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Johnny Bravo is the titular protagonist from the 1997 Cartoon Network show of the same name. He is a goofy and somewhat egotistical yet endearing himbo, whose womanizing antics throughout the series are well known to result in constant fumbles and mishaps.

Johnny is notable for being the first Mr. /co/lympus champion, winning Mr. /co/lympus 2018 by defeating Captain America in the finals. As such, he is frequently used as a mascot for the tournament, with the trophies given to the winner appropriately being called The Johnnies. He also became one of the events official judges.

As he has won Mr. /co/lympus in 2018, Johnny is ineligible from competing in the tournament again.

Tournament history[edit]

Johnny immediately entered Mr. /co/ as a powerhouse, getting the #4 seed. His first three matches were all stomps won by more than 80%, a still unparalleled feat in any tourney. It wasn't until Round 4 Johnny began to show some small vulnerability when Spider Man brought Johnny's winning percentage down to 62%. But, entering the E8, the next round was yet another stomp, this time against Kuzco at 70%. Johnny's closest match came in the semifinals against dark horse and highest ranking comic rep. J. Jonah Jameson, narrowly staying above a 60% win margin. The final against Captain America was another easy victory, yet marked by the first ever tourney controversy. When results were announced Cap. was initially presented as the winner, with swapped around numbers from the third place match having him in the lead. When the fact was mistakenly revealed by the host the thread went into disarray and Johnny was eventually declared the winner with the real numbers. Given other strange facts it has come to be commonly regarded since that Captain America was likely rigged by the host for finals and possibly the rest of the tourney, and Bravo's real final opponent may have been someone else. Nonetheless Johnny's win has been almost completely undisputed by anon's, likely owing to his utter statistical dominance and general high likability on /co/.

Like his Ms. /co/ counterpart Jenny, Johnny is an almost universally well-regarded as a Mr. /co/ champion, and as a proper original first king. Johnny's exceptionally dominant run is also highly notable, never having had less then 60% of the total votes in a round. His overall winning percentage (72.5%) remains by a significant margin the highest of not just any /co/ winner, but of any 4chan tourney winner ever (not counting /tnt/ side tourneys).


2018 - seed 4
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (125) Toffee Star Vs. 195 - 39 83.3%
Round 2 (61) Iron Man Marvel 204 - 46 81.6%
Round 3 (29) Aladdin Aladdin 365 - 328 81.3%
Round 4 (13) Spider-Man Marvel 181 - 109 62.4%
Quaterfinals (5) Kuzco The Emperor's New Grove 216- 92 70.1%
Semifinals (25) J. Jonah Jameson Marvel 269- 212 60.1%
Finals (13) Captain America Marvel 234- 106 68.8%


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