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Villains of /a/ Gallery

Villains of /a/ is an upcoming side tournament that will be held on the /tnt/ board on plus4chan. It will be the direct follow-up to Heroes of /a/ the month prior. As implied by the board name in its title, this tournament will pit a selection of villainous or otherwise morally questionable characters featured primarily in various anime and manga against each other. It was conceived largely in response to the sheer difficulty in holding a main tournament on the /a/ board of 4chan, despite constant interest in the idea among tournament participants. The tournament simultaneous acts as the spiritual successor to both Villains of /co/ and Villains of /v/ from 2023. The tournament is currently planned to be hosted solo by recurring host Coayynon !hJA5r5.WJw.


The following rules are copied from Heroes of /a/, but may be updated at the host's discretion upon the tournament's start.

How to nominate[edit]

  • FOTM Clause: Characters who first appeared at the month before the start of this contest (May 14th and later) are banned.
  • Character must appear in a piece of media that is allowed on /a/.
  • You must post the image, character name, AND the correct series name (e.g. [I nominate] Jiren from Dragon Ball)
  • 7 replies / (You)s are needed to qualify as a nominee.
  • One nominee per post only
  • Check the nomination list (Ctrl+F, click the "three vertical dots" icon, and enter character name) to see if your team is already nominated

Character / series eligibility[edit]

  • Character must be freely allowed on /a/. If a character is not originating from anime or manga they should uniquely or primarily be associated with their anime or manga adaptation on /a/ (e.g. LOGH, Welcome to the NHK, various light novels).
  • 3 characters per series or franchise are allowed to qualify.
  • Characters cannot be Board-Tans, OCs, or real life people.
  • Any character who debuted within the previous month is ineligible to compete.
  • What exactly defines or who qualifies as a "villain," or where morally ambiguous characters fall is up to the nominator's judgement or plans.

Tournament Bracket[edit]

Challonge Link: TBD

Elite Eight[edit]