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Recette Lemongrass is the protagonist of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, a dungeon crawler / business simulation game developed by Japanese doujin-soft company EasyGameStation. A somewhat air-headed but sweet and caring young girl, Recette runs a house-turned-store in order to pay back an enormous debt her father left her after he decided to "become a hero" and go out on an "adventure". It falls to Recette to pay off her father's loans using her home as an item store, making increasing weekly debt payments over the course of five weeks.

Recette made her debut as a contestant in the Queen of /v/ 2021 tournament, the very tournament she would end up winning as the #113 seed. To this day, Recette remains by far the lowest seed to be crowned champion in a 4chan character tournament.

Tournament History[edit]

Recette's championship run began from the first round when a drawfag created a series of simple MS Paint drawings that depicted her shopkeeping duties and replying to anons, which helped her overcome the #16 seeded Jill Valentine by 10 votes. This OC was made at a consistent pace, and as the event progressed more fan art involving Recette was created, especially her round 4 match against Gebura from Project Moon whose fans are also known for producing quality contest-related OC. Recette's heavy thread presence, combined with her "underdog" seed and her series' light-hearted nature, became the key factors in the shopkeeper's unprecedented tournament win -- proving anons that proper campaigning for your girl CAN help her win a popularity contest. Recette ended up winning the tournament by a fairly close margin of 19 votes againts RPG Maker icon and fellow Indie gal Madotsuki, making her the lowest-ever seed to win a character tournament from any of 4chan's boards.

Because of Recette's wholly unpredicted one-shot low-card winning performance she's often seen as the quintessential and truest underdog champion. Also because of this, her reputation in succeeding years has been mixed. While her underdog status is celebrated (perhaps by the majority), she has also garnered criticism from those who see her victory as hinging too much on the underdog status itself, and being a weak crown-holder among the otherwise more conventionally "strong" /v/ winners. Recette's reputation is further muddled for some by the now common knowledge that her prime drawfag campaigner was a rather seedy and extreme lolicon fetish artist, a fact generally unknown during her tournament and somewhat damaging to the wholesome image her campaign rode on.


Queen of /v/
2021 - seed 113
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 (16) Jill Valentine 517 - 507 Resident Evil 50.5%
Round 2 (80) Naoto Shirogane 771 - 464 Persona 62.4%
Round 3 (81) 5-Volt 797 - 415 WarioWare 65.8%
Round 4 (32) Gebura 606 - 526 Lobotomy Corporation 53.5%
Quarterfinals (9) Shantae 931 - 548 Shantae 62.9%
Semifinals (4) Marisa Kirisame 709 - 549 Touhou 56.4%
Finals (31) Madotsuki 575 - 556 Yume Nikki 50.8%


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