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ENA is a web animated series created by Peruvian artist Joel Guerra, and the name of its eponymous protagonist. She appears as a humanoid female with an asymmetrical design inspired by Pablo Picasso's painting Girl Before a Mirror. ENA herself is often as strange as the world she inhabits, speaking with specific and unique English words and reacting to her surroundings in peculiar ways. She is normally cheerful and upbeat but occasionally experiences sudden personality changes where she becomes extremely depressed and self-defeating, with her appearance changing from half-yellow/half-blue to half-black/half-white to reflect this. ENA speaks with a masculine voice while happy and a feminine voice while sad, however like Dr. Mrs. The Monarch ENA's masculine voice does not change her being female.

The web series, which has multiple episodes posted on Newgrounds and YouTube, gained popularity for its surreal, 90's era aesthetics. ENA's unique design has also been met with positive reception, and has inspired many fan arts online.

Tournament History[edit]

The character first appeared in Ms. /co/ 2021, where she had a decent thread presence compared to other competitors, and was able to score a somewhat close victory against Star Butterfly in round one. She then went on to win a much more decisive victory over Peridot, before being upset by the eventual Elite Eight member Sara Bellum in round three.

ENA made a lasting impression during this tournament thanks to the OC she received and for being a frequent part of the tournament discussion, which would in turn grant her a new record high seed of 4th the following year. ENA faired without much issue and considerably under-the-radar in comparison to the previous year - beating Mymy and the goth loli duo of Gaz and Mandy in the process - until her Round Four match against the year’s token gag pick, Propane. By this point into the tournament, the gas tank had taken out several girls and had a very real possibility of breaking into the Elite Eight, with a heavy support base conformed of "memesters" and disgruntled voters alike. But against all odds, ENA managed to gain another decisive victory and with it make her debut into the Elite Eight. However, things would take a dark turn for ENA from here onwards in what many have described as one of the most disingenuous and disgusting falseflag campaigns in the tournament's history.

While genuine campaigning and OC would keep flooding in, the quarter-finals round threads also became plagued with posts decrying ENA's status as a transgender character, often accompanied by edits of official images and fan art with the transgender flag plastered on. Needless to say that character has been explicitly established to be female by the creator himself, and the fact she has a masculine voice doesn’t deny this. This entire falseflag was attributed to supporters of propane, who had decided to make their last effort into an act of revenge against the contestant who had defeated them. One way or another, it resulted in ENA losing her match against Nicole and placing 8th overall in the semi-finals consolation round.

During later rounds of Mr. /co/lympus 2022, many begin to ship her with Xavier from Xavier: Renegade Angel due to their strange designs, odd mannerisms, and both managing to hit their tournaments' respective Elite Eights that year. This relation was further enforced when both ended up 8th, although this was likely more in part due to both being arguably the most niche picks in their respective groups.

In spite of the controversy surrounding her last matches during Ms. /co/ 2022, ENA is still regarded as a fan-favorite within the tournaments and her victory against Propane a highlight in and of itself. ENA will be eligible again for voting in Ms. /co/ 2024.


Ms. /co/
2021 - seed 31
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (98) Star Butterfly Star vs. the Forces of Evil 513 - 461 52.7%
Round 2 (34) Peridot Steven Universe 568 - 330 63.3%
Round 3 (63) Sara Bellum The Powerpuff Girls 373 - 505 42.5%
2022 - seed 4
Round 1 (125) Mymy Ongezellig 513 - 461 52.7%
Round 2 (61) Gaz Invader Zim 568 - 330 63.3%
Round 3 (29) Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy 554- 481 59.5%
Round 4 (45) Propane King of the Hill 587- 481 61.5%
Quarterfinals (29) Nicole Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball 493 - 576 44.5%
5th-8th Match (29) Mrs. Brisby
(2) Queen Tyr'ahnee
(30) Nani Pelekai
The Secret of NIMH
Duck Dodgers
Lilo & Stitch
??? ???%
(8th place)


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