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Fiolina "Fio" Germi is a playable character who first appeared in SNK's 1998 run-and-gun video game Metal Slug 2. She is considered one of the four main characters of the Metal Slug series, alongside fellow Metal Slug 2 debutante Eri and male protagonists Marco and Tarma.

While the series isn't well-known for its characters compared to its gameplay, Fio stands out as the most popular character among fans because of her cute, brunette-with-glasses appearance, making her a common subject of fan art (especially of lewd nature). As a result of this, she was the first tournament runner-up in Queen of /v/ and has thus far made three appearances in its Elite Eight.

Tournament History[edit]

Fio is one of the consistently stronger competitors in 4chan's Queen of /v/ character tournament due to her attractiveness and Metal Slug's positive reputation on the board. However, some anons call her a "literally who" because of her relatively less popularity compared to girls from mainstream games - but these statements are almost always shot down by other anons. She was the runner-up of the first Queen tournament in 2019, which saw her defeat a quite impressive roster that included Futaba, Jill, Shantae, and Midna, before falling to Samus Aran in the finals.

The soldier returned in Queen of /v/ 2021, qualifying in the bracket at seed 10. After breezing past the first 2 rounds, she decisively beat Pokemon's Cynthia in round 3, then overcame Ace Attorney's Franziska von Karma in round 4 to re-affirm her place in the Elite Eight - all without garnering as much fan art as other competitors did in those stages. However, she was eliminated by eventual runner-up Madotsuki in the quarter-finals, and later settled for 7th place overall.

Fio's next eligible appearance per the Elite Eight rule was in 2023. Despite being mostly silent aside from shared art with other girls and one fatposter around Round 4, she would quietly make her way back into the Elite Eight for a third time. This makes her one of two girls on /v/ (alongside Roll) to have a perfect Elite Eight streak for at least three eligible tournaments, and one of three to do this alongside Chel in Ms. /co/. In a twist of irony, she would end up facing Roll herself in the quarterfinals and lost by a decent margin. Other notable feats included knocking out the joke pick JPEG Dog in round 3 and the even more silent 2B in round 4. Fio ended up being rewarded 6th place after it was voted to base the Top 8 positions solely on the main / winners' bracket.


Queen of /v/
2019 - Unseeded
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Ro128 Faris Scherwiz 126 - 24 Final Fantasy V 84%
Ro64 Camilla 170 - 126 Fire Emblem 57.4%
Ro32 Futaba Sakura 165 - 105 Persona 5 61.1%
Ro16 Jill Valentine 166 - 123 Resident Evil 57.4%
QF Shantae 165 - 142 Shantae 53.8%
SF Midna 145 - 135 The Legend of Zelda 51.8%
Final Samus Aran 184 - 255 Metroid 41.2%
2021 - seed 10
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Ro128 (119) Felicia 676 - 348 Darkstalkers 66%
Ro64 (55) Muffet 792 - 443 Undertale 64.1%
Ro32 (23) Cynthia 699 - 513 Pokemon 57.7%
Ro16 (26) Franziska von Karma 627 - 505 Ace Attorney 55.4%
QF (31) Madotsuki 651 - 828 Yume Nikki 44%
5th-8th Match Result
Name 5th 6th 7th 8th Total
Alice 425 168 180 485 1258
Curly Brace 370 381 357 150
Fio Germi 252 410 418 178
Shantae 218 278 280 482
2023 - seed 10
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Ro128 (119) Ankha 6722 - 483 Animal Crossing 66%
Ro64 (55) Kat 690 - 488 Gravity Rush 64.1%
Ro32 (23) JPEG Dog 573 - 549 Ace Combat 52.7%
Ro16 (26) 2B 577 - 575 NieR: Automata 50.2%
QF (31) Roll 483 - 549 Mega Man 45%
5th-8th Match Result
Name 5th 6th 7th 8th Total
Malon 425 168 180 485 1258
Fio Germi 370 381 357 150
Ashley Graham 252 410 418 178
Taokaka 218 278 280 482


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