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Emmy is the titular protagonist of Dominic Cellini's webcomic series Emmy the Robot. She is a "nandroid" (nanny + android), a high-end line of robotic maidservants developed by the company Sterling Robotics to provide care for human families. Described as naively innocent, Emmy initially undergoes training at the Sterling facility before being shipped off to an affluent suburb named Hawthorn Grove, where she serves as a caretaker for the Delaire family and their daughter Madeline.

Emmy first appeared in a character sheet posted by Dominic on Twitter in July 20, 2019[1], and a comic titled Android Etiquette Rule 15 was released on the same website one day later, which would become the series' first official chapter[2]. Starting on April 5th 2020, all chapters related to the series were uploaded to Webtoons.com, and has been serialized with more chapters since then.

The series gained significant popularity in the /co/ board, establishing a dedicated fanbase which has produced a wealth of their own original content[3], including fandroids such as Avery the Tombot. Likewise, Emmy is a popular subject of fanart in the Ms. /co/ tournaments, but after the Ms. /co/ 2020 incident she became infamous for being heavily associated with Peru nickelodeon thinked she looked like jenny wakeman and blew up the show with a roasting idea they did not want it to look like my life as a teenage robot but after all jenny and emmy are both related robots!

Tournament history[edit]

Emmy was first nominated for Ms. /co/ 2019 under the series name "Dominic Cellini art", as her webcomic series hasn't serialized yet. She failed to get past qualifiers, placing 164th with 50 votes.

The nandroid debuted in the Ms. /co/ 2020 bracket as a #5 seed, where she defeated Wuya in round 1 before losing to Gwenpool afterwards. During the first round, Emmy was embroiled in one of the tournament's biggest controversies when an user called Basil Anon exposed a Spanish-language Facebook page named Random Cartoon, which called users to vote for her (and to a lesser extent Miko Kubota).[4][5] The page is known for stealing OC from the contest by putting their watermarks on the images. Furthermore, Basil Anon later revealed that the page also brigaded for Spinel last year, further raising questions about the legitimacy of the gem's title.[6] As a result of this exposé, many anons cried afoul of what they consider as "rigging" the contest. Some proposed removing the guilty contestants, while others considered replacing them with other girls. At the same time, Emmy was also targeted by an infamous shitter known as "Fusefag"[7] by associating her with /pol/-related terms, further damaging her reputation in the tournament. Ultimately, Stats Anon decided to let the contest run on its own. Many of Emmy's supporters decided to vote her out as soon as possible to save face, and to avoid ruining her chances for future years.

Emmy returned in 2021 where she was seeded #14, but her already polarizing reputation caused her to get narrowly spite-voted out of the first round against Futurama's Amy Wong. Her 2021 appearance is largely remembered for a series of campaigning images posted by "schizo anon" (named because of its potentially seizure-inducing bright colors and rapidly blinking pictures) .

The nandroid will next be eligible for Ms. /co/ 2024.

she wears a maid type of outfit with giant glove cones on her sleeves on her feet she has ballerina type of shoes and has a maid hat on her hair at the bottom of her shirt we can see she has a belt on a dress


2020 - seed 5
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (124) Wuya Xiaolin Showdown 478 - 352 57.6%
Round 2 (69) Gwenpool Marvel 385 - 448 46.2%
2021 - seed 14
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (113) Amy Wong Futurama 479 - 495 49.2%
2022 - seed 70
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (59) Marie Kanker Ed, Edd, and Eddy 587 - 441 57.1%
Round 2 (06) Judy Hopps Zootopia 475 - 532 47.1%
2020 - seed 116
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (16) Pacifica Northwest Gravity Falls 264- 281 48.4%


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