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Benson Dunwoody is one of the main characters of the 2010-2017 Cartoon Network series Regular Show. He is the manager of the park where the show takes place. Although Benson is usually calm and friendly with most of his workers, he also has an extremely short temper, which usually results in him yelling in uncontrollable anger at his workers Mordecai and Rigby and threatening to fire them when they slack off instead of doing their work.

Tournament History[edit]

Benson appeared in Mr. /co/lympus 2020. Despite his low seed of 113, in round 1 he managed to score an upset win over the 16th seed, ATLA main character Sokka by just 10 votes. In round 2 he won a more decisive victory against Uncle Ruckus, defeating yet another higher seeded opponent. However he was unable to compete with The Iron Giant of the beloved movie of the same name and was defeated by a 51 vote difference.

Benson would make his next tournament the following year, where he would famously beat the meme entry Chuck of Sneedposting fame on the first round. Unfortunately for him, his time was cut short when he lost after facing Mojo Jojo in the second round.

Outside of Mr. /co/lympus, Benson had a presence in the threads of Ms. /co/ 2021. Starting when a Rigby poster voiced his support for Sasha Waybright over Johanna in round 2, a Benson poster showed up to direct support towards Johanna instead, threatening to fire Rigby and Mordecai if they did not vote for Johanna. This resulted in a couple pieces of OC and various Benson x Johanna related posts that showed up throughout the tournament.

Benson qualified again in Mr. /co/lympus 2022, where he lost the first round to hyped up newcomer Dr. David Livesey.

Impressively in 2023 he was able to secure one of the top 10 seeds and had several vocal campaigners backing him, assisting him in coming out on top in a food-themed match against Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Frylock. However he had the misfortune of encountering eventual champion Skeletor in round 2, who would end his run after throwing him off a building in Garry's Mod.


Mr. /co/lympus
2020 - seed 113
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (16) Sokka Avatar: The Last Airbender 310 - 300 50.8%
Round 2 (49) Uncle Ruckus The Boondocks 342 - 296 53.6%
Round 3 (17) The Iron Giant The Iron Giant 244 - 295 45.3%
2021 - seed 39
Round 1 (90) Chuck The Simpsons 407 - 215 65.4%
Round 2 (103) Mojo Jojo The Powerpuff Girls 273 - 338 44.7%
2022 - seed 82
Round 1 (128) Dr. David Livesey Treasure Island 224 - 282 44.2%
2023 - seed 6
Round 1 (43) Frylock Aqua Teen Hunger Force 246 - 162 60.2%
Round 2 (23) Skeletor He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 139 - 187 42.6%


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