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Snowman is a character from the webcomic Homestuck created by Andrew Hussie. Originally known as the Black Queen and ruler of the planet Derse, she was exiled to planet Alternia and would eventually take a new name and become a renowed member of The Felt, a gang of time-travelling mobsters with a pool billiards motif that operate across numerous universes and timelines. She has an odd, contentious relationship with her former vassal Spades Slick, leader of the rival gang the Midnight Crew. Killing her is something "out of the question", as her death will result in the destruction of the universe.

She's named after the slang term for pocket 8's in the game Poker, due to the similarity in shape between a snowman and the number '8'.

In the Ms. /co/ tournaments, Snowman is notable for two things: being the first and only Homestuck character to qualify in any edition of either tournament, and being granted the "Literally Who?" award of Ms. /co/ 2018, which was given out to her during a PsyAnon vocaroo. She also appears to bear a striking resemblance with another extraterrestrial monarch in both looks and personality.

Tournament History[edit]

Snowman is a very unusual contestant in many ways. The series she originates from is under technicality banned from being discussed on the main /co/ board outside of very exceptional occasions; she is only a tertiary character in relation to webcomic's main plot, largely seen as undeservely neglected by its fanbase, to boot. One way or another, however, Snowman is to date the only character in the entirety of Homestuck to successfully qualify for the main bracket. Several attempts to make other Homestuck characters qualify have been made through the years, but due to the series' rather infamous reputation, no other attempt has been successful. The Ms. /co/ 2018 nomination pool being limited to just 154 characters and Snowman's own evocative features are most likely the reasons why she managed to make the 2018 bracket at all. As a #128 seed, Snowman was pitted against the #1 seed and promptly lost to the DC superheroine Raven.


2018 - seed 128
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (1) Raven DC (Teen Titans) 45 - 300 13.0%


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