Shirley the Medium

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Shirley the Medium is a character from the 1999 Cartoon Network series Courage the Cowardly Dog. She is a chihuahua fortune teller with a fondness for money and placing curses on those who wrong her. She is mostly remembered for said rhyming curses and her ability to mimic a dial tone when communicating with the dead.

Tournament History[edit]

In 2022 Shirley entered the Ms. /co/ bracket with a seed of 86th. She was received well and earned plenty of original content by anonymous posters and drawfags alike. However, it was revealed in Round three she had won her matchup due to rigging. She went on to the next round, and made it to the finals. The host NSA (abbreviation of NightShiftAnon) made a poll question asking what to do with rigged characters “who win because of cheating?”. Most voters voted to remove them, but some voters voted to allow rigging to continue. At the end of the round, NSA revealed this was “obvious bait” to catch cheaters. He stated, nothing said the rules could not be implemented in the same tourney.

Some anons believed this was unfair as he did not say he would implement them in the same tourney, and others stated they believed he would do them next year. He went on to justify his decision by pointing out, that when he allowed Shirley to continue (at the behest of anons) it was not done by vote, and that it laid the groundwork for him to implement rulings during the tourney. This was labeled a “lawyer” tactic by some anons.

The results were later revealed from the poll, and it showed Shirley lost to Fang. This total included the rigged votes.


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