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Chel is a character from the 2000 DreamWorks animated film The Road to El Dorado.

Considered one of /co/'s classic waifus, Chel prefers to let her hips do the talking. The South American native is one of the few girls to reach the Elite Eight multiple times, placing 5th in 2018, 7th in 2020 and 3rd in 2022. She currently holds the record for most elite 8 appearances. Her next eligible contest will be in 2024.

In addition to her contest finishes, Chel scored 2018's biggest blowout by defeating Joy Kaplan 310-21. That match is also the largest percentage-based victory margin in Ms. /co/ history to date (93.7%) .

Tournament history[edit]

Chel debuted in the first Ms. /co/ in 2018, placing at 8th seed. She won her first four matches against Joy Kaplan (in what is still the largest proportional stomp victory in tourney history), Callie Briggs, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and Kim Pine, but lost to Toph Beifong in the quarter-finals. She awarded 5th place for her efforts.

In 2020 she returned, seeding at a lower 31 but nevertheless having an impressive run. She defeated Maddie Flour, April O'Neil, Pacifica Northwest and Gwen Tennyson. She lost again in the quarter-finals to Queen Ty'rahnee and was voted into 7th place.

In 2022 Chel was seeded at 26. For most of the tournament's run she was overlooked until for the third time she earned herself a spot in the Elite Eight after defeating Alex Vasquez, Ty Lee, Gwen and Captain Amelia. This time she would triumph over Queen Ty'rahnee in the quarter-finals and advance to the semi-finals, where she was seemingly defeated by Shirley the Medium.

In round 3 it was brought to everyone's attention by the host, NightShiftAnon, that he strongly suspected that several contestants were being rigged. Despite it all he was pushed into revealing the suspected rigged characters' names and to let them remain in the contest under the belief that anons would vote them out. While Chel was not among them, her opponent in the semi-finals and the character she would lose to by a narrow margin, Shirley, was. During the final voting round NSA included questions regarding how to best handle certain situations going forward, rigged characters included. After what was seen as a failure to remove cheaters by voting them out, the majority voted for the host to simply remove the amount of suspected rigged votes. NSA chose to enact that policy with the final round, announcing he had tossed out around 100 votes in addition to demoting Shirley to 3rd place and bumping Chel to 2nd. This was met with extremely mixed results, with Chel's supporters feeling that NSA should have acted earlier than the finals and allow Chel to advance instead, and that she was denied a matchup against Fang and a potential win. "Spirited" discussion on the matter lasted for several hours. Some anons suggested a do-over round, but due to a lack of time allowed by the mods, the amount of spite that would surely affect the outcome, and the general feeling of unfairness to both Fang, Chel and their fans, it wasn't held. Some jokingly suggest Chel and Shirley simultaneously shared 2nd and 3rd place. Others proposed that Chel be exempted from the Elite Eight rule and be allowed to participate in 2023, but it was never solidified.

While Fang's win was overall seen as legitimate, a unanimous agreement on where Chel and Shirley are truly placed has not been met. Many of Chel's supporters still saw her as being the legitimate 2nd place, with NSA's support and PsyAnon corroborating it in his final show.


Ms. /co/
2018 - seed 8
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (121) Joy Kaplan Mad Magic 310 - 21 93.7%
Round 2 (57) Callie Briggs SWAT Kats 247 - 90 73.3%
Round 3 (40) Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Venture Bros. 194 - 140 58.1%
Round 4 (56) Kim Pine Scott Pilgrim 198 - 102 60.0%
Quarter-finals (32) Toph Beifong Avatar: TLA 174 - 180 49.2%
5th-8th (6) Helen Parr
(4) Harley Quinn
(66) Black Canary
The Incredibles
??? ???%
(5th place)
2020 - seed 31
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (98) Maddie Flour Amphibia 606 - 224 73.0%
Round 2 (95) April O'Neil TMNT 537 - 296 64.5%
Round 3 (2) Pacifica Northwest Gravity Falls 534 - 325 62.2%
Round 4 (15) Gwen Tennyson Ben 10 496 - 366 57.5%
Quarter-finals (10) Queen Tyr'ahnee Duck Dodgers 323 - 500 39.2%
5th-8th (20) EVE
(24) Starfire
(6) Jucika
??? ???%
(7th place)
2022 - seed 26
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (103) Alex Totally Spies 655 - 373 63.7%
Round 2 (39) Ty Lee Avatar: The Last Airbender 686 - 321 68.1%
Round 3 (58) Gwen Aqua Teen Hunger Force 651 - 384 62.8%
Round 4 (87) Captain Amelia Treasure Planet 626 - 459 57.6%
Quarterfinals (02) Queen Tyr'ahnee Duck Dodgers 557 - 512 52.1%
Semi-finals (86) Shirley Courage the Cowardly Dog 486 - 490 49.8%
3rd Place Match (21) Nicole Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball 527 - 421 55.6%


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