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Shego is a character from the 2002-2007 Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible. She is the hyper-competent sidekick of the show's main villain Dr. Drakken, and is known for holding a long-standing rivalry against the titular character, which also extends to the Ms. /co/ tournaments.

Tournament history[edit]

Having missed the 2018 contest where Kim finished fourth, Shego debuted in the the 2019 contest where she established herself as one of the strongest girls in the competition. She notably scored the tournament's biggest winning margin (80.8%) in a first-round victory against Aunt Grandma, and defeated Peridot in the quarter-finals by a slim 8-vote margin. Subsequent losses to Raven and Frankie Foster caused her to settle for fourth place, putting her on equal terms with Kim, but also perpetuated the series' inexplicable "Eternal Fourth" curse in the contests. Moreover, their Elite Eight performances meant that these rivals can never play in the same year for the next few Ms. /co/ editions.

With the redhead spy getting fourth again in 2020, Shego returned in Ms. /co/'s 4th edition on 2021 as one of the tournament favorites - dubbed by anons as "Team F. A. R. T. S." - and was subsequently seeded 4th in the bracket. However, the year was overrun by chaotic results and spite votes against perceived heavy hitters; appropriately enough she was eliminated in the 4th round by Grim Adventures's Eris, the goddess of Discord and Chaos.

As of 2024, both Shego and Kim are yet to make a repeated Elite 8 appearance.


Ms. /co/
2019 - seed 10
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (119) File:Aunt grandma icon.png Aunt Grandma Uncle Grandpa 839 - 200 80.8%
Round 2 (55) Star Butterfly Star vs. the Forces of Evil 783 - 400 66.2%
Round 3 (23) Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe 711 - 524 59.9%
Round 4 (7) Gaz Membrane Invader Zim 735 - 516 58.8%
Quarterfinals (2) Peridot Steven Universe 702 - 694 50.3%
Semi-finals (6) Raven DC 568 - 710 44.4%
3rd place match (4) Frankie Foster Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 738 - 1028 41.8%
(4th place)
2021 - seed 4
Round 1 (125) Sally The Nightmare Before Christmas 653 - 321 67%
Round 2 (61) Demencia Villainous 583 - 315 64.9%
Round 3 (29) Eda Clawthorne The Owl House 532 - 346 60.6%
Round 4 (45) Eris The Grim Adventures 341 - 404 45.8%
2022 - seed 5
Round 1 (124) She-Hulk Marvel Comics 681 - 347 66.2%
Round 2 (69) Bubbles The Powerpuff Girls 641 - 366 63.6%
Round 3 (92) Karen SpongeBob SquarePants 483 - 552 46.6%
2023 - seed 4
Round 1 (114) Ember McLain Danny Phantom 345 - 200 63.3%
Round 2 (27) Peni Parker Marvel Comics 305 - 233 56.7%
Round 3 (49) Ms Bellum The Powerpuff Girls 211 - 220 48.9%


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