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Wuya is a character from the 2003 Kids' WB animated series Xiaolin Showdown and its 2013 sequel series Xiaolin Chronicles. An evil Heylin witch with various dark magical powers, she plays the role of a frequent antagonist throughout the series, and is often an evil cohort with Jack Spicer.

Tournament History[edit]

Wuya has participated in all six of the Ms. /co/ tournaments to date. For a long time, her round three performance in 2018 would remain her best. She faced three DC girls in a row before losing to the year's eventual runner-up Starfire. The following year, she lost in the first round to Jinx, yet another DC girl. Her first-round elimination to Emmy in 2020 was subject to controversy, as it was discovered Emmy was being rigged by a Spanish-language Facebook page named Random Cartoon. She returned once more in 2021, losing the first round yet again to Mandy. Wuya returned a fifth time in 2022 to lose once more in round 1 to the established powerhouse Frankie Foster in what was a somewhat commendably close match. Although not regarded as a particularly strong contender, her consistent appearance showed an enduring character to anon's over the years. A lot of her bad luck could also be tossed up to having horrendous match-up luck for the longest time.

She would return for her sixth tournament during Ms. /co/ 2023. After years of swift losses, her supporters came out fierce with mass amounts of campaigning and OC. She finally got a lucky break at the start of the tournament, going against newcomer Gretchen from Camp Lakebottom followed by Velma Dinkley. The second match ended up being extremely close, yet she managed to prevail through. Her competition got far tougher after this point, but the starting momentum started to greatly change her favors. She got sizable margins over Wendy Corduroy and Lord Dominator, the latter being especially threatening due to her revived thread support and previous Elite Eight status. Wuya would end up entering 2023's own Elite Eight as one of the favorites, being her first and only bout into the quarter-finals and beyond.

Her first Elite Eight match was against the returning EVE, finally being the one to take down the robot whose fans suddenly became active for this match after several rounds of mostly being silent. The top four of Eris, Raven, Toph Beifong, and Wuya was considered one of the best for Ms. /co/ in years, if not among the best out of 4chan tournaments in general. As a result, it wasn't entirely certain who would prevail at this point. Toph had formidable momentum, but people were swayed by Eris and Wuya's campaigns to push them to the finals. The duo's supporters had formed somewhat of an alliance, which made this fight bittersweet. Despite people seeing a slight lean on Eris' odds, Wuya would end up pulling off a close victory over the Greek goddess. Many praised her victory, comparing her favorably along the previous winners.

Though many were happy to have a widely agreeable controversy-free Ms. /co/ winner after so long, this would not last as just a few months later Wuya was implicated in a major controversy, where she was revealed to have been a favorite character and recipient of much campaigning in 2023 by the widely disliked host NightShiftAnon. This came to the shock of many anons, as Wuya suddenly became the target of rigging accusations due to the host's perceived favoritism combined with the lack of official voting forms results to verify the legitimacy of her victory. Though Wuya still had other campaigners pushing for her win, and is still seen by her fans as a great winner, this controversy has unfortunately come to be associated with her victory.

Despite her perfect attendance record, Wuya will no longer appear in future tournaments due to the Jenny Rule against previous champions returning. This will first apply to Ms. /co/ 2024, leaving only 12 girls who can continue to return for every tournament.


Ms. /co/
2018 - seed 30
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (93) Jessica Cruz DC 193 - 131 59.3%
Round 2 (94) Mera DC 185 - 132 58.4%
Round 3 (14) Starfire DC 91 - 235 27.9%
2019 - seed 104
Round 1 (104) Jinx DC 373 - 686 35.3%
2020 - seed 124
Round 1 (5) Emmy Emmy the Robot 352 - 478 42.4%
2021 - seed 83
Round 1 (46) Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy 380 - 594 39.0%
2022 - seed 117
Round 1 (12) Frankie Foster Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 470 - 558 45.7%
2023 - seed 26
Round 1 (107) Gretchen Camp Lakebottom 402 - 143 73.8%
Round 2 (80) Velma Scooby-Doo 275 - 263 51.1%
Round 3 (21) Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls 267 - 164 61.9%
Round 4 (11) Lord Dominator Wander Over Yonder 225 - 145 60.8%
Quarter-finals (5) EVE Wall-E 230 - 157 59.4%
Semi-finals (2) Toph Beifong Avatar: The Last Airbender 232 - 192 54.7%
Finals (7) Eris The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy 209 - 189 52.5%


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