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In the Mr. and Ms. /co/ tournaments, the character plate refers to the character's icon within the bracket. It is generally a badge of honor to be given a character plate, due to the considerable amount of contestants nominated. Every character who successfully makes it to the final bracket of 128 characters in a tournament receives a character plate which is then used in the final bracket design.

Jenny Wakeman's Character Plate
Ms. /co/ 2020 Judges

The character plate is rectangular and contains the character's name in white text with a black outline, a image of the character (which may or may not be the image used to nominate the character) enclosed in a circle that will be on the left or right side depending on what side of the bracket the character is on, and a background that can consist of a location in their property, a pattern of significance to the character, or another related reference.

Starting with the Tag-Team Tournament 2020, Tag-Team tournaments received a variant of the character brackets. these are larger in scale and include images of the two nominated characters, a connecting background image and the name of the team as opposed to the names of the individual characters

Judges for the tournaments will have similar circle character icons created for them and placed on the final bracket, but without any name attached or background design.

Not to be confused with brackets, the official chart that is used for each tournament.
Bracket Images:

Ms. /co/[edit]

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Originally, the Ms. /co/ host used a cropped square of the character’s nominated image and the character’s name place next to it to fill each slot on the bracket. Starting with Ms. /co/ 2020, character plates have been made for each character, with the deliberate exception of Ms. /co/ 2019. In 2020, the host stats anon !!rkK6EtYmPFl remade the 2018 brackets with new character plates and posted them during the Nominations Round.

Mr. /co/lympus[edit]

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At first, the host Mr. /co/ tourney guy !XDVJ7s7KPM refused to make a bracket image, but stats anon !!rkK6EtYmPFl would created a bracket image and character plates similar to the Ms. /co/ ones, except with added vote counts. In 2019, an anon called Bracket Anon volunteered to create special character plates, which have now become standard, as all subsequent brackets have used similar designs. Once finished, the character plates are posted on the current thread and the host puts them onto the bracket, continually updating it with vote counts and winning matchups. Due to file size, the host usually puts it in a imgur link in the OP text. Due to a password incident of 2020, Bracket Anon quit making these. The following, year another anon also dubbed as Bracket Anon took her place. It is assumed the host has no responsibility in making the character plates, as someone will always volunteer to do it.

Unused Character Plates[edit]

The anons volunteering to make plates have no idea which characters will make the 128-cutoff, therefore some character plates will go unused. These plates were made prior to the Round 1 reveal but were not place on the finalized bracket. This is an incomplete list.

Unused Icons
Character Name Series/Franchise Character Plate
Kipo Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
Neutral President Futurama
Ruby Rose RWBY
The One-Above-All Marvel
Yakko Animaniacs

Useful links[edit]

Dropbox link for OC artwork
Ms. /co/ Booru Gallery
Mr. /co/ Booru Gallery


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