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- the top choice of /v/'s poll on how to fuck Midna

"Imp Midna is unironically 40 pounds of pussy and ass. She's just floating drumsticks with a smug single fang grin. That's not even artists exaggerating it, her body mass is actually 80% in her cheeks, thighs, and pot belly. She's not a pear, she's a lightbulb. They had to know exactly what the fuck they were doing. I refuse to believe otherwise. People being creepy fuckers and sexualizing the Inklings and the bird girl from Wind Waker and all that shit, sure, that's on the fans. But Midna being a forty pound pussy that grinds on top of Link's head and bosses him around is 100% on Nintendo. Her imp form was actually MORE sexualized than her true form, which is astonishing since her true form is literally a completely naked woman in harem silks with black bodypaint covering over her bits."
some copypasta from Funnyjunk

Midna is that curvy imp from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, who guides Link around with a sassy attitude and rides on top of his wolf form. She is actually a member of the Twili race who resides in an alternate dimension called the Twilight Realm, and her imp form is actually a curse dealt by the evil Twili wizard Zant. Midna is later revealed to be the eponymous Twilight Princess: the rightful ruler of the Twilight Realm and the only one who can shatter the Mirror of Twilight.

Midna would be crowned champion of the Queen of /v/ 2022 tournament, marking the first instance of a previous Elite Eight member winning a /v/ tournament, and the second overral after Fang from Primal won the Ms. /co/ tourney of that year. Because of her victory, Midna is ineligible from participating in any future Queen of /v/ editions.

Tournament History[edit]

Midna has had considerable presence 4chan's /v/ideo games board since the release of her game, and is largely famous as a sex symbol. She established herself as a powerhouse in the board's very first waifu tournament on 2019 when she defeated a series of high-profile girls like Zelda, Morrigan and Peach, before losing to Metal Slug's Fio in the semi-finals, and then claiming third place over Maya Fey in the consolations. She also scored 2019's biggest blowout by raw votes after posting a 257-46 score against Chu Chu from Kirby in round 2.

After serving a one-year suspension from her 2019 Elite Eight appearance, the Twili returned as a favorite in Queen of /v/ 2021, with a dedicated Midnafag drawing fan art in tow. She qualified as the #1 seed in the bracket and easily beat XCOM's Viper in round 1, setting up a match against Persona 4 tomboy Chie Satonaka in the next round. However, Midna fell short by 49 votes, eliminating her from the tournament. Midna's early exit was said to be part of a "furry purge" (probably because of her unusual proportions and skin color), while some anons felt that Midna lost because her supporters were complacent on her supposed victory, while Chie fans rallied behind their pick and vocally supported her in the threads. Others also noticed that Chie had a visible "coomer" advantage because her picture used a sexy fan art exposing her abs and groin on the polls[1] as opposed to Midna's picture showing her official render, prompting a debate on what kind of poll images should be used to ensure fairness in future tournaments. This question was also included in the organizer's feedback poll.

Coming off this failure, the Twilight Princess would try to reclaim her place among the elites in the following Queen of /v/ tournament. Entering as the #1 seed once again, Midna was accompained by heavy support from her fans, mantaining a consistent thread presence for the rest of the tournament, especially through the creation of many fan-art pieces. Her journey this year would include victories against other previous Elite Eight members such as Amaterasu, Cirno, and Morrigan Aensland in the quarterfinals match.

As tension built up, Midna found herself in a nail-biting semifinal match against the low-seeded eroge representative and fellow royalty Alipheese, where she secured a narrow victory with 50.8% of the votes. The stage was set for the finals, and Midna faced off against Hornet from the indie Hollow Knight, with her being another girl on a monster run who was making her very Elite Eight debut that year. In a closely contested OC-filled battle, Midna emerged triumphant with 51.5% of the votes. This hard-fought win marked her return to the pinnacle of the tournament, solidifying her status as a fan-favorite. Midna's victory not only redeemed her from the previous year's early exit, but also demonstrated the enduring support of her fanbase in the eyes of many anons.


Queen of /v/
2019 - Unseeded
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 Marina Liteyears 117 - 39 Mischief Makers 78.5%
Round 2 Chu Chu 257 - 46 Kirby 82.4%
Round 3 Zelda 146 - 136 The Legend of Zelda 52.8%
Round 4 Morrigan Aensland 181 - 120 Darkstalkers 56.5%
Quarterfinals Princess Peach 183 - 138 Super Mario 62.9%
Semifinals Fio Germi 135 - 145 Metal Slug 48.4%
3rd/4th Maya Fey 224 - 215 Ace Attorney 52.4%
2021 - seed 1
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 (128) Viper 658 - 366 XCOM 65.5%
Round 2 (64) Chie Satonaka 593 - 642 Persona 47.4%
2022 - seed 1
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 (128) Splash Woman 1087 - 561 Mega-Man 65.5%
Round 2 (65) Lain Iwakura 895 - 612 Serial Experiments Lain 61.4%
Round 3 (81) Amaterasu 661 - 584 Okami 53.8%
Round 4 (32) Cirno 800- 602 Touhou Project 57%
Quarterfinals (127) Morrigan Aensland 869- 586 Darkstalkers 69.7%
Semifinals (114) Alipheese 667 - 645 Monster Girl Quest 50.8%
Finals (19) Hornet 638- 600 Hollow Knight 51.5%


Queen of /v/
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  1. Fan art by Akairiot. Gelbooru link, direct image link