Kent Mansley

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Kent Mansley is the main antagonist of the widely beloved and underrated film, The Iron Giant where he serves as a paranoid federal government agent of U.P.D who is set to localize and report the giant to government and destroy it by any means necessary.

In /co/, he's widely known for a myriad of memes and discussions regarding his ethics of taking down the giant by nuking US soil which effectively makes him a national traitor and would've been executed on spot. Another thing he's known for, is him being inappropriately shipped with Alice while usually captioned "Take me to Church". Yes, it is as fucked up as it sounds and the most hilarious part about it is the fact that a WOMAN made such a high effort autism video which is what's responsible for Mansley being such an notorious figure on /co/.

Tournament History[edit]

Mansley has never qualified in any iteration of the Mr. /co/ tournament despite his notoriety. His true potential instead lied on the Tag-Teams tournaments where he was paired with General Rogard in the team called "The Giant Localizers" and had a very strong spree of victories that were ultimately stopped and ruined by tournament drama and rigging. (See Tag-Teams 2021 and 2022 for explanation)

Their most successful run and now regarded by many to be the run that saved Tag-Teams, was on Tag-Team 2023 where they would end up nuking the crown. Their first match-up was against the very unexpected and fearful Plunderers of the /co/ast. As these were essentially the most hyped up teams in the entire Tourney and seeing both duking it out in the first round was met with a lot of resentment and dread as either one won, it would most certainly boost their momentum for the foreseeable tourney.

As you read earlier, our dear reader, the Giant Localizers managed to ward off the plunderers and effectively nuked half of the contestants in the process. This new added momentum allowed them to overcome the Megamind duo and Homers/Benders drunken duo with relative ease. They then proceeded to face off their closest match, the Frollo show featuring Gaston and Frollo. They nearly feel in round 4 again by a hair-thin margin as Gaston diet of 5 dozen eggs proved to be too much for even nukes to handle. This made Mansley and Rogard release their only option left: Alice, which then summoned a certain schizo we all love. This made the Giant Localizers beat the Frollo Show by a mere 2 vote difference, closest match they've had the entire tourney.

They then proceeded into the Elite Eight for the first time after being denied entry twice, in which they went to face the British.


Tag-Team 2021 - Seed 78
2021: Giant Localizers: General Rogard / Kent Mansley
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 WAKE THE FUCK UP Gabriel / Joseph Beginner's Bible 64.2%
Round 2 Mystery Inc. Shaggy and Scooby Scooby Doo 56%
Round 3 Love/Hate Cat/Mouse Duo Tom / Jerry Tom and Jerry 52.5%
Round 4 Demonic Hosts Chris Mclean / Alastor Total Drama and Hazbin Hotel 41.4%
Tag-Team 2022 - Seed 14
2022: Giant Localizers: General Rogard / Kent Mansley
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Space Princesses Starfire / Blackfire Teen Titans 62.1%
Round 2 Town Punching Bags Pip / Butters South Park 61.7%
Round 3 Feline Fatale Catra / Cheetah She-Ra / DC 59.4%
Round 4 The ЯENAgades! ENA / Xavier ENA / Xavier: Renegade Angel 23.2%
Tag-Team 2023 - Seed 16
2023: Giant Localizers: General Rogard / Kent Mansley
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 The Plunderers Captain Silver / Ruber Treasure Planet / Quest for Camelot 56.4%
Round 2 Blue Bad and Fishy Friend Megamind / Minion Megamind 65.7%
Round 3 Another Cheap Cartoon Crossover Homer Simpson / Bender The Simspons / Futurama 63.7%
Round 4 The Frollo Show Gaston / Frollo Beauty and the Beastand / Hunchback of Noted Dame 50.9%
Quarter-Finals Cracking Cheese Lovers Wallace & Gromit Wallace & Gromit 59.6%
Semi-Finals Springtime Moomintroll / Snufkin Moomins 57.1%
Finals Irate Neighbors Squidward and Carl Spongebob Squarepants / Aqua Teen Hunger Force 62.8%