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The Hex Maniac is a class of non-playable opponent Trainers from the Pokemon video game series. Dressed in witch garbs or in long black dresses, these young girls employ Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokemon, and are commonly encountered in areas associated with horror and the occult. Hex Maniacs only appear in Generations III[a 1] and VI[a 2].

In the Pokemon fandom, the Hex Maniac is perhaps the most popular NPC class due to their "creepy cute" design and strange, obsessive personality. They are primarily known for being depicted with massive breasts and thick legs in many fan arts, which is partly influenced by the "big tiddy goth gf" meme. On /v/ specifically, Hex Maniac regularly gets threads dedicated to her, which as one might guess, are filled pretty much entirely with thicc fapbait images and fetish posts.

Tournament History[edit]

Hex Maniac has appeared in Queen of /v/ 2021 and 2022. In the former she managed to take out Metal Slug's Eri Kasamoto as well as Angela from Lobotomy Corporation before being defeated by Mega Man waifu Tron Bonne.

In 2022 she saw a deeper run, scoring decisive victories against Kaine, 2021's Literally Who Award recipient Pixie, and Resident Evil's Jill Valentine, before meeting her round 4 end to Maya Fey in a battle of the supernaturally inclined. Hex Maniac has since become a controversial pick since, though she has received a fair amount of OC and vocal supporters, it's generally recognized the majority of her popularity comes from off-model fanarts rather than any character she might have. She is especially divisive among tourney Pokemon fans, with a vocal faction among Pokefags lamenting one of their series limit slots being taken by what they see as a "boring coomer vote".

The aforementioned sentiment followed her into the start of Queen of /v/ 2023, especially when Hex once again was seeded the highest among the Pokemon picks, resulting in seethe from some Pokefags as well as a falseflag against her in early rounds involving AI images. However through the help of one extremely dedicated Hex Maniac drawfag who throughout the tournament pumped out over 40 pieces of OC of campaigning for votes, showcasing her various matchups, and replying to anons, general opinion turned in Hex's favor. Though this did not prevent her from losing round 2 to the eventual champion Curly Brace, it created a strong base of support for her Loser's Bracket run which lasted all the way until the semi-finals where she lost a 5-way match to SHODAN by a margin of 1 percent. Hex was also included in the Grand Finals poll as an option for who to place in a potential 6th-16th place, but ended up being campaigned against by her own drawfag who urged voters to vote her last to avoid placing in the Elite Eight where she would be barred for a year and most likely asterisked for usurping the position of one of the quarterfinalists. Whether or not Hex would've placed high enough to get Elite Eight will never be known, as the 6th-16th placement poll was ultimately scrapped in favor of keeping the main bracket's Elite Eight results.


Queen of /v/
2021 - seed 18
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (111) Eri Kasamoto Metal Slug 646 - 378 63%
Round 2 (47) Angela Lobotomy Corporation 708 - 527 57.3%
Round 3 (15) Tron Bonne Mega Man 586 - 626 48.3%
2022 - seed 13
Round 1 (116) Kaine Nier 1039 - 609 63%
Round 2 (52) Pixie Shin Megami Tensei 914 - 592 60.6%
Round 3 (45) Jill Valentine Resident Evil 698 - 547 56%
Round 4 (4) Maya Fey Ace Attorney 683 - 719 48.7%
2023 - seed 13
Round 1 (113) Aigis Persona 595 - 510 53.8%
Round 2 (12) Curly Brace Cave Story 530 - 648 44.9%

Notes / Sources[edit]

  1. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald
  2. Pokemon X and Y, plus remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


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