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Wallace is one of the main protagonists of the British stop-motion/claymation series Wallace & Gromit, created by Nick Park and Aardman in 1989. Wallace is the mild mannered and polite protagonist, with a penchant for inventions and a love for all things cheese. He lives with his best pal, Gromit, at and rules 62 West Wallaby Street, in Wigan, UK. He is a notable inventor, with some of his major feats being able to build a working rocket ship within a night in his basement, a pair of robotic trousers, converting his house in a large scale bakery, and a device that was able to turn rabbits away from eating vegetables (albeit turning him into a were-rabbit in the process).

Tournament History[edit]

Wallace began his Mr. /co/lympus career in 2019, where he was sadly knocked out in the first round by Elite 8 member, Heinz Doofenshmirtz. However, once the Wensleydale-loving gent made his return in 2020 as the 7th highest seeded, he not only managed to make it past the first round but was able to knock his way up to 3rd place, beating out 2019's top seeded pick, Professor Membrane and the 2nd highest seed of 2020 and fellow Elite 8 member, Eustace Bagge in the quarter-finals.

Among his wins inside the tourney, Wallace has also become a major thorn in fellow competitor Mung Daal's side, having stolen the chef's wife and humiliated him, even though Mung managed to make it farther than the Stilton-stand out. Recently, Wallace had also become a nuisance to the husband of Ms. /co/'s 2020 winner, The Monarch, having set his sights on making the butterfly baddie's wife his new inventing partner. Unfortunately for either man, Wallace lost against the eventual winner of 2020, Tom the Cat, in the semi-finals. Despite the crushing blow, Wallace cheerfully thanked his supporters and left to spend his year long break from the competition back home and rooting on his pal Gromit for the crown.

Wallace would return in 2022, defeating Father in the first round but afterwards meeting the misfortune of running into future finalist Carl Brutananadilewski and suffering a round 2 loss.

2023 was another dud for Wallace, as he seeded lower than his last two years and was knocked out in the first round by Hades.


Mr. /co/lympus
2019 - seed 112
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (7) Heinz Doofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb 406 - 519 43.9%
2020 - seed 7
Round 1 (122) MetroMan Megamind 465 - 145 76.2%
Round 2 (58) Professor Membrane Invader Zim 379 - 259 59.4%
Round 3 (26) Bender Futurama 287 - 252 53.2%
Round 4 (10) Eddy Ed, Edd N Eddy 313 - 195 61.6%
Quarterfinals (2) Eustace Bagge Courage the Cowardly Dog Show 264 - 249 51.5%
Semi-finals (46) Tom the Cat Tom and Jerry 274 - 179 40.4%
3rd Place Match (53) Hugh Neutron Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 278 - 205 57.5%
2022 - seed 30
Round 1 (44) Father Codename: Kids Next Door 280 - 226 55.3%
Round 2 (12) Carl Brutananadilewski Aqua Teen Hunger Force 258 - 310 45.4%
2023 - seed 85
Round 1 (81) Hades Hercules 160 - 248 39.2%


Mr. /co/lympus
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