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Jack Spicer is the main antagonist of the 2003 show Xiaolin Showdown and its 2013 reboot/continuation Xiaolin Chronicles. In both, Jack Spicer is a teen genius with an adoration for evil and a desire to rule the world, teaming up with other main antagonists such as Ms. /co/ champion Wuya, and Chase Young. He is gifted in robotics, mechanics, and other technology, with major feats such as building a working time machine (albeit one that requires enormous amounts of energy, so much that he can't produce enough to go more than 5 seconds backwards or forwards with a normal power grid), and also creating armies of robots that serve various purposes from offense, espionage, or household tasks. He has even created a robotic double of himself on multiple occasions.

Tournament History[edit]

Jack Spicer himself is notable for being a contestant in every single Mr. /co/ competition so far. However, he has never made it past round two despite his luck in qualifying. His most notable match-ups so far are against Elite 8 member Aku in 2018, Elite member Hank Hill in 2019, and Godzilla in 2020, where he had just lost against the kaiju by 10 votes in his closest shot to getting past the 2nd round. In 2021 Spicer would have an earlier exit than usual after a close encounter with Dr. Doom, and in 2022 he would be matched against Zorak in the second round, eventual winner of the tournament. Jack Spicer's crowning achievement however is kicking out the much higher seeded competitor Steven Universe in 2019, much to the celebration of many anons after the controversial victory of SU character Spinel the month earlier in Ms. /co/.

The teen genius of evil also gained notoriety in the 2020 competition for a large amount of GETs, racking up several dubs in a single thread at one point. At two non consecutive points Spicer managed to save HenchGwen from various nasty fates, such as being shoved up Fang's rectum to having to marry Freaky Fred, using dubs and trips. Jack Spicer was also a groomsman for the wedding of Samurai Jack and Simon, he also seems to have hit it off with HenchGwen after the finale and wedding, inviting her to go ice skating.

Jack Spicer would be the target of some speculation at the start of Mr. /co/ 2023, with some speculating how he might fare due to the victory of Wuya in that year's Ms. /co/. With a vocal following he defeated Phineas and Ferb silent protagonist Perry the Platypus in round 1, but was outmatched by Gaston in round 2 and eliminated.


Mr. /co/lympus
2018 - seed 67
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (62) Schnitzel Chowder 126 - 97 56.5%
Round 2 (3) Aku Samurai Jack 72 - 171 29.6%
2019 - seed 88
Round 1 (41) Steven Universe Steven Universe 492 - 433 53.2%
Round 2 (17) Hank Hill King of the Hill 213 - 478 30.8%
2020 - seed 84
Round 1 (45) Ferb Phineas and Ferb 318 - 292 52.1%
Round 2 (20) Godzilla Godzilla 313 - 324 49.2%
2021 - seed 101
Round 1 (28) Doctor Doom Marvel 297 - 325 47.7%
2022 - seed 84
Round 1 (67) Proffesor Membrane Invader Zim 260 - 246 51.3%
Round 2 (81) Zorak Space Ghost: Coast to Coast 185 - 383 32.5%
2023 - seed 63
Round 1 (99) Perry the Platypus Phineas and Ferb 212 - 196 51.9%
Round 2 (74) Gaston Beauty and the Beast 151 - 175 46.3%


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