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Muffet is a character from Undertale. She appears halfway through the game holding a bake sale to raise funds for lost spiders and is also fought as a boss. Though her appearance is relatively minor and brief compared to other girls in the game, she tends to be seen as more generally favorable among anons than other Undertale waifus due to her cute design and demeanor. It also helps that unlike other girls in the game her reputation on /v/ isn't tainted due to association with yuricucks and furfags.

Tournament History[edit]

Muffet has appeared in every Queen of /v/ tournament since 2020. Her debut appearance saw her losing in round 1, whereas her 2021 appearance was more well supported up until her round 2 loss to Elite Eight member Fio Germi. She reached her highest seed in 2022, qualifying as 9th, but this did not stop her from losing again to a future Elite Eight runner in round 1, this time to Morrigan in a massive 9 vs 120 seed difference.

Her 2023 appearance proved to be her most prominent as well as her most infamous. The only of the Undertale/Deltarune characters to receive a solid backing, picking up vocal supporters and OC with each match, this was enough to barely push her over the edge in a series of narrow victories against Lady Maria, Black Souls' Red Hood, and Umineko's Beatrice. But just when her support reached its peak against Resident Evil waifu Ashley Graham she seemingly fell short of the Elite Eight by 12 votes. It was later revealed by the hosts hours after the results were posted that this was an error; host NightShiftAnon had shown an outdated graph from earlier in the round where Ashley was still winning when at round's end Muffet had actually received more votes, however the hosts felt themselves unable to reverse this mistake, leaving Muffet BETRAYED and TRAPPED in the loser's bracket. This caused an outcry among many anons who demanded justice for Muffet, though Muffet supporters took the illegitimate loss as well as they could, acknowledging the innocence of Ashley voters with both parties instead directing their disappointment towards the hosts. In an unannounced attempt by the hosts to rectify the mistake, Muffet was placed as an option in the semi-finals losers bracket despite having lost the previous 4-way match. This did not matter in the end as she lost that loser's bracket match to SHODAN, and in one final attempt at compensation she was granted the honorary "10th place" position by the hosts in the grand finals results. To the relief of many, this "10th place" ranking did not bar the now martyred Muffet from participating in the next tournament.


Queen of /v/
2020 - seed 27
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (102) Catherine Catherine 403 - 463 46.5%
2021 - seed 55
Round 1 (74) Callie Splatoon 557 - 467 54.3%
Round 2 (10) Fio Germi Metal Slug 443 - 792 35.8%
2022 - seed 9
Round 1 (120) Morrigan Darkstalkers 774 - 874 46.9%
2023 - seed 34
Round 1 (56) Lady Maria Bloodborne 566 - 539 51.2%
Round 2 (43) Red Hood Black Souls 2 599 - 579 50.8%
Round 3 (61) Beatrice Umineko no Naku Koro ni 567 - 555 50.5%
Round 4 (89) Ashley Graham Resident Evil 570 - 582* 49.4%*


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