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Loona is a character from Helluva Boss, a web animated series created by Vivziepop, and a spin-off of the Hazbin Hotel series made by the same creator. Loona is a female anthropomorphic hellhound demon who works as the receptionist of I.M.P. (Immediate Murder Professionals), a hitman business founded by her adoptive imp father Blitzo. She also has the ability to shapeshift into a human appearance.

Tournament History[edit]

Between her attractive furry designs, skimpy goth clothing, and a rude, unsociable personality, it's easy to see why this hellhound demon has become so popular in the fandom. She first appeared in the qualifying poll of 2020, placing 202nd. After more episodes were released on YouTube, Loona qualified for the 2021 bracket as a 3rd seed, the highest out of all debut contestants from that year. Unfortunately, she lost to Total Drama's Izzy in the first round by a fairly large margin, which may be attributed to spite votes and the board's typical aversion to furries, and also set the tone for that year's trend of heavy hitters being eliminated early on. Loona's loss in 2021 set a new record for the highest-ever seed to be eliminated at the first round, overtaking Hilda's exit as seed 8 in 2020.

Loona would later rejoin Ms. /co/ 2022, succeeding in reaching the 17th seed in qualifiers. Despite this, Loona lost again in the first round to Clover Ewing from the animated series Totally Spies this time with a shorter margin compared to the last tournament. But Loona would again be stumped in the first round in 2023, being defeated by Mulan by a significant margin.

Outside of the main tourney, Loona made her first /co/mpetition victory in the 2022 edition of the Tag-Team Tournament alongside Gwen from the animated series Total Drama under the teamname of Goth Chicks after defeating the team of Dr. Livesey and Captain Amelia.

Loona had another tourney victory in Ms. /aco/ 2023, cruising by the competition until easily defeating Kanna in the finals. Loona thus became the first character to win two formal tournaments. This made her consistently poor performance in Ms. /co/ all the more peculiar.


Ms. /co/[edit]

Ms. /co/ 2021 - seed 3

  • R1: (126) Izzy @ Total Drama, 421 - 553 (43.22%)

Ms. /co/ 2022 - seed 17

  • R1: (126) Clover @ Totally Spies, 501 - 527 (48.7%)
2023 - seed 47
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (112) Mulan Mulan 203 - 342 37.2%


2022: Goth Chicks - Gwen / Loona
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Blonde Bombshells Minerva Mink / Hello Nurse Animaniacs 66.5%
Round 2 TUFF Puppy Dudley Puppy / Kitty Katswell TUFF Puppy 65.7%
Round 3 Scheming Little Shits Eddy / Eric Cartman Ed Edd n Eddy / South Park 78.3%
Round 4 A Boy and His Dog Finn / Jake Adventure Time 76.2%
Round 5 The ЯENAgades! ENA / Xavier ENA / Xavier: Renegade Angel 71.3%
Semi-finals Government Targets Izzy / Sticks the Badger Total Drama / Sonic Boom 77.2%
Finals The Couples from Another Universe Dr. Livesey / Captain Amelia Disney / Treasure Island 51.5%


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