her first Ms. /co/ appearance. After defeating Mirror Tulip in Round 1, she faced the first seed and tournament favorite Toph Beifong in Round 2. However, the prospect of a dinosaur winning a waifu contest was too good to pass up, which became a key factor on the dinosaur's eventual upset win against the earthbender. She then proceeded to defeat humanoid /co/ waifus Mavis, Lord Dominator, and two-time elite 8 member Starfire in the following rounds, gaining both vocal supporters and salty detractors along the way. Fang's rampage was eventually stopped in the semi-finals after she lost to eventual champion Mrs. Monarch by just 9 votes; several anons have speculated that had it not been for Adult Swim cancelling Venture Bros at the time, Fang would have most likely been the champion. The dinosaur eventually placed third with a blowout win over Kim Possible. By the end of the contest, Fang ended up as the most popular subject of fan art, garnering over 100 entries in the Ms. /co/ booru from that contest alone.

After a two year hiatus Fang returned in 2022, earning 1st seed. This was received with mixed results, as the past years had proven the top seed of the tournament tended to do poorly. Fang would narrowly win her first match against 128th seed Desiree, causing further worry that spite would soon knock her out of the contest. Fang, however, would go on to easily defeat her opponents for the next several rounds: Ahsoka, Gadget and then Raven for a spot in the Elite 8. She would win against Mrs. Brisby in the quarter-finals, an anticipated matchup that resulted in the "Brisbybros" throwing their support in with the "Fanggang" after Fang's win. Fang's win over Nicole Watterson allowed her to move onto the finals against Shirley the Medium, with Fang ultimately triumphing with 54.9% of the vote.

As in 2020, Fang's run was marked with controversy, with many anons voicing their feelings on how a literal dinosaur winning would tarnish what they felt was a conventional waifu contest, with others claiming Fang would not have done so well if the contest wasn't coinciding with the airing of Primal's second season. This sparked multiple discussions on Fang's character, but ultimately did not have a negative impact on her run. She again served as an inspiration for lots of OC.

In round 3 it was brought to everyone's attention by the host, NightShiftAnon(shortened NSA), that he strongly suspected that several contestants were being rigged. Despite it all he was pushed into revealing the suspected rigged characters' names and to let them remain in the contest under the belief that anons would vote them out. While Fang was not among them, her final opponent, Shirley, was. In Round 3 it was revealed rigging had been happening since round one, but most of these characters were voted out except Mrs. Brisby. NSA stated, Fang had been rigged against in all of her rounds and almost lost Round 1 because of it. He called her the “rigger killer”, because “she beat every single one”. This spawned the phrase “anti-asterisk”.

During the final voting round NSA included questions regarding how to best handle certain situations going forward, rigged characters included. After what was seen as a failure to remove cheaters by voting them out, the majority voted for the host to simply remove the amount of suspected rigged votes. NSA chose to enact that policy with the final round, announcing he had tossed out around 100 votes in addition to demoting Shirley to 3rd place and bumping Chel, the opponent she had defeated to advance to the finals, to 2nd. This was met with extremely mixed results, with Chel's supporters feeling that NSA should have acted earlier than the finals and allow Chel to advance instead, and that she was denied a matchup against Fang and a potential win. "Spirited" discussion on the matter lasted for several hours. Some anons suggested a do-over round, but due to a lack of time allowed by the mods, the amount of spite that would surely affect the outcome, and the general feeling of unfairness to both Fang, Chel and their fans, it wasn't held. Others proposed that Chel be exempted from the Elite Eight rule and be allowed to participate in 2023, but it was never solidified.

Despite all of the shit-flinging and asterisks, Fang's win is overall still seen as legitimate, with several anons saying that they think the likelihood of her beating Chel would be high.


2020 - seed 65
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (64) Mirror Tulip Infinity Train 519 - 311 62.5%
Round 2 (1) Toph Beifong Avatar: TLA 432 - 401 51.9%
Round 3 (33) Mavis Dracula Hotel Transylvania 491 - 368 57.2%
Round 4 (16) Lord Dominator Wander Over Yonder 471 - 391 54.6%
Quarter-finals (24) Starfire DC 462 - 361 56.1%
Semi-finals (21) Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Venture Bros. 438 - 447 49.5%
3rd place match (30) Kim Possible Kim Possible 506 - 296 63.1%%
2022 - seed 1
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (128) Desiree Danny Phantom 529 - 499 51.5%
Round 2 (65) Ahsoka Star Wars 603 - 404 59.9%
Round 3 (97) Gadget Hackwrench Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers 613 - 422 59.2%
Round 4 (16) Raven DC 646 - 439 59.5%
Quarter-finals (105) Mrs. Brisby The Secret of Nimh 614 - 455 57.4%
Semi-finals (21) Nicole Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball 561 - 417 57.5%
Final (86) Shirley the Medium Courage the Cowardly Dog 520 - 428 54.9%


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