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Dan is the titular protagonist and anti-hero of the 2011 animated series Dan Vs. According to the show's co-creator Dan Mandel, the character is "based on his negative qualities". He is a short-tempered, misanthropic, and unemployed adult man who is constantly triggered by small problems, and believes that the world is out against him. The series' premise involves Dan wanting to exact revenge on practically everything that has wronged him; naturally this also includes the /co/ tournaments and the wiki that documents those events.

A common source of contention for Dan is his name. Officially, his full name is simply 'Dan', a mononym that the creator has implied he adopted to avoid the law. His full name was likely Dan Mandel or Daniel Mandel, after his creator, but this is only a theory. To make matters worse, in 2020 a typo led to his name being mistakenly written as "Dan Vs", causing a wave of imposters taking advantage of the confusion.

Tournament History[edit]

Dan is mainstay in Mr. /co/lympus ever since he has nominated in 2018. He has garnered a cult following throughout the contest's history due to his personality, which has resulted in several pieces of fan arts and a notable place in contest lore. But keeping in with the show's theme, Dan has a history of losing in the early rounds, and has even missed the tournament in 2019, causing much frustration for him.

After a weak showing in 2018 (losing to Danny Fenton without much fanfare), Dan fought a significantly more notable campaign in 2020. Confusion with his name lead to various memes about his real identity and who the REAL Dan was, including problems with his old nemesis [[Dan*]] and even Zoidberg (why not?).

Dan's most notable role, however, would be his feud with Mao Mao, which would grow into arguably the most famous rivalry of the year, and one of the most notable feuds in the tournament's history. The two dominated the round in an ugly back and forth spat, roasting each other on their weaknesses (with Dan prophetically predicting both Mao Mao's cancellation and his own revival that would occur in 2021) and trying to prove their own based status to the fans. Despite running into trouble when Mao Mao offered to release doujin images, Dan ended up winning a narrow victory, commonly attributed to him taking on the role as an Irish Nationalist and writing a parody ballad against the wicked feline, "Come Out Ye Mao Mao Fans". Dan did far less in Round 2, and primarily relied on his lack of fear of the IRS to win voters against the Joker (as Joker is notably terrified of the Internal Revenue Service). This failed, however, and Dan ended up sulking away a loser.

Outside of Mr. /co/lympus, Dan has found much success by becoming the champion of the inaugural Mr. /mlp/ held in 2019, perhaps due to both My Little Pony and Dan Vs. being broadcasted on the same channel (The Hub / Discovery Family). The tournament, which is similar in format to /co/'s, featured characters from all aspects of the /mlp/ fandom, including characters outside of the show. Dan also showed a solid run in /co/'s Tag-Team Tournament 2020 together with his best friend Chris, making it to Round 3 and losing to eventual Elite 8 members Alastor and Bill Cipher, the Dapper Dealers.


Mr. /co/lympus[edit]

Dan Vs. Mr. /co/lympus
2018 - seed 80
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (49) Danny Phantom Danny Phantom 97 - 128 43.1%
2020 - seed 31
Round 1 (98) Mao Mao Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart 308 - 302 50.5%
Round 2 (95) Joker DC Comics 302 - 336 47.3%
2021 - seed 4
Round 1 (125) Alastor Hazbin Hotel 468 - 154 75.2%
Round 2 (61) Ruber Quest for Camelot 356 - 255 58.2%
Round 3 (36) Ed Ed Edd n Eddy 210 - 231 47.6%
2022 - seed 85
Round 1 (105) Superman DC 261 - 245 51.5%
Round 2 (75) Peter Parker / Spider-Man Marvel 280 - 288 49.2%
2023 - seed 77
Round 1 (12) Shrek Shrek 188 - 220 46.0%


Dan Vs. Tag-Teams
2020: The Avatars of Nemesis - Dan / Chris
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 I Turned Myself Into a Pickle-inator Rick Sanchez / Heinz Doofenshmirtz Rick and Morty / Phineas and Ferb 56.6%
Round 2 Ineptive Invaders Zim / Gir Invader Zim 58.4%
Round 3 Dapper Dealers Alastor / Bill Cipher Hazbin Hotel / Gravity Falls 42.7%

Mr. /mlp/[edit]

Dan Vs. Ponies
Round Opponent Votes Pct. For
Round 1 RIP Brian (An inflatable balloon pony) 182 - 66 73.4%
Round 2 Bow Hothoof 158 - 95 62.5%
Round 3 Bright Mac 148 - 111 57.1%
Round 4 Spike 135 - 117 53.6%
Quarterfinals Gummy 140 - 120 53.8%
Semi-finals Shining Armor 123 - 115 51.7%
Finals Anonymous 129 - 110 54.0%

Tournament Lore[edit]

During the 2020 roleplaying season, which initially started in Ms. /co/ with HenchGwen and Monarch-Posting and rapidly escalated in Mr. /co/ following the Rameses incident, Dan became one of the most heavily, and yet consistently, arced characters. The following is a loose and somewhat patchy summary of the 'plot' of Dan's arc.



Dan lost to Danny Fenton in 2018 to little fanfare, and for a while laid low on /co/, not even qualifying in 2019 and instead going to /mlp/ to win their tournament. In celebration, he went on a drinking and questionably legal sex binge.

In late 2020, shortly before the tournament, a series of 'rumors' circulated that Dan Vs was being revived. These rumors (while revealed to have been correct in February 2021) were dismissed quickly and lead to significant spite against Dan. His history as having won on /mlp/ only made things worse. Hoping to shed his bad reputation, Dan decided to enter in Mr. /co/ again and prove once and for all he was not only based, but remembered, and thusly worthy of a revival.

Thanks to his Irish heritage, Dan had long been a member of the real Irish Republican Army, or r-IRA. He sought out funding for them prior to the tournament to help support his campaign in exchange for using it to pursue the cause. Dan most certainly agreed, both to help the Isle and further bury the 'rumors' that were hurting him.

The Name Game: Enter the Impostor(s)[edit]

During the filing process as Dan signs up to be nominated, stats mistakenly lists his name as "Dan Vs", instead of Dan or Dan Mandel. This led to several anons growing confused and mocking Dan, and Dan's old rival, Dan* (or The Imposter) showing up to take advantage of the situation and steal Dan's place in the tournament.

Dan declared vengeance on the one who made the typo, and immediately attempted to aggressively correct his error. Most anons, however, continued to insist he was 'Dan Vs', allowing the Imposter to further steal support as the 'real Dan'. The Imposter even went so far as to alter Dan's license to say 'Dan Vs', further worsening his stance and leading more people to side with the Imposter Dan*.

In the confusion, Karkat Vantas, having been passed over in nominations, attempted to take Dan's identity himself, declaring both Dan and Dan* to be imposters (Karkat baring an odd resemblance to Dan himself). Eridan quickly informed the public of this fraud, but Karkat continued to insist he was 'so the real Man Dandel', despite his horns.

The real Dan attempted to shoot Karkat down by pointing out their mismatched zodiac signs (Dan is a scorpio) as the Impostor continued to rally support, and the growing confusion lead to more and more anons questioning who the real Dan was. To make matters worse, Dan's actor from the early concept version of the show appeared as well, and armed with his trustworthy sleaves, only deepened confusion on the identity of the true Dan.

As the qualifiers continued, Dan and Dan* heated up their primary feud over who was the real Dan (with Karkat being widely dismissed by the public and Beta Dan having vanished). The situation escalated as accusations of /mlp/ collusion spread and arguments over who was the better pet owner to Mr.(Ms.) Mumbles.

Despite the Imposter's smooth charm and planning winning over the majority of anons support as the real Dan, logic prevailed, and stats managed to fix the typo and enter the REAL Dan into the tournament.

Mr. /co/[edit]

Rise of Mao Mao and a continuing Impostor Problem[edit]

Despite Dan securing his status in the polls as the 'true Dan', Dan* continued to claim to be the real Dan in the threads, swaying many anons to remain at his side, as did Karkat....or, he at least tried. His campaign was far less persuasive to most anons due to his distinctive troll appearance. Dan made several attempts early in the Round to correct these errors, but eventually gave up, as there was a bigger problem on the horizon.

Dan had drawn Mao Mao, the hero warrior cat of Pure Heart Valley, as his first round match up. After a rallying speech by Mao Mao calling upon his honor to justify support, it was, interestingly enough, Dan's pet cat Mr. Mumbles who would draw first blood, threatening Mao Mao with horrific violence in a language only cats could understand. This prompted Mao Mao to order Badgerclops(his overweight sidekick) to kill Mumbles, which lead to Dan himself threatening to have Mao Mao disemboweled, mutilated, and cannibalized if so much as a hair on Mr. Mumbles was touched. And thus, with just a few words between angry cats, a rivalry of the ages was born.

As Round 1 continued, Dan initially relied on leveraging his lolita girlfriend Hortence to appease the coomer vote, and hanging the possibility of his show getting brought back to further win over voters. Mao Mao initially laid back, attempting a more casual approach of impressing the anons with his athletic skill.

Dan's focus on Mao Mao, however, allowed an opening for the Impostor's to re-intensify their efforts, with Dan* and Karkat upping their attempts to prove themselves as the 'real Dan', with Beta Dan returning and even Mr. Dwicky from Invader Zim throwing his hat in the ring. Despite a smear campaign by Dan* with fake leaks, most of the public by this point had faith in the real Dan.

Mao Mao's Doujin[edit]

With more and more attention drawn to Dan (partially due to the Impostor Problem and partially due to his campaign of basedness), Mao Mao pulled out a dirty manuever. Offering to release scans of a doujin manga drawn of him to the board if he won. Many anons found themselves tempted, either to the thoughts of a lewd cat or simply the prospect of generating chaos by unleashing such a thing.

Dan panicked at the possibility of losing the round, and attempted to bribe Garfield into eating Mao Mao, which failed. He then doubled down on his prior efforts, offering to mail a loli version of Elise to every voter if he won(which backfired on him), and then reintensifying his campaign to look as based as possible, which proved more successful. Dan also attempted to sway the Hungarian Vote that had been brought in via Jucika in Ms. /co/ by bringing up his Hungarian Dub, though this failed to bare fruit. Many voters fell to the temptation of Mao Mao's Doujin and jumped ship.

Dan* and Karkat also continued to attempt to sway voters, though no one believed Karkat and even Dan* was losing his core of followers, as several anons saw him venting and finally realized he had been an Imposter the whole time. Mao Mao, confident in his doujin, focused on planning his victory with Badgerclops, until a chance encounter would lead to the highlight of the round.

The Great Debate[edit]

A Mao Mao fan who's name has been lost to time praised him for his technique, proclaiming that sex sells and Mao Mao's OnlyFans would lead his campaign to victory. Dan, at the same event, saw his chance and attacked Mao Mao on his lack of integrity, sparking a bitter back and forth debate.

After insulting his lack of integrity and willingness to whore himself out, Mao Mao fired back, mocking Dan for his lack of relevancy. Dan threatened Mao Mao and warned him not to underestimate him, prompting Mao Mao to mock Dan for his series age, implying Dan was an old man not long for this world. Mao Mao's confidence against Dan was immense, proclaiming him to be nothing, but another punk. Somewhat caught offguard, Dan fired back, insisting he was far from finished, though Mao Mao continued to pound him with insults, comparing Dan to a common incel and noting his lack of charisma.

Initially backing off after such a defeat, Dan came back with a roaring speech about his integrity and refusal to surrender. The speech proved so moving, it silenced all remaining debate about his name or whether Dan* (Impostor) was the true Dan, unifying all factions of Dan Fans behind him. (Dan* continued to insist he was the real Dan, but the last of his following was gone). Mao Mao followed up by pulling the dreaded /mlp/ card, noting Dan's long connection to the forbidden series, and suggesting Dan's network forgot about him. Dan countered by mentioning an incident where Nickelodeon had stolen Mao Mao's likeness, going after Cartoon Network in the process. Mao Mao turned the insult against Dan though, and suggested his face was simply THAT marketable. Confident in his win, Mao Mao told Dan he needed to accept that he had lost and the battle was unwinnable.

At his highest moment, Mao Mao made the mistake of snidely remarking Dan had been forgotten.

Freshly united, the Dandom countered hard, pointing out how Mao Mao would be floundering if not for the doujin bribes and general lewds, and how most of his fanbase was made of furrys. Playing the integrity card again, Dan noted how his fandom was still fighting to bring him back and stay together even after all these years, and how the creator was still posting based memes after all this time. Dan finished by implying(somewhat prophetically) his fandom would ensure he came back someday, while very soon Mao Mao would be abandoned by his network and forgotten, and turning the age argument against Mao Mao by treating him as an immature fool. (Both of Dan's arguments proved true in 2021, with a revival announced in February and Mao Mao's cancellation leaked in June.)

Mao Mao attempted to fire back, calling Dan senile, implying his family connection made him superior, and INSISTING he would be remembered personally LONG after Dan was forgotten. This failed to make the same impact, and Dan pulled up statistics, showing even at that time, while Mao Mao was still airing and Dan Vs hadn't aired in 7 years, Dan Vs was the more searched for show. Mao Mao's counter ended up only hurting him, as he accidentally implied Dan was correct about Cartoon Network ignoring him. Quickly getting back on track, Mao Mao proclaimed his dip in search activity was due to him being in an interlude, and with S2 coming soon he was certain to soar to new heights on HBOMax as Dan faded into obscurity.

Dan simply told him that sort of thing cuts both ways, and someday he would see that.(Again, extremely prophetic), and called out Mao Mao for attacking the Infinity Train Fandom.

Dan Rush[edit]

Following the conclusion of the debate, Dan*(Impostor) had lost all his remaining support due to Dan's speech, and was trying to regain recognition. Dan* attempted to ally himself with Mao Mao and portray himself as a nicer person in order to regain support as the real Dan, taking advantage of the debates to sway several Mao Mao fans to his side and once again draw Dan's validity into question. Mao Mao himself was hesitant to trust his intentions, as they'd still be enemies if he became the Dan competing (Which was of course, the Impostor's plan, being a better Dan then the original and thus beating Mao Mao in the polls). Still, Mao Mao eventually agreed, and assisted the Imposter in locking Dan in a cellar with Zoidberg.

While Dan* took his opportunity to flaunt his baking skills and begin rebuilding support as the true Dan, Dan was still trapped in the cellar, no one answering his cries for help and even fellow prisoner Zoidberg saying the Impostor was a better Dan. Left to his own devices to scheme, Dan began chewing his way out of the cellar.

Eventually, Dan*'s own niceness and charisma came to bite him in the ass, as several anons claimed he was 'too nice' and thusly a terrible Dan. This sparked an outrage against the Impostor, and spurred on by Dan(who had escaped by this point), a rush of Dan Impostors raided the site, including Karkat, a ditto, Dan's friend Chris, Zoidberg(who followed Dan's escape tunnel), Genderbent Dan, Badgerclops, a Gingerbread Man, Dan's cat, a guy waiting for the bathroom, creepy Beta Dan, cool Beta Dan, his former opponent Danny Fenton, Danny from Cats Don't Dance, Dan Avadan, and Shinji. This only got worse when the horde of Impostor's got their hands on a cloning machine ,creating various broken Dan clones, including tiny Dan, Sub Dan, Dom Dan, Coomer Dan, and an Alien Queen Dan.

As the latter half of the round began, the Dan Vs Fandom came in strong, with the army of Dan clones having formed a borderline army. Strong campaigning continued to dominate the threads with other half the posts being Dan Vs, with all versions of Dan piling on the support. Even the original impostor Dan* (loosely) allied himself with the marching force. A specific Danon even acquired a copy of the same Doujin Mao had been threatening to leak in exchange for votes, removing the ace in Mao Mao's strategy. Mao Mao was reported to have passed out as soon as he heard the news.

Just as the army of Dan's seemed to have taken over the threads, Benrey (A Black Mesa Security Guard concerned about the army of clones) appeared, quickly taking issue with the out of control horde of Dan Clones and Impostors, demanding passwords and papers from all of them. Despite attempts to resist him, most of the Dam Army was driven away by the determined civil servant, with the notable exception of Danielle, a female version of Dan, who continued to attempt to win the coom vote.

Back on his feet, Mao Mao used the fear of the Dan Rush to rally voters to his support, claiming the rushes would continue if Dan was allowed to win. The situation between the two was tense, but the playing field had been leveled with the doujin and Danrush out of action.

Black and Tan Posting[edit]

With his other options exhausted, Dan decided to look back to his roots and channel the strength of his Irish blood towards victory. Writing quickly, Dan wrote a song to the tune of Irish War Ballad "Come out ye Black and Tans", with the lyrics altered to fit the situation. It went as follows.

Come Out Ya Mao Mao Fans!

I was born in The Hub's midday, where ole MLP would play.

Those pink and purple hoves, they stomped all over us.

And every single day, when the fandom said no way.

We'd stay free, proud and active to this chorus.

Come out ya Mao Mao Fans, come out and fight all of us Dans!

Show them Stucks how you won brackets back in Nineteen .

Tell em how the Dandom ai, they made ya pussy foot away.

From the blue and bas-ed threads of our ole /co/ board.

Come tell us very well, how you slandered Great Mandel!

Where you thought him truly dead, beat, and defeated!

When the horde it came to fight, you turned tail into the night.

Because you cats couldn't accept, you were beat-ed!

Come out ya Mao Mao Fans, come out and fight all of us Dans!

Show them Stucks how you won brackets back in Nineteen .

Tell em how the Dandom ai, they made ya pussy foot away.

From the blue and bas-ed threads of our ole /co/ board.

Come tell us how you beat, Mister Wilkins nice and neat!

Like the Geico he had ads and meager posssst-or!

How sadly you mocked Dan, said he twas a daft old man!

But me and the lads will show this man what we'rrrrre for!

Come out ya Mao Mao Fans, come out and fight all of us Dans!

Show them Stucks how you won brackets back in Nineteen .

Tell em how the Dandom ai, they made ya pussy foot away.

From the blue and bas-ed threads of our ole /co/ board.

The time is coming quick, and I think that day is soon.

Tis the Captain says our grand return upon us!

And if the Mao Mao's fight, well we'll kiss that cat goodnight.

And prance round his corpse til morrow, with this chorus!

Come out ya Mao Mao Fans, come out and fight all of us Dans!

Show them Stucks how you won brackets back in Nineteen .

Tell em how the Dandom ai, they made ya pussy foot away.

From the blue and bas-ed threads of our ole /co/ board.

Come out ya Mao Mao Fans, come out and fight all of us Dans!

Show them Stucks how you won brackets back in Nineteen .

Tell em how the Dandom ai, they made ya pussy foot away.

From the blue and bas-ed threads of our ole /co/ board.

The plan proved successful, with anons crying in support of the 'based Ireland pill' and the Irish vote massively turning to Dan. Despite continued harassment from Benrey and an overall reduction in posting, Dan developed an advantage. Karkat also showed up at this point, having apparently slept in, and was displeased to learn he had missed the Dan Rush. Despite showing off his (obviously fake) Cobrastani passport, Karkat was unable to get past Benrey, and wisely retreated before he took action.

Mao Mao attempted to turn the situation against Dan, citing his ploys to Irish Nationalism as a sign of weakness. Dan's cat Mr. Mumbles threatened Mao Mao once again, but this time he took the threat far less seriously, attacking Dan for his underhanded tactics with the clones and violating the tournaments entry rules(as clearly cited by Benrey). Still, with a major victory in hand, Dan kept his head down, allowing his fans to continue to showcase his based-ness and Danielle to continue trying to win the coomers over.

The Final Countdown[edit]

As the end of Round 1 drew near, a feud brokeout between supporters of Dan and Simon, each accusing eachother of being cancerous and launching falseflag attacks. This went nowhere as both turned to face their opponents.

Mao Mao continued to treat Dan as beneath him, playing up that Dan supporters were desperate and had nothing to return to if they lost, while he had a full second season to look forward too(at the time, anyway). Accusations of Mao Mao's furry connections flared up as the round drew towards it's end, and he countered by attempting to portray Dan as gay.

In the final hours, both Dan and Mao Mao themselves took a step back from campaigning to allow the results to come in(Dan did take a moment to speak with Ramses about Garfield's voring rampage, comparing it to Chris's sleep eating). Dan's fanbase continued small scale campaigning, Danielle apparently attempting to bridge their problems with Simon by making out with him. Adorabat took the lead role campaigning for Mao Mao in the closing hour, bringing up the doujin yet again(despite Dan offering to leak it himself)

As the time drew to a close, the results were announced.

Round 2[edit]

Dan won an extremely narrow victory, edging out Mao Mao. Dan's fans rejoiced that the furry fodder had fallen, while Mao Mao buried his sorrows in ice cream, leaving Badgerclops to handle the public. But Dan had drawn a much larger threat, The Joker (DC).

Much of Dan's supporters felt uneasy about the matchup. Some hoped Dan could emulated the based Charlie Collins and teach the Joker a lesson, while others feared Dan was doomed.

Deciding to 'cheer Dan up', the Joker sprayed Dan with a dose of Joker Gas (which Chris McClean encouraged, the dark attack would rise ratings). Fortunately, Dan's years of exposure to all sorts of poisons left him immune to the gas, and he mocked the Joker's failure. The Joker simply laughed.

Taking a break from campaigning, Dan halted an attempt by Ramses to kill Tyra, his dinosaur friend (who Ramses had mistaken for Fang), and attempted to bribe the grieving Infinity Train supporters into electing him the new leader of the Apex(which failed). Impostor Dan* attempted to manipulate Joker into helping him dispose of the real Dan, but the Clown Prince of Crime simply laughed off his efforts.

Danielle and Dan continued to campaign as things continued, and Karkat continued to try to convince everyone he was the real Dan, to little luck. Even Zoidberg joined in.

With the return to simple campaigning to show the world just how based Dan was, things remained calm for quite a time before Joker insulted Dan's cancellation. Dan countered by pointing out Joker's age.

As Benrey reappeared and continued to harrass the remaining Dan's, Dan* decided it was in his best interests to cooperate with the others, and proposed they needed to create a homeland for all the Dans (Intending to become the Ruler of it). Dan suggested Ireland for obvious reasons, while Dan* was interested in cutting a deal with Ramses to acquire Israel and Karkat wanted to ask Vriska to get them a home in Alternia. Dan* proposed they should allow Mr. Mumbles to decide(assuming the cat would favor Egypt due to it's history of cat worship).

As the other Dan's debated their new homeland, Dan called up his friends in the IRA, and, as a thank you for his support, asked them to plant a car bomb in Mao Mao's car. The plan worked, but due to Mao Mao's 9 lives, he survived with 8 to spare.

Mr. Mumbles ended up pointing to Mao Mao and saying "Meow", leading to the group of Dan's deciding that Pure Heart Valley could be their new homeland, since Mao Mao was SUPPOSEDLY dead and the citizens would be easily conquered. They were unable to go there at the time, though, due to the tournament still being in progress.

Dan continued to run his based campaign, trying to make Joker look like the normie pick. But as the Round drew towards the end, Dan grew nervous, and pulled out his ace in the hole, the IRS. Joker had had a long and well known fear of the IRS ever since the incident with King Barlo, while Dan was known for not fearing the wrath of the tax man. Dan even attempted to win over the Rick and Morty haters by pointing out Dan's victory against squirrels, which Rick was so scared of he fled an entire dimension to escape them. Still, Joker was confident, and simply reminded Dan of his mortality.

Dan, confident he was going to win, began planning for his fight against his presumed opponent, Eustace, planning a series of WAR! posters to call upon his supporters to fight, beginning to plan a cover of "The Foggy Dew", and even acquiring a functional WW1 German Tank, the K-Wagen.

As the Round ended, Dan lost a narrow defeat, and sulked off, as the Joker cried it was the year of the clown. Dan assaulted Joker in the parking lot before leaving, however.


Wipeout of the Dans[edit]

Joker would go on to lose to Eustace in the following round. The real Dan sulked off to go home and comfort himself with his girlfriend Hortence, leaving a vacuum in the tournament that Dan* was eager to fill. Now without any competition to the status as the 'true Dan', the Impostor lurked throughout the tournament, making appearances in the name of Dan. He eventually managed to rebuild the clone army and get around Benrey.

During the infamous wedding, Dan* attended in the place of Dan, attempting to leverage Ramses for a parcel of territory in the Holy Land he could rule over as a Kingdom of Dans. While negotiations were underway, all of the Dan's begin to suspect Dan* is an Impostor. Fearing betrayal, Dan* attacks them first, leading to an ugly fight in the desert that escalates and eventually leads to the deaths of all the Dan's, except for Dan*(who won the fight) and Karkat(who managed to slink off in the chaos).

Dan* eventually found his way back to the United States, slipping away unnoticed. Karkat, unaware of Dan's reputation in the state, wandered through New Mexico and nearly murdered by a swarm of cultists. The incident finally pushes Karkat to stop pretending to be Dan and instead back Eridan and Dave in their efforts.

Tag Tournament Prelude[edit]

Dan, after spending most of the month with his girlfriend and binge watching Population Control Johnny on the couch(alongside a brief detour to destroy a pudding company in New Jersey), eventually learned about the tournament from Chris, who didn't want Dan to get mad at him if he didn't tell him. Dan is hesistant to bring Chris at first, since he didn't help much during Mr. /co/, and Dale Gribble(a fellow madlad and conspiracist) had offered to partner with Dan. Still, eventually he decided to team up with Chris and form The Avatars of Nemesis.

During the months in-between the tournaments, Dan has also discovered a series of portals near the beach that allowed him to move between the Tournament Dimension and his home at will, allowing him to bypass the troublesome guard Benrey.

The Impostor Dan* also learned of the tournament, and, while hesitant to get as involved after nearly dying in the Sudanese Desert, follows the duo.

Tag Team Tournament[edit]

Qualifiers: The Booba Juice Incident[edit]

The duo easily get nominated, but the tournament is forced to relocate after Mr. Morris and Scruffy kick the tournament off of /co/, leading to Dan declaring vengeance on the jannies. Still, with no way to get to them, Dan settles in. Initially, Dan focuses on poster campaigning and riding off the wave of Irish Nationalism that had been spurred in Mr. /co/(drawing the ire of Ulster Nationalist Scrooge, though not enough for him to do anything), and promises that this time he'll ensure Mao Mao is taken care of permanently.

Dan's campaigning eventually captures the attention of Mao Mao, who had mistaken Dan* for Dan at the Wedding and was convinced Dan was either marooned or dead. Shocked to see him alive, Mao Mao demanded answers from Dan, who explained he had been watching Population Control Johnny. Mentioning the series, however, catches the attention of fellow nominee and known homicidal maniac Johnny 'Nny' Cee, who quickly becomes convinced the television network has been spying on him and based on the series on his own life.

Despite Chris insisting that finding out what the Impostor is up to is crucial(along with mentioning Joker had been sending him creepy phone messages), Dan becomes fixated on how Mao Mao had survived the car bomb, eventually growing convinced Mao Mao was Superman. Dan attempts to kill Mao Mao with 'kyrptonite'(actually uranium powder he bought online), but it fails. The real Superman decides not to intervene, as it's just too funny.

Dan eventually figures out the 9 lives factor, and steals an experimental estrogen formula from Elise in order to trick Mao Mao into thinking he's a woman named Tiffy, and get him to step into a car(rigged to blow up). Mao Mao, a master of disguise himself, is not fooled. Dan(ielle) soon discovers to his(her) horror that the serum will last for 24 hours, and Elise doesn't have an antidote. Elise(dummy thicc from her own use of the serum) mocks Dan for turning himself into a woman. He decides to lay low for the time, slipping out of of the dimension the Tournament is being held in and returning home(Dan having discovered the location of several hidden portals earlier in order to avoid problems with Benrey).

By this point, the /co/ media is reporting on the feud between the two, surprised after having prematurely declared them both dead. The writers of Population Control Johnny are all brutally murdered at this time by Nny, who only grows more angry when the media calls the incident 'wacky' (his least favorite word).

Mao Mao too avoids dealing with Dan for a time, until Samantha goes missing and appears to have been kidnapped(Grace having done so after an argument). Dan calls Mao Mao to dismiss the theory, but suspicions remain. Dan himself tries to fashion a duck tape sports bra at home to hide his assets feminine. Chris(unaware of what was going on) was shocked to discover Dan had been turned female, and even more shocked when Dan dragged him to the portal at the harbor.

Shortly before the beginning of Round 1, the staff announce that(thanks to the generous donations of one Richard Dastardly), a race was going to be held between rounds, and while it wouldn't affect the results, it was sure to raise money and morale. Dan, decide Chris's protests, decided to use the K-Wagen he had purchased in Mr. /co/ for the fight again Eustace that ended up never happening. Dubbing the machine 'The Honorable K-Wagen', Dan readied himself at the starting line(almost drowning while climbing through the portal back due to the cove it was in being flooded at high tide).

Round 1: Ride of the Honorable K-Wagen[edit]

Dan found it hard to even fit in the K-Wagen due to him still being a woman at the time. His impatience growing, Dan counted down the final minutes until the serum wore off within the K-Wagen, which was finally roaring to life at a steady clip of 1 MPH.

Dan's interest in the race quickly faded as the serum finally wore off, the freshly masculated Dan leaping out of the landship and immediately seeking Mao Mao for revenge(despite the serum being Dan's idea). Mao Mao smugly comments they aren't opponents(yet), and talks with his newly found ally Blacksad about the brackets. The feline soon learns he'd have to make it all the way to the finals(as would his rival) in order for a rematch to occur. As such, Dan and Mao Mao decide to form a temporary alliance to deal with their current foes so they could eventually settle their score with each other properly, in an official tournament match. Supports of both heroes quickly got on board with the idea, hyping up their best attributes and the possibility of a revenge match.

Dan soon found his opponents were not nearly as imposing as those he had fought before, both Rick Sanchez and Doofenshmirtz being too hungover and drunk from celebrating to even campaign. Due to this, Dan took a significantly more laid back approach to the round, returning to the K-Wagen with Chris to continue the race(despite being in dead last among those interested). Chris himself was still confused, having not been told the details by Dan.

For most of the Round, Dan stayed within the K-Wagen, participating in the charity race. His vehicle proved to be so slow that Dick Dastardly didn't even bother sabotaging him, providing an unusual advantage. The only event of note in the several hours of rumbling along with a brief exchange with the Joker out the window, a still bitter Dan insulting Joker's confllict with Amity Blight that was going on at the time.

Dan's peaceful racing was broken by his old foe, Dan*. Sensing opportunity with the increasing confusion around Samantha's disappearance, Grace decided to hire the infamous Impostor to plant Dan's license at Samantha's house, leading Mao Mao to suspect Dan was involved and throwing him off of her trail. Mao Mao's suspicions only grew as Dan's supporters spread rumors about him and Badgerclops being homosexual lovers, which Mao Mao's supporters countered by spreading their own rumors about Dan's crossdressing and boob juice use.

Dan(exiting his tank in a rage) defended his actions as a mistake, and cited his alibi, he had been at home at the time fixing the tank. Mao Mao, albeit reluctantly, believed Dan, but decided to enter the race himself to keep Dan from getting too much attention. He also promised that Dan would suffer if he was involved.

Returning to his tank, Dan had a brief encounter with Star Butterfly, attempting to frame Eggman for the murder of the Diamond Authority to avoid being killed herself by Garnet. Despite not knowing either competitor, Dan immediately identified to Garnet that Star was lying. Returning to his tank, Dan once again blared the music of Ireland.

As Mao Mao and Dan focused on the charity race and the voting for the Round drew towards it's end, Dan's pet cat, Mr. Mumbles, found himself in his own scrape after attempting to kill and eat competitor Secret Squirrel. While he failed, the highly publicized discussion of Mr. Mumbles lead to some speculation around Mao Mao possibly being the parent of the green eyed pet.

Discussion of the rumors quickly flared up, supporters and hobos alike discussing the possible parentage of Mr. Mumbles. While some thought Samantha was the obvious mother(perhaps providing a reason Mao Mao was so desperate to find the missing woman), others thought the timeline was impossible and speculated on the true parentage. Dan. delighted at the possibility Mao Mao owed him child support for raising his kid for him, didn't help matters as the Round drew to an end.

Round 2: The Baby is Mew![edit]

Dan completely crushed his opponents, Rick and Doof having not even bothered to show up to the tournament at all. Dan gave a rather respectful congratulations to Mao Mao, who had also survived the first round, and hoped they'd soon meet in the brackets. Dan drew the Inept Invaders, Invader Zim and his Garbage Information Retrieval unit G.I.R., a far more formidable foe then the drunk scientists of the round prior, and immediately began to prepare for a harder campaign.

Dan attempted to return to the Honorable K-Wagen to resume the charity race with Chris and get some good publicity to start the round. Before he could, however, both he and Mao Mao(who was investigating rumors about Ramses involvement in sabotaging the race the round prior) were stopped dead in their tracks by Doctor Piper Kaufman. Having heard the rumors about Mr. Mumbles parentage, Piper had tested the cats DNA, and discovered, to her shock and horror, the biological parents were Mao Mao and Dan.

The two were both immediately shocked and awed. Dan(thinking back to his drinking and sex binge in Dublin in 2019 to celebrate winning Mr. /mlp/) was horrified at the possibility, but Mao Mao himself quickly dismissed it, comparing it to the Simon feud from the previous tournament and insisting it was biologically impossible(even if he had been hitting the catnip recently and Dan had been drunk). Supporters of each mostly dismissed the claims, though several feared the various gender-bending pills and serums that had appeared in the tournament before were involved.

To his horror, another Doctor (Dewey Gottu Phfister) asked Dan if he had done anything that could have caused him to produce eggs, and, unfortunately, Elise's booba juice could certainly have done so. Even Dan admitted he had crossdressed as a woman in the past during some especially wild parties. Even Mao Mao was growing nervous, as Badgerclops noted Danielle resembled a girl Mao had fucked on the rebound after losing to Griveous in 2019.

Stepping in to fuel the chaos, Eggman(despite having promised to help Jack Spicer find his parents) put the results together, explaining that Dan had probably stolen Elise's serum while in Dublin for the purposes of seducing British Soldiers(to murder for the cause), and had fucked Mao Mao at some point, shitting out Mr. Mumbles 9 months later and allowing him to wander to the local animal shelter to be adopted by Dan. Chris nearly died of shock when Dan finally told him what had happened, and Mao Mao, shellshocked by the news, simply pondered if he should apologize to Simon for mocking him at the Wedding.

Shortly afterwards, Eggman(under his pseudonym "Ivo the Rap God") released "The Baby is Mew", an album based on the escapades of Mao Mao and Dan's relationship(and a parody of The Baby is You by Toby Fox), which would go on to become a platinum seller. The lyrics sadly cannot be posted here, as they would certainly lead to this whole wiki being deleted for degeneracy.

The reaction was instant. Some anons laughed at the chaos Eggman had caused and even sung it themselves. Some(like poor poor Hank Hill) were morally insulted by the vulgar album. Some like Bobby Hill just wanted to dance. Huey Freeman straight up quit the tournament for being "even more gay then I thought you was", and Alastor simply laughed at the suffering it was causing. Mao Mao refused to comment on the album as his reputation tanked, he was busy at the time dealing with Ramses connections to Dick.

As the album continued to soar the charts, the then Queen of /co/, Her Majesty Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, called out how suspicious it was that Eggman had discovered the genetic freak of nature right before releasing a new album(The Baby is Mew being his second album, his first being a single called "Mean Bean Machine"). Dan's memory was unintentionally jolted by a combination of her words and a brief encounter with Amity Blight, leading to Dan discovering that he had been in Edinburgh during the month in question as Dublin was locked down following a swine flu outbreak(Not to mention Mao Mao was too old for his tastes) and while he may have been crossdressing at the time, Elise's booba juice hadn't even been invented yet! Dan, brought back to thoughts of the girl, decided to go try to flirt with Amity. It did not go well(especially as the girl was indoctrinated into the Cult of Wilkins by this point). Chris, having been abandoned by Dan with the race no longer interesting him, left for home, and was forced to deal with Elise's booba juice inspired horniness.

With more and more suspicious folks hounding Eggman, he eventually confessed to having faked the tests and bribed Piper and Dewey to back him up in order to use the scandal as material for his album. Eggman claimed it was to raise money so he could afford to buy increasingly rare Wilkins Coffee (as by this point, Wilkins had acquired the power of Vriska Serket and was becoming increasingly murderous to all who refused to drink Wilkins Coffee), and that Samantha had been the real mother all along, though neither Dan nor Mao Mao was the father, and Samantha had had a one night stand with someone else.

The duo were initially perplexed as to the identity of Mr. Mumbles real father(Mao Mao being shocked at Samantha's disloyalty, and Dan simply mad he couldn't extort Mao Mao for child support) and were unable to ask Eggman to help as he had just discovered Jack Spicer was his son and was in the middle of a psychotic break brought on by Wilkins. Mao Mao(having finally identified Grace as the kidnapped of Samantha) attempted to get info out of her, only to discover Grace had killed Samantha and gave her soul to Aku. Mao Mao, vowing to avenge the fellow feline, pledged to get to hell and save Samantha's soul himself.

It wasn't long after that Buzz Lightyear discovered that Danger Mouse (a fellow competitor and loose ally to Mao Mao) was the father of Mr. Mumbles all along, and had apparently been visiting Samantha for 'massages'.

Things would calm down for a while, as Dan was too busy attempting to flirt with young ladies to bother campaigning. His attention(and rage) would resume when the sexually and emotionally disturbed Mr. Mumbles proceeded to eat his own father, Danger Mouse. Dan initially refused to let the cat come back(citing that Chris's eating habits were bad enough) before immediately forgiving his pet. Mao Mao celebrated at the scoundrals demise, and would have kissed Mumbles in praise if not for the fear it would give Eggman an idea for an album.

Without his owner knowing, Mr. Mumbles snuck off to Zim's ship, and pooped in the fuel tank, inspiring several others(including Megamind and the Tallest) to do the same, leading to Zim's ship malfunctioning and blasting him into deep space.

As the end of the round drew near, Dan(who had spent nearly a full day chasing girls) panicked, realizing he was nearly out of time to campaign, and quickly dragged Chris back to the K-Wagen to rejoin the charity race and gain some good publicity.

Unfortunately, at that exact time, Dan's old nemesis The Joker released gas bombs throughout the course, leading to the madness of several contestants, including Mao Mao(who reverted back to his childhood persona). Dan himself, however, was unaffected, as his years of exposures to every poison imaginable left him immune(just as it had in Mr. /co/). Chris, not immune, began to hallucinate flying monkeys attacking him, so Dan decided to give up on the race and leaving Chris to stumble home.

Exiting the K-Wagen, Dan discovered to his horror he had ran out of time to campaign, the round was about to end and he hadn't campaigned at all against Zim(unaware of Mumble's sabotage the prior evening). Chris(high out of his mind on gas) gave his friend an oddly high spirited speech about him being proud of their preformance whether or not they made it, before mentioning a vortex he saw that clearly wasn't there and resumed hallucinating monkeys. Dan paced anxiously for the final countdown, unnerved by the swarm of jokerified villains(as he had been raped by a clown as a child).

To make matters worse, Alastor(having obtained Samantha's soul from Aku with a simple deal) had given Samantha's body to Bill Cipher to control mere moments before the round ended, which Bill could use as leverage in case he and Dan came against eachother.

Round 3: Dan Vs. The Dapper Dealers[edit]

Dan narrowly defeated the Inept Invaders, and, with no one to rescue them, Zim eventually died in space, his ghost proceeding to haunt his Tallest for all eternity.

Despite this victory, Dan hardly payed it a moments notice, immediately returning his attention to Bill. The coniving demon offered to cut a deal with Dan(returning Samantha if Dan won in the polls against him and Alastor) but Dan, livid with rage, refused to consider. Screaming into the heavens, Dan declared vengeance upon THE DAPPER DEALERS, and quickly returned home via his portal to plan his next move.

Dan barged into Elise's house(where Chris was still recovering from his mild exposure to Joker gas), insisting they needed to kill Bill and then go to hell to deal with Alastor. Chris(having been too high at the time to pay close attention) had assumed Samantha had ditched the kid, further engaging Dan, who pointed out Mumbles had just lost his father and could lose his Mother to a demon if they failed to act(Chris calmly noting that Mumbles had killed and eaten said father). The duo quickly resumed arguing as Chris taunted Dan over Eggman's infamous album, leading to Dan threatening Chris yet again and the two debating whether Chris should have even been invited alone (Chris stating he didn't even think Dan's other friend Dale was a real person). As they argued, Bill(still controlling Samantha) showed up and lured Mr. Mumbles away, taking him towards a vortex leading straight back to Alastor's base in hell. Dan and Chris immediately gave chase (Dan calmly telling Chris that there had been portals everywhere lately due to Star Butterfly's haphazard use of them), with Bill deciding to allow the (mildly brainwashed) Mr. Mumbles to pick who to go with(in order to further mess with Dan). Dan's attempt to win Mr. Mumbles over proved even more distastrous then expected, and Bill dragged the poor feline back to hell through the portal.

Dan(after telling Chris to murder the pony that contained the portal), immediately formulated a new plan, going to hell and getting Mr. Mumbles back themselves(and despite Chris's fears, the plan did not involve jumping in front of a truck or committing murder). Dan refused to provide the details to Chris though, and instead demanded he drive them to the library so they could research their next move.

Barging in, Dan demanded info on dream demons and demonic radio from the Librarian, with Chris attempting to more calmly explain their needs. The Librarian(recognizing Dan from a previous meeting) refused to help either of them unless they aiding him in exchange. Millions of people had been dying mysteriously and the only common link was not drinking Wilkins Coffee(Wilkins, by this point, had cut several deals with Vriska and was rapidly growing in power). Unable to afford their ever soaring prices, he would only give them the info if he could get enough coffee to last a few days.

Dan and Chris searched several local stores(Dan declaring vengeance on each when they failed him), but none had any Wilkins Coffee left. Thinking fast, Dan ordered Chris take him to his girlfriends for the night, as she was a rich CEO and would surely have a supply. Hortence, happy to see Dan, invited him in for a 'talk'.

Unknown to the duo, as they slept, Alastor had a bug planted in Dan's car, allowing him to listen in on their discussions.

After a long night of greasy fun, Dan managed to talk Hortence into giving him 4 tubs of Wilkins Coffee, calling Chris(exhausted as it was barely sunrise) to pick him up. On their way back ,Chris fell asleep, leading to them getting off course and causing a horrific incident at a civil war reenactment they've both taken a vow of silence on.

Eventually getting back to the library(after more arguing about who MAY have starved Mr. Mumbles in the past), Dan discovered to his horror Chris had eaten one of the tubs of coffee in a vain attempt to prevent another sleep related tragedy. Dan(who had been planning to keep two of the tubs for them) grew furious at Chris, only getting worse as Chris insulted his girlfriend. Chris eventually backed off just as Dan threatened to replace him with Dale, the duo going inside to meet the librarian.

Unfortunately, Wilkins had already gotten to him, the Librarian having died of multiple mysterious ailments caused by the vengeful muppets. Their only source of info dead, Dan decided to simply search the library himself. Eventually, Chris found a book on the paranormal that had been written by Dib, Coop, and Dale, which contained a section on the Radio Demon and his alleged weakness to holy water. Dan, in turn, found a copy of Journal 3, and(recalling a previous codebreaking incident) used his blacklight on it to reveal new text stating that Bill Cipher could be destroyed by wiping the mind of a person while Bill was inside them.

Formulating a new plan, Dan instructed Chris to steal a vial of liquid from his wife's garage hidden inside the flood light(an amnesic she used for wiping the mind of enemy spy agents that Dan had found while snooping) and to meet him at the warehouse downtown. Before leaving, Dan grabbed two other books that appeared helpful, as one of them contained the same symbol Wilkins had on his chest on the cover.

Turning to his once foe, Dan asked Mao Mao if he could track down Grace(who had been dating the Impostor ever since he helped her frame Dan in the days prior. Despite his hesitancy, Mao Mao eventually folded(for Samantha) and was able to quickly interrogate the girl about his location, in a bar downtown.

Taking advantage of Elise's newfound horniness from abusing the booba juice, Dan managed to talk her into seducing and kidnapping the Impostor at the bar and taking him to the warehouse(Primarily by reminding her that if the Impostor is allowed to win he'll have to stay at their house again). Elise eventually gave in, and successfully nabbed the impostor, using her good looks to bypass the cops in the area by playing it off at the sex game.

Chris(ariving at the warehouse with the amnesic) discovered that Dan had gotten ordaned at an online church, and had turned several water jugs into holy water and filled a pesticide sprayer backpack with it, intending to kill Alastor with the holy water and then trick Bill into pocessing the Impostor, who they would force feed the amnesic, thus killing Bill.

With the Impostor delievered to them, Dan drew a pentagram and crafted a summoning seance, channeling his old Demon Boss back to the world of mortals. Despite her initial confusion to his intent(as Dan had been the one to send her back to hell in the first place), Dan offered to give her the Impostor's mindwiped husk as a sex slave(since his boss was a succubus) in exchange for her opening them a portal directly to Alastor's compound. His old boss(apparently having a history with Alastor), agreed to the deal, allowing Dan and Chris passage into hell.

Charlie Magne immediately greeted the new arrivals, but Dan and Chris pushed past her with no hesitation, sprinting towards Alastor's broadcast center at the top of Happy Hotel and preparing to breech, the bound and gagged Dan* ready to be thrown and the holy water ready to be sprayed.

Aftermath: A Pain in the Ass Ending[edit]

Unfortunately, as Alastor had cracked their transmissions the day prior, the duo were walking into a trap. The breech was a bloodbath, both of the Avatar's being killed by Alastor and Bill before they even had a chance to react.

With the Avatar's of Nemesis having lost in the polls as well, they were officially out of the tournament, and had no way to get back home as their only leverage(The Impostor Dan*) had escaped in the chaos.

Smug in his victory, Bill and Alastor quickly refocused on containing the threat of Wilkins before he had a chance to summon Vriska back into the tournament. Mao Mao, despite being rivals with Dan, was saddened at Samantha's fate, and being unable to face his rival again.

Dan and Chris(trapped in hell as they were now truly dead) remained captive in Alastor's broadcast center throughout the next two days, as Alastor and Bill stopped Wilkins from completing his plan by the narrowest of margins, before being overwhelmed themselves by Tulio and Miguel(who had absorbed the all-spark and become real gods). With their captors dead, Dan and Chris slinked out into the open world of hell, attempting to find a way to escape. Unfortunately, as they tended to do in stressful situation, the duo quickly broke out into fighting over who's fault the situation was, eventually stumbling into Angel Dust's hideout and finding themselves at gunpoint as the spider caught himself a couple of flies.

Calling over fellow 'exotic love' specialist Lucious, the duo proceeded to rape Dan and Chris repeatedly for the following months, their exact fate being left unknown.

Non-Canon RP[edit]

Several non-canon events, troll posts, retconned plot threads, occured over the series of the tournaments. While not considered part of the core arc, they are important to list.

Mao Mao's Death[edit]

During Round 2 of Mr. /co/, Dan set off a car bomb, killing his opponent Mao Mao. He later did the same to joker. This was retconned as both came back, with Dan having never bombed the Joker and Mao Mao having survived.

Dan's visitation at the Wedding[edit]

It was wrote prior to the Tag Team Tournament that Dan had indeed maintained a presense at the wedding between Simon and Jack, and was fighting the Impostor there. This was retconned as having been all Impostors, with the real Dan at home the whole time.

Aishi the Impostor[edit]

Probably the most notable troll arc. Aishi, caught off her feet by Dan's dashing appearence, took to shapeshifting into him from time to time for sexual purposes. During the chaos in the Sudan, she seized her moment and killed Dan*, replacing the Impostor.

During the Tag Tournament, Aishi briefly helped and dated Grace, eventually revealing her true identity. Grace was forced to (sheepishly) admit this to Mao Mao when he interrogated her, but the news came too late to pass along to Dan, who was already kidnapping the shapeshifter. Dan discovered the truth just as he was about to cut a deal with his boss, but quickly adjusted, forcing his Boss to lock Aishi into her Impostor form so he could still trick Bill.

After Dan's death, her allies would rescue her from the Succubus, mad at her endeavor.

Chris's involvement with Angel[edit]

The last non canon event occured at the very end, in a string of troll posts suggesting Chris was the one who had informed Angel Dust of Dan's presense, helping him capture Dan in exchange for getting to have sex with the prisoner. Chris was also stated to have developed herpes due to this. This was later deemed non-canon.

Dan's Aftermath[edit]

It's unclear what exactly happened to Dan in the Tournament Lore after being captured by Angel Dust and Lucious Heinous during the Final 4. Some anons speculated he simply remained stuck in hell forever.

The original explanation by the primary danposter was that(in line with the Pulp Fiction parody), Elise would eventually notice the duo were missing, and figure out what had happened by finding the books Dan had left behind and getting help from Dan's friend Dale. She would then attack hell after obtaining a holy weapon of some sort, and kill Angel Dust, rescueing the duo. He implied this wouldn't occur for several months.

A second explanation was offered in an RP thread in mid 2021, explaining that, instead of being kept in Angel's basement, Dan had been sold to crooked pimp Valentino after a few days, and at some point in mid 2021 managed to escape during transport through the power of sheer rage, stealing an illegal exterminator weapon and slaughtering his way out of hell Doomslayer style.


  • Dan was one of the few characters to continuously improve in his /co/ tournament performance, losing in Round 1 in 2018, going two rounds in 2020, and lasting 3 rounds in the Tag Team Tournament and in 2021. Too bad he broke his streak by jobbing like a bitch in 2022 and 2023.
  • Dan is the only character originated from The Hub Network to qualify for Mr. /co/.
  • Dan has the most autistic page on the 4chan Tournaments Wiki. Congratulations, Dan!


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