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Bob Parr, also known by his superhero name Mr. Incredible, is the main protagonist of Pixar's 2004 computer-animated film The Incredibles. He is an upstanding super-strength hero who unfortunately does not get the appreciation he wants, and gets involved in an incident that ultimately led to the government banning superheroes. He marries Elastigirl and attempts to start a family as civilians, which bore three children named Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Now a middle-aged man, Bob has trouble adjusting to civilian work and wants to relive his glory days. He eventually gets an invitation to a mysterious island, which kicks off his return into superhero work, not knowing that his arrival is just a part of his (unwanted) sidekick's revenge against him.

Tournament History[edit]

Bob was one of the original competitors of Mr. /co/lympus 2018, reaching the third round where he was eliminated by Aku. Following Johnny's win in 2018 and Kronk in 2019, Bob was deemed as the most likely guy to continue the trend of big, buff, strong men ascending into the /co/lympian pantheon in 2020. He reached the Elite Eight as a 4th seed, surviving two scares against Utonium and the Scotsman. His tournament run was noted for being "silent" because he had practically zero thread presence, especially since that year's threads were overshadowed by its role-playing arcs which Bob had little role on. He would finally bow out in the quarter-finals to dark horse Hugh Neutron and placed 8th overall.

Mr. Incredible would be nominated once more for Mr. /co/lympus 2022 following his one year hiatus from placing Elite Eight back in 2020. In one of the most surprising qualifying results, he received 111 votes, merely tying him for 128th among several contestants. Because of a fashionably late nomination, Mr. Incredible lost the tiebreaker to Dr. Livesey and missed the bracket entirely. This put him among a very small handful of contestants to not participate in a tournament after placing in the Elite Eight previously.

Mr. Incredible would eventually return to the bracket in time for Mr. /co/lympus 2023, but owing to his reputation as a silentfag character from 2020, his tournament presence saw a shift towards "silentposting", in which an image of Mr. Incredible would be posted alongside the text "..." in lieu of Captain Falcon's run from King of /v/ 2022. This campaign proved rather timely as arguments were frequently breaking out in the threads over pro and anti-"campooners", to which Mr. Incredible would transcend the boundaries of by being both a silent and campaigned pick simultaneously. Though he would lose to Lord Farquaad in round 3, his trademark silence would frequently appear throughout the rest of the tournament.


Mr. /co/lympus
2018 - Seed 30
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (99) Master Shake Aqua Teen Hunger Force 122 - 108 53.1%
Round 2 (35) Finn the Human Adventure Time 153 - 93 62.2%
Round 3 (3) Aku Samurai Jack 100 - 171 36.9%
2020 - Seed 4
Round 1 (125) Arnold Hey Arnold! 445 - 165 73%
Round 2 (68) Professor Utonium The Powerpuff Girls 327 - 311 51.3%
Round 3 (36) Philip J. Fry Futurama 294 - 245 54.5%
Round 4 (13) The Scotsman Samurai Jack 256 - 252 50.4%
Quarterfinals (53) Hugh Neutron Jimmy Neutron 230 - 283 44.8%
2023 - Seed 87
Round 1 (117) Bloo Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends 237 - 171 58.0%
Round 2 (38) Numbuh 1 Codename: Kids Next Door 191 - 135 58.5%
Round 3 (45) Lord Farquaad Shrek 119 - 200 37.3%


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