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The /an/lympics 2024 was a tournament held on the /an/imals & Nature board of 4chan and a direct follow-up to the first iteration in 2023. It was once again contested by all organisms known on Earth rather than just animals. Due to the 2023 host Ballsanon !!TSeJH+Shkly retiring during King of /v/ 2023 under what was later confirmed to be personal reasons, the tournament's future wasn't entirely clear at first. In the end, it would be taken over by a new host known as Mr. Sir The Guymanbro !xNDnmYN2QQ, who had previously hosted the various barred character side event tournaments during the recent main /co/ and /v/ tournaments.


How to nominate[edit]

  • You must post the image and species name (e.g. [I nominate] the Tyrannosaurus rex)
  • 5 replies / (You)s are needed to qualify as a nominee.
  • One nominee per post only
  • Check the nomination list (Ctrl+F, click the "three vertical dots" icon, and enter character name) to see if your team is already nominated

Character / series eligibility[edit]

  • Submission must be /an/-related or or have appeared in a /an/ tournament prior to this rule (Grandfather Clause)
  • Organism of choice must be a living thing or virus (including extinct ones)
  • The previous winner (the crow) and the previous year's Elite Eight members are ineligible.
  • All organisms must be known to exist for at least one month (FOTM rule).
  • Organisms cannot be Board-Tans, OC Donut Steels or anything fictional like Pokémon, Audrey II, or "whatever the hell ALF is".
  • It is not required nor will you be penalized in any way for doing so, but it is recommended that you nominate general species instead of specific members. (People are more likely to vote for "Crocodiles" instead of "Black Caiman".)
  • In the event of several human or human-like organisms are flooding the qualifiers, only the 3 with the most votes will be allowed in.

Qualifying round[edit]

Nominations List:

Full Qualifier Results:

144 successful nominees will be consolidated into a single massive group where voters select the characters that they want to advance. There is no restriction on how many guys they can select. This format is called Approval voting. After the round ends, 128 characters with the most votes will advance into the bracket. Ties are broken by whoever gets properly nominated earlier.

A maximum of 3 characters per series can enter the bracket.



The following did NOT qualify: Koala, Northern Cardinal, Palaeoxodon Namadicus, Rafflesia Arnoldii, Tegu, Jerboa, Gustave The Man-Eating, Burundian, Destroying Angel, Ginkgo Biloba, Valonia Ventricosa, Dragon’s Blood Tree, Lagerstroemia Indica Reimu, Ryegrass, Gojirasaurus, Jadera Haematoloma

Tournament Bracket[edit]

Challonge Link:

Elite Eight[edit]


Google Polls Results: Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4QuarterfinalsSemi-FinalsFinals

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