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Ruby Rose is the main protagonist of RWBY, an American computer-animated web series created by Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions. Ruby is a "Huntress", warriors who protect the world from evil creatures called Grimm, and is a member of the titular squad with Weiss, Blake, and Yang. Her signature weapon is a scythe called "Crescent Rose", which can also be used as a high caliber sniper rifle.

When talking about a potential waifu tournament contested between Western cartoons and comics, one might easily assume that RWBY girls would thrive because of the show's Animesque designs and plenty of female characters, but this is not the case on 4chan's /co/ board. Despite having a general thread dedicated to them (which has been banished to /trash/ as of Sep 2021), no RWBY girl has ever qualified for the main bracket of Miss /co/ to date. Being the main character, Ruby is seen one of the series' best hopes to become the first such representative, alongside teammate Weiss and antagonist Neo. A Character Plate was created upon this assumption.

"Tournament" History[edit]

Ruby was first nominated in Ms. /co/ 2020, placing 268th with 50 votes. In the 2021 contest she placed 230th with 60 votes.

In July 2022, an official TV Japanese-produced anime titled RWBY: Ice Queendom was released, making it one of the few series to receive official /co/ and /a/ media. In there, Ruby will be voiced by Saori Hayami, who previously performed the character in the cartoon's JP dubs. However, given the animosity between the two boards — as shown by /co/'s East vs West threads for example — the /a/daptation unsurprisingly did jack shit on helping the RWBY characters: Ruby scored 98 votes on Ms. /co/ 2022, placing 204th, while the second-highest RWBY nominee was "random-background-shadow-girl number #193" with 72 votes.


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