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Jenny Wakeman, designated Robotic Global Response Unit XJ-9 and known in this wiki as Jenny XJ9 for ease of identification, is the titular protagonist from the 2003 Nickelodeon show My Life as a Teenage Robot created by Rob Renzetti. She is a highly advanced, sentient, gynoid automaton programmed to protect Earth, and is armed with a wide variety of gadgets, weapons, and transformations. However, all Jenny wants is to live the life of a normal teenager and hang out with her friends like Brad Carbunkle and Sheldon Lee. XJ-9 is the ninth robot created by elderly scientist Nora Wakeman, thus she has 8 older robotic siblings too, all of which are introduced in an episode. Her personality is a that of a friendly, eager, and tomboyish teenager.

Jenny is best known for being the very first champion of Ms. /co/ tournaments, having won the title in 2018; as a result she is ineligible from competing in the tournament again. Since then, the robot girl is used as the tournament's de facto official mascot, with its trophies being named "The Jenny's" and bearing her likeness. Jenny is also one of the event's official judges since 2019, alongside the /co/ board-tans, J/aco/lyn, and Yotsuba. A running gag throughout the contests is Jenny trying to sneak back into the competition by dressing up as one of the contestants, usually that year's champion.

Tournament history[edit]

The Jenny trophy from 2018.

Jenny was seeded 37th in Ms. /co/ 2018, making her somewhat of a "dark horse" as most thread attention was focused on the top seeds. Her first real challenge came from #5 seed Frankie Foster in round 3, where she won by 10 votes. She then scored decisive wins against bisexual waifus Marceline in round 4 and Harley Quinn in the Elite Eight round. In the semi finals, Jenny narrowly defeated Avatar's Toph Beifong by 7 votes, before overcoming Teen Titans' Starfire by 19 votes in the title match.

The teenage robot is almost universally recognized by /co/ anons as the most deserving Miss /co/ champion of all time due to her general waifu and sexual appeal, consistent board presence, and the fact that she had to beat some of the tournament's major powerhouses to become the best. Her championship also came at a time where the tournament was considered "pure" by some users, free of metagaming, restrictions, and outside influences. Jenny is also a popular subject of contest-related fanart, both as a competitor and as a judge.


2018 - seed 37
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (92) Jasper Steven Universe 275 - 53 83.8%
Round 2 (28) Peppermint Patty Peanuts 247 - 88 73.7%
Round 3 (5) Frankie Foster Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 170 - 160 51.5%
Round 4 (12) Marceline Adventure Time 189 - 106 64.1%
Quarter-finals (4) Harley Quinn DC 217 - 136 61.5%
Semi-finals (32) Toph Beifong Avatar: The Last Airbender 165 - 158 51.1%
Final (3) Starfire Teen Titans 164 - 145 53.1%


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