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Bill Cipher is the main antagonist of Gravity Falls, a Disney Channel animated series created by notorious hack Alex Hirsch. Like several other characters he is voiced by Hirsch himself. Bill is an inter-dimensional, metaphysical demon who seeks to take over the "3D world", and mostly appears as a yellow triangle resembling the Illuminati symbol wearing a bow tie and top hat. Bill is very manipulative, and is shown offering deals to multiple characters to further his goals; furthermore, he also has the ability to shapeshift, alter reality, and enter the minds of people.

The character made his official debut in Dreamscaperers, the penultimate episode of the first season; prior to this episode his existence is hinted at via background objects and drawings showing his likeness. Bill's simple yet unique appearance, snappy humor, and the mystery surrounding his lore has made him one of the most popular character from Gravity Falls.

Tournament History[edit]

Bill Cipher first appeared in Mr. /co/lympus 2020, a tournament characterized by its massive amount of role-playing, and advanced to the second round by defeating the show's MC Dipper Pines but was eliminated by the #1 seed Samurai Jack. During his bout with Jack, Bill became a major villain in the Samurai Jack/Simon Laurent "Gay Wedding Arc" when he used the power of Quad GETs to banish all of its attendants to Hell. However, an unlikely hero by the name of Jerry Lewis, from Totally Spies, successfully invoked his own Quads to save everyone fron Bill's infernal realm at the cost of his own life.

One month later, Bill paired up with the sharp-dressed Radio Demon Alastor to form the team Dapper Dealers, which was entered as a high-seeded competitor in plus4chan's Tag Team 2020. The pair reached the quarter-finals where they were overpowered by El Dorado's Mighty and Powerful Gods.

Bill made his return in 2021, where he ended up serving the first stepping stone of Marvin the Martian's rise to the Elite Eight. The triangular demon once again qualified for Mr. /co/lympus 2022, beating furry fox Nick Wilde but lost in round 2 to Max, an actual rabbit. Bill would however fail to qualify for Mr. /co/lympus 2023, potentially owing to the waning popularity of Gravity Falls on /co/.


Mr. /co/lympus
2020 - seed 64
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (65) Dipper Pines Gravity Falls 311 - 299 51.0%
Round 2 (1) Samurai Jack Samurai Jack 147 - 491 23.0%
2021 - seed 37
Round 1 (92) Marvin the Martian Looney Tunes 213 - 409 34.2%
2022 - seed 76
Round 1 (109) Nick Wilde Zootopia 305 - 201 60.2%
Round 2 (104) Max Sam & Max 251 - 317 44.1%


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