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Heroes of /a/ Gallery

Heroes of /a/ is a side tournament that was held on the /tnt/ board on plus4chan. As implied by the board name in its title, this tournament pitted a selection of heroic characters featured primarily in various anime and manga against each other. It was conceived largely in response to the sheer difficulty in holding a main tournament on the /a/ board of 4chan, despite constant interest in the idea among tournament participants. The tournament simultaneous acts as the spiritual successor to both Heroes of /co/ and Heroes of /v/ from 2023. The tournament was hosted solo by recurring host Coayynon !hJA5r5.WJw.

The tournament was overall well-received among anons. A handful of polarized and confused reactions did arise towards the start due to certain qualifier results. Namely, Goku was three-ruled by Tienshinhan and a couple of random bystanders resembling the Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd from the anime Zettai Karen Children were both allowed in. All three were easily eliminated in the following first round. The tournament's reception in later rounds would be generally much more positive.

The tournament's Elite Eight would include (in order of original debut) Lupin III from Lupin the Third, Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, D from Vampire Hunter D, Guts from Berserk, Piccolo from Dragon Ball, Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Dark Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. The final win would go to the 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken following a strong voting track record throughout the whole tournament. Many were satisfied with this Elite Eight line-up, and a few would directly compare it against the more ragtag line-ups from Heroes of /co/ and /v/.

Similar to the previous two hero tournaments, Heroes of /a/ will be followed by a counterpart known as Villains of /a/ in July.


How to nominate[edit]

  • FOTM Clause: Characters who first appeared at the month before the start of this contest (May 14th and later) are banned.
  • Character must appear in a piece of media that is allowed on /a/.
  • You must post the image, character name, AND the correct series name (e.g. [I nominate] Jiren from Dragon Ball)
  • 7 replies / (You)s are needed to qualify as a nominee.
  • One nominee per post only
  • Check the nomination list (Ctrl+F, click the "three vertical dots" icon, and enter character name) to see if your team is already nominated

Character / series eligibility[edit]

  • Character must be freely allowed on /a/. If a character is not originating from anime or manga they should uniquely or primarily be associated with their anime or manga adaptation on /a/ (e.g. LOGH, Welcome to the NHK, various light novels).
  • 3 characters per series or franchise are allowed to qualify.
  • Characters cannot be Board-Tans, OCs, or real life people.
  • Any character who debuted within the previous month is ineligible to compete.
  • What exactly defines or who qualifies as a "hero," or where morally ambiguous characters fall is up to the nominator's judgement or plans.

Qualifying round[edit]

Nominations List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AN3EHHETrzj7tLT4y3YqPDgaO76ltJwCArlosUQzvH4/edit?gid=0#gid=0

Full Qualifier Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lVfNa1TxsQGvPqac2CZtGEtZK8iz5Cmg2GdXwIBegvs/edit?usp=sharing

335 successful nominees will be consolidated into a single massive group where voters select the characters that they want to advance. There is no restriction on how many guys they can select. This format is called Approval voting. After the round ends, 128 characters with the most votes will advance into the bracket. Ties are broken by whoever gets properly nominated earlier.

A maximum of 3 characters per series can enter the bracket.



Tournament Bracket[edit]

Challonge Link: https://challonge.com/8p32xgum

Elite Eight[edit]


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