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King of /v/ 2023 Gallery

King of /v/ 2023 was the fifth edition of the annual King of /v/ tournament. It occurred in early December of 2023.

Following in the footsteps of Queen of /v/, the Elite Eight here was half new and half returning. Newcomers included the Demi-fiend from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Rayman (coming off several hype factors), Grimm from BLACKSOULS, and John Ward from FAITH. The four returning members were Kiryu Kazuma from 2019 and 2021, Solid Snake from 2019, Scout from 2020, and Dr. Eggman from 2021. Kiryu's return meant that he retains a perfect attendance record, following Roll and Fio Germi in Queen of /v/. Notably, Wario was close to retaining his record, but had the unfortunate fate of facing Eggman in Round 4. He would come in second in the final losers' bracket match, losing to everyone's favorite jobber Battler. Coming off the controversial grand finals the previous month, it was voted to NOT have Battler face the winner. Some have noted the tournament feeling quieter than a number of its contemporaries.

While several characters had strong runs this year, in the end it was Grimm who managed to pull off the win after continued campaign efforts and early defeats the previous two years. He is the first h-game / X-rated winner in any tournament, the second RPG Maker winner after the Batter in 2021, and arguably the most niche winner to date outside of /v/'s regular posters. His win was against Eggman, who many saw as a strong pick to win for much of the tournament. This makes Eggman not only the first runner-up to return to the finals, but the first to lose twice in said finals. Despite Eggman being the more well-known pick, the most obvious advantages for Grimm were his more consistent campaigning and gradual alliances with his previous opponents.

While not as drama-heavy as Queen of /v/ 2023, there were several incidents. The most immediate was the sudden resignation of host BallsAnon near the start of the event for undisclosed reasons unrelated to the tournament itself. This was followed by hosts being seen as surprisingly silent in the threads, much to the ire of a number of people. A few anons were concerned at the lack of the usual Google Forms results in the finals (partially off a jump in voter count), but general thread reactions seemed to support all of the results. The afterparty threads would end up bringing several incidents. In one case, an artist's named accounts got doxxed by an anon using Erika Furudo under the accusation that they created art of Amaterasu in a muzzle during Queen of /v/. This caused mixed to negative reaction from anons in the threads, with these claims eventually leading to a major discovery surrounding the identity of host NightShiftAnon. Worries over the finals results would escalate further when it was revealed that one person had shared the last few voting forms in a Black Souls server on Discord. While the server was described as quiet and the forms did not have much direct response, the server also had thousands of members within. A seeming majority of people did seem to still see the finals outcome as accurate based on reactions within said Discord after it got raided and number analysis by several anons, but others have been reasonably skeptical of the results coming off this revelation as well as the uncertainly over how many voters actually came over from the cross-posting.


How to nominate[edit]

  • Character must appear in a video game (vidya)
  • You must post the image, type the character name AND the correct series name (e.g. [I nominate] Link from Legend of Zelda)
  • 12 replies / (You)s are needed in a single thread to qualify as a nominee.
  • One nominee per post only
  • Check the nomination list (Ctrl+F, click the "three vertical dots" icon, and enter character name) to see if your guy is already nominated

Character / series eligibility[edit]

  • FOTM Clause: Characters who first appeared at the month before the start of this contest (November 01 and later) are banned.
  • Visual novels / eroge games / galgames are allowed
  • Characters debuting in a game that is part of a non-vidya / multimedia franchise are accepted
  • Characters debuting in non-vidya media that is part of an established vidya franchise are accepted. Limited to 3 characters only in the bracket.
  • Characters who are not male/female or whose gender is unknown are eligible for both Queen and King tournaments, but if they appear in the main bracket in the Queen contest, they will be ineligible for nomination in King (and vice versa).
  • Spinoffs and crossovers are counted as separate series. This rule mainly applies to characters debuting and/or are better known from said series.
    • However, if a given character has previously appeared in another game prior to being featured in a spinoff/crossover/guest appearance, they will be entered under their original series whenever the host deems it convenient.
  • No real-life people allowed
  • No fan-made characters, including memes, OCs and custom characters
  • No inanimate objects (e.g. L-Block, Ebony & Ivory)
  • No grandfather clause: a contestant that appears here may not be allowed for future editions.


This is a list of characters who break at least one of the above rules, but are approved by anons and/or the host anyways. They can still be excluded for future editions if enough people desire so through a survey held during the final round.

Most of these picks would end up being nominated.

Excluded Characters[edit]

Elite Eight Clause[edit]

Characters who reached the Elite Eight of the previous tournament are temporarily ineligible this year; they will be eligible for nomination next contest.

2022 Elite Eight (Will be eligible next contest)
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Jack Frost JC Denton AM Travis Touchdown Phoenix Wright Albert Wesker Luigi
Shin Megami Tensei Deus Ex I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream No More Heroes Ace Attorney Resident Evil Super Mario

Tournament champions, on the other hand, are permanently retired and will be banned for future editions.

King of /v/alhalla (PERMANENTLY RETIRED)
2019 2020 2021 2022
Senator Armstrong Dante The Batter Jack Garland
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Devil May Cry OFF Final Fantasy
No Double Duty Clause

Characters who are eligible for both tournaments cannot be nominated here if they previously appeared in Queen of /v/ 2023's bracket:

Voting policy[edit]

All rounds last 24 hours starting from the first relevant thread posted. Countdowns via the website will be provided by the host.

Starting from the qualifiers, all polls and results will be held in Google Polls. A Gmail account is needed to access the voting form. Emails will not be visible to the host and other users. Before voting, a user must answer a question related to 4chan board culture and tournament history, and must fulfill a CAPTCHA test before they can submit their votes. A user can change their choices at any time before the round ends; this is to allow campaigns like fan arts, voice recordings, video edits, songs, and poetry to convince someone to change their mind.

In the main bracket rounds, you must vote for all matches.

Qualifying round[edit]

Live nomination list by NightShiftAnon:

Qualifier Results:

Any successful nominees will be consolidated into a single massive group where voters select the guys that they want to advance. There is no restriction on how many guys they can select. This format is called Approval voting. After the round ends, 128 guys with the most votes will advance into the bracket. Ties are broken by whoever gets properly nominated earlier.

A maximum of 3 guys per series can enter the bracket. However, if a series makes it into last year's Elite Eight, including the champion, their limit will be reduced to 2 guys for this edition. Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, OFF, and Final Fantasy also have restrictions.


Bold text indicates character who appears in the bracket for the first time.
Shin Megami Tensei, Deus Ex, I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, No More Heroes, Ace Attorney, Resident Evil, and Super Mario will only be eligible for 2 guys in the bracket instead of 3. Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, OFF, and Final Fantasy are currently under an indefinite restriction of only 2 picks.

Advanced to Main Bracket (128)
# Character Name Franchise / Series Votes
01 Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney 245
02 Dr. Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog 241
03 Peppino Pizza Tower 235
04 Doomguy DOOM 234
05 Vergil Devil May Cry 233
06 Mario Mario 228
07 Heavy Team Fortress 2 219
08 Solid Snake Metal Gear 218
09 Scout Team Fortress 2 211
10 Spamton Deltarune 209
11 Grimm Black Souls 206
12 Wario Wario Land 206
13 Captain Falcon F-Zero 205
14 Raiden Metal Gear 198
15 Agent 47 Hitman 196
16 Coach Left 4 Dead 194
17 King Dedede Kirby 193
18 Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 193
19 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 193
20 Spy Team Fortress 2 193
21 Father Garcia FAITH 191
22 Gordon Freeman Half-Life 187
23 G-Man Half-Life 184
24 Harry Du Bois Disco Elysium 182
25 John Ward FAITH 181
26 Duke Nukem Duke Nukem 179
27 Dagoth Ur The Elder Scrolls 177
28 Postal Dude POSTAL 175
29 Banjo Banjo-Kazooie 175
30 Isaac Kleiner Half-Life 174
31 Alucard Castlevania 173
32 Simon Belmont Castlevania 172
33 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong 172
34 Dracula Castlevania 171
35 Joshua Graham Fallout New Vegas 170
36 CJ Grand Theft Auto 170
37 Chris Redfield Resident Evil 170
38 The Nerd Angry Video Game Nerd 170
39 Solaire Dark Souls 168
40 Goro Majima Yakuza 168
41 Funky Kong Donkey Kong 167
42 Quote Cave Story 166
43 Alex Eggleston YIIK 166
44 King K Rool Donkey Kong 166
45 Neo Cortex Crash Bandicoot 165
46 Bill Left 4 Dead 163
47 Kazuma Kiryu Yakuza 163
48 Nero Devil May Cry 162
49 Dick Gumshoe Ace Attorney 161
50 Dung Eater Elden Ring 160
51 Cave Johnson Portal 160
52 Frog Chrono Trigger 159
53 Demi-fiend Shin Megami Tensei 159
54 Battler Ushiromiya Umineko no Naku Koro ni 159
55 Brad Armstrong LISA 157
56 Giygas Earthbound 156
57 Meta Knight Kirby 156
58 Link The Legend of Zelda 156
59 Pepsiman Pepsiman 155
60 Christopher Robin Winnie the Poohs Home Run Derby 155
61 Ganon The Legend of Zelda 154
62 William Afton Five Nights at Freddys 153
63 Chief Halo 153
64 Kirby Kirby 153
65 Bowser Mario 153
66 Rayman Rayman 153
67 Isaac Clarke Dead Space 152
68 Adam Jensen Deus Ex 152
69 Big Smoke Grand Theft Auto 152
70 Shadow The Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 152
71 Rance Rance 151
72 Mega Man Mega Man 149
73 King Of All Cosmos Katamari Damacy 148
74 Jacket Hotline Miami 148
75 Tom Nook Animal Crossing 147
76 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot 147
77 Ridley Metroid 147
78 Johnny Cage Mortal Kombat 146
79 Crono Chrono Trigger 145
80 Patches Dark Souls 145
81 Morshu The Legend of Zelda 145
82 Sans Undertale 141
83 Little Mac Punch-Out 138
84 Ness Earthbound 137
85 Zero Mega Man 137
86 Isaac The Binding of Isaac 137
87 Bomberman Bomberman 136
88 Gene God Hand 136
89 Waluigi Mario 136
90 X Mega Man 136
91 N Pokémon 136
92 Fox McCloud Star Fox 136
93 Wheatley Portal 135
94 Asura Asura's Wrath 134
95 Nick Left 4 Dead 134
96 Roland Library of Ruina 134
97 Conker Conker's Bad Fur Day 131
98 The Hunter Bloodborne 130
99 Big Daddy Bioshock 129
100 Sephiroth Final Fantasy 129
101 Niko Bellic Grand Theft Auto IV 129
102 Shovel Knight Shovel Knight 129
103 Frank West Dead Rising 128
104 Jevil Deltarune 127
105 Kim Kitsuragi Disco Elysium 127
106 Kefka Final Fantasy 127
107 The Knight Hollow Knight 126
108 Pit Kid Icarus 126
109 Helltaker Helltaker 125
110 James Sunderland Silent Hill 2 125
111 Icon of Sin DOOM 125
112 Handsome Jack Borderlands 124
113 King Dice Cuphead 124
114 Max Payne Max Payne 124
115 Andrew Graves The Coffin of Andy and Leyley 124
116 Red Crewmate Among Us 123
117 Anon Snoot Game 123
118 Tohru Adachi Persona 122
119 Red Pikmin Pikmin 121
120 Charles Mafia City 121
121 Not Important Hatred 120
122 Hollow Knight Hollow Knight 120
123 Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim 119
124 Gex Gex 119
125 Geno Super Mario RPG 119
126 Geralt The Witcher 119
127 King Boo Luigi's Mansion 117
128 Cuphead Cuphead 117

Tournament Format[edit]

As per usual, the tournament will feature 128 characters. Whether double elimination will return or not is not fully confirmed. Characters are seeded based on their rankings in the qualifying poll, but this doesn't affect the randomized bracket.

  • Which means that in the first round, top seed plays the lowest seed, second-highest seed plays the second-lowest seed, and so on. The bracket is designed so that the top 2 seeds will only meet in the final, top 4 in semi-final, etc.
  • Each round lasts 24 hours after the link to the poll was posted. Countdowns are provided by the website.
  • If a match is tied in votes, the better-seeded contestant advances. If a tie occurs in the final, an extra runoff vote is held instead.
  • All guys who reach at least quarter-finals will be granted Elite Eight status, making them temporarily ineligible for King of /v/ 2024.
  • Losers of the quarter-finals will play a 4-way consolation match in order to rank from 5th-8th. This will take place during the semi-finals.
  • Semi-final losers will play each other at the final round to decide 3rd place.
  • Lastly, the winner of the final match will ascend into /v/alhalla as the 2023 King of /v/, and will permanently retire from the tournament.

Voting policy:[edit]

  • You must log-in to a Gmail account in order to vote. All emails will be anonymous to the organizer and other voters.
  • You must answer one or more questions related to 4chan and /v/ culture before you can access the voting form.
  • You must vote on all match-ups. In other words, no abstaining.
  • You cannot change your votes for the entire bracket You can change your votes at any time.
  • You must answer one or more Captchas before you can submit your votes.

Tournament Bracket[edit]

Full bracket

Google Polls Results: TBD

Responses per Round: TBD

Challonge Link:

Thread Links[edit]

  • New Booru: Booruplus
  • Google Polls Results: TBA
Archived thread links:

Notes / Sources[edit]


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