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Lord Dominator is a character featured in the 2013 Disney Channel and Disney XD animated series Wander Over Yonder, created by Craig McCracken. Introduced in the show's second season, Dominator replaces Lord Hater as the series' overall antagonist, and immediately proves herself to be a much more dangerous threat to the entire Yonder galaxy.

Lord Dominator has become the cartoon's most popular character because of her sexually attractive design and unbridled villainy, and because of the show's creator (who is best known for Powerpuff Girls) having a generally good reputation among /co/ regulars. Because of this, the alien overlord has enjoyed consistent popularity in the Miss /co/ tournaments, which was finally fulfilled when she made an elite eight finish in 2021.

Tournament History[edit]

Dominator debuted in the original Ms. /co/ 2018 to little fanfare, losing against Rapunzel in the first round.

Her campaign started rolling in 2019 when she progressed into the sweet 16 round, but lost to the top-seeded eventual winner Spinel. Dominator's momentum continued in her Ms. /co/ 2020 appearance, nabbing the 16th seed and conquering her first three opponents - including a revenge win against Rapunzel in round 2 - which was depicted in a drawfag's piece showing the girls fucked with her "futa cock". She then encountered surprise package Fang in the sweet 16, which she lost again following a heated match between her fans.

The self-proclaimed "Bad Guy" would finally attain the status of an elite contestant in 2021 when she was seeded 8th and won her first four matches with dominant margins. She was spared from many voters strategically eliminating other contestants early on, unlike her bracket's biggest threat Toph Beifong, who went out in round 2 against her future opponent Daphne Blake. Dominator then attended the round's "Strip Poker" event and got outplayed by Johanna early in the game as the latter attempts to protect her daughter from losing her clothes. After being defeated, Dom is forced to leave the table naked to the delight of anons watching, and ultimately placed 7th overall behind Muriel and Eris.

Dominator returned from her Elite Eight hiatus in Ms. /co/ 2023 where she again proved to be a popular character among the /co/ userbase, winning a series of solid victories up until round 4 where she was denied a return to the Elite Eight by fellow villainess and eventual champion Wuya.

Throughout the contest's history, there were recurring talks about a potential match-up of Dominator against Queen Tyr'ahnee due to both characters being sexy humanoid aliens holding positions of power.


Ms. /co/
2018 - seed 51
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (78) Rapunzel Tangled 135 - 191 41.1%
2019 - seed 17
Round 1 (118) Leggy Lamb Droopy 675 - 387 63.6%
Round 2 (81) Jasmine Aladdin 644 - 522 55.2%
Round 3 (16) Alex Totally Spies! 611 - 599 50.5%
Round 4 (1) Spinel Steven Universe 529 - 772 40.7%
2020 - seed 16
Round 1 (113) Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice 521 - 309 62.8%
Round 2 (49) Rapunzel Tangled 449 - 384 53.9%
Round 3 (48) Mulan Mulan 530 - 329 61.7%
Round 4 (65) Fang Primal 391 - 471 45.4%
2021 - seed 8
Round 1 (121) Lucy Loud The Loud House 726 - 248 74.5%
Round 2 (57) Harley Quinn DC 549 - 349 61.1%
Round 3 (40) Judy Hopps Zootopia 544 - 334 62.0%
Round 4 (56) Daphne Blake Scooby-Doo 450 - 295 60.4%
Quarterfinals (48) Johanna Hilda 319 - 403 44.2%
2023 - seed 11
Round 1 (36) Zatanna DC 348 - 197 63.8%
Round 2 (41) Amy Wong Futurama 330 - 208 61.3%
Round 3 (56) Sandy Cheeks SpongeBob SquarePants 244 - 187 56.6%
Round 4 (26) Wuya Xiaolin Showdown 145 - 225 39.1%


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