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Jucika (pronounced [ˈju.tsi.kɒ] YU-tsi-ka) is the titular character of Pál Pusztai's comic strip of the same name. The series mainly appeared in the Hungarian satirical magazine Lúdas Matyi, and ran from 1957 up until the illustrator's death in 1970. Jucika features no dialogue; a typical strip consists of three panels depicting the eponymous woman in a wide variety of situations, many of which are risque in nature.

The comic strip was rediscovered through the internet in late 2019, gaining an online cult following from several websites, especially in 4chan's /co/ board where she became one of the hottest waifu sensations at the time. Jucika's sudden popularity mainly stems from the comic's easy accessibility, her simplistic yet attractive appearance, the sense of rediscovering old things thought to have been lost in time, and her Hungarian origins making her stand out from the mostly-North American Ms. /co/ roster.

Tournament History[edit]

Jucika first appeared in Ms. /co/ 2020 as a 6th seed, reaching the quarter-finals as the only single-digit seed competitor and placing 8th overall. In doing so, she became the first elite eight character from a non-American property and also the first non-capeshit comic character to reach that stage.

Jucika was a fan-favorite contestant in the 2020 tournament, with plenty of OC art dedicated to her. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Jucika being interviewed in a Vocaroo piece after the qualifying round, where she is revealed to have worms in her vagina;
  • Jucika dominating ZONE-tan in the second round (in more ways than one)
  • Becoming the assistant of Zatanna's magic show in the third round;
  • Inviting Hekapoo to sit at a table offering kisses for each anon voting for either girl; and
  • Her swimsuit round against Kim Possible in the quarter-finals, which has inspired similar themed rounds in future tournaments.

After narrowly losing to Kim in the Elite Eight by 7 votes, Jucika placed 8th overall after receiving the most votes in favor of that position in the ensuing consolation round.

Jucika's return run in 2022 was marked by interesting conflicts against Slappy Squirrel and Propane. A crude artist dubbed the Slappy schizo demolished Jucika in an over-the-top shitpost campaign against her, but wouldn't defeat Jucika. Instead shitpost nomination Propane in the second round, by three votes, ended the former E8's run. 2023 saw a similar performance. After a somewhat aggressive round with Sasha Waybright, Jucika again lost by narrow margins in the 2nd round to eventual E8 Clover.

While Jucika's accolades from 2020 will remain, her future and reputation is shaky. Despite generally consistent support, she has often been the target of hate and shitposting (including a high amount of whore posting), perhaps largely owing to her relative obscurity as a former E8, the nature of her opponents in 2022, and certain eastern euro cartoon autists on /co/ that put her in a bad light.


Ms. /co/
2020 - seed 6
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (123) Death DC 504 - 326 60.7%
Round 2 (59) ZONE-tan ZONE-Archive 496 - 337 59.5%
Round 3 (27) Zatanna DC 438 - 421 51.0%
Round 4 (11) Hekapoo Star vs. 470 - 392 54.5%
Quarterfinals (30) Kim Possible Kim Possible 408 - 415 49.6%
2022 - seed 20
Round 1 (109) Slappy Squirrel Animaniacs 555 - 473 53.9%
Round 2 (45) Propane King of the Hill 502 - 505 49.8%
2023 - seed 15
Round 1 (50) Sasha Waybright Amphibia 313 - 232 57.4%
Round 2 (92) Clover Totally Spies 262 - 276 48.6%


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