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Hilda's Mum is a nameless supporting character from the Hildafolk graphic novel series created by Luke Pearson. In the 2018 Netflix animated adaptation, she is given the name Johanna. She is the loving single mother of Hilda. The family initially lived in a house amidst in the wilderness with the deerfox Twig, but after the events of The Midnight Giant (TV episodes 1 & 2) they moved in to the city of Trolberg, where Johanna works as an architect. In online fandoms, she is popularly depicted as a MILF in fan arts because of her relatively young age.

Tournament History[edit]

Johanna initially failed to qualify for the main bracket in Ms. /co/ 2019 before making her bracket debut in the 2020 contest, where she lost in the second round to Mavis Dracula. Johanna then emerged as an unexpected dark horse of Ms. /co/ 2021, going all the way into the final match by defeating the likes of Frankie (the #1 seed), Lord Dominator, and even Hilda herself, but she ultimately fell short of the title by 11 votes against Betty Boop. As a result, she is temporarily banned for 2022, and will return in Ms. /co/ 2023.

Johanna's 2021 run was fueled by Hilda supporters, MILF voters, and many fan arts; with the most notable being a series of illustrations created by a drawfag named IC. However, some anons are baffled by her performance, and consider Mum's result as emblematic of the year's general theme -- mediocre and boring -- which is what happens when people lose interest after their favorites are deliberately voted out early on. And like many contenders, Johanna has been subject to the usual Miss /co/ salt, smear campaigns, and general "autism". For instance, during her semi-final match against Hilda, one user flooded a thread with loli incest porn depicting the two characters out of frustration, prompting another user to sacrifice himself by posting a colored horse picture in order to summon the "lazy jannies" and stop the porn spam.

Johanna's return in 2023 was given to much speculation, with many questioning just how far she could go and if she were an actual strong contestant outside of such an anomalous voting year as 2021. When the time arrived her hype two years prior appeared to have been a fluke of circumstances as she ended up being quickly booted Round 1 by Jessica Rabbit and having little fanfare compared to before. Johanna was also notable this year for being the original target of the Batman Laugh calling the character "SHIT and FINISHED", referring at first the negative perception among some of Johanna as a runner-up and then to her early exit in her return year.


Ms. /co/
2020 - seed 32
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (97) Butt Witch Twelve Forever 507 - 323 61.1%
Round 2 (33) Mavis Dracula Hotel Transylvania 372 - 461 44.7%
2021 - seed 48
Round 1 (81) Candace Flynn Phineas and Ferb 563 - 411 57.8%
Round 2 (17) Sasha Waybright Amphibia 573 - 325 63.8%
Round 3 (16) Coraline Jones Coraline 486 - 392 55.4%
Round 4 (1) Frankie Foster Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends 410 - 335 55.0%
Quarterfinals (8) Lord Dominator Wander Over Yonder 403 - 319 59.8%
Semi-finals (12) Hilda Hilda 389 - 261 59.8%
Finals (30) Betty Boop Betty Boop 325 - 335 49.2%
2023 - seed 62
Round 1 (62) Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit 210 - 335 39.6%


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