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Wilkins is an early Muppet character created in 1957 by Jim Henson. He is best known for appearing in a series of 8-second skits advertising the local coffee brand Wilkins Coffee alongside his partner Wontkins. Wilkins is a outwardly cheerful, puke yellow toad muppet who will drink Wilkins Coffee, while Wontkins is a grumpy, red blob creature who won't. Many commercials depict Wilkins subjecting Wontkins into various acts of violence ranging from blunt trauma and gunshots to literally summoning a human leg to crush the victim, all because he refused to drink the damn coffee.

The commercials gained popularity online during the 2010's when it became notable for its unusually violent content for a puppet show. The ads have since been compiled together on several video hosting websites such as YouTube.

Wilkins gained prominence in 2020 as an important character in Mr. /co/lympus and Tag-Team lore, becoming the main subject of a story arc named the "Cult of Wilkins". As a competitor, Wilkins is yet to qualify for a Mr. /co/lympus tournament. In Tag-Team 2020 he and Wontkins advanced into the last 16, where they were eliminated by the devilish Dapper Dealers Bill Cipher and Alastor.


During Tag-Team Tournament 2021, while Wilkins initially took his usual threat based approach, Vriska Serket cut a deal with Wilkins after the results of the qualifiers were announced, offering him a cut of her power in exchange for killing Star Butterfly, Gertrude the Gruesome, and The God Emperor of Mankind.

Wilkins took the deal (gaining the Scorpio symbol on his chest) and succeeded in killing Vriska's rivals. Wilkins doubled down on the deal shortly afterwards, taking even more of her luck powers to the point his eyes started glowing.

Following this, Wilkins used his powers to kill off and maim people who didn't drink Wilkins coffee worldwide, including a librarian, Tavros, and allegedly Chris Stotch. He also recruited ZONE-Tan to help him run the Cult of Wilkins Coffee, and in exchange, she was granted Aradia's time powers after Wilkins had her killed to appease Vriska.

Just as victory for him and his master seemed inmminent, Wilkins lost by a single vote(ironically given by his main supporter, who had turned on Wilkins), therefore breaking his side of the extended deal with Vriska. Vriska promptly sent Wilkins to hell, where he remains to this day.

Tournament History[edit]

2020: Wilkins / Wontkins (Bad Things seem to happen to people who don't vote Wilkins) - seed 8
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 (121) Garnet Ruby / Sapphire Steven Universe 74.7%
Round 2 (57) Blind Fighters Toph / Daredevil Avatar: TLA / Marvel 64%
Round 3 (25) A Game of Cat and Mouse File:Jerry mouse icon.png Tom / Jerry Tom and Jerry 74.7%
Round 4 (9) Dapper Dealers Bill / Alastor Gravity Falls / Hazbin Hotel 49.3%

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